Jess the Ripper | A Sinister Persona for Halloween Season

Jess the Ripper | A Sinister Persona for Halloween Season

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:23 pm

It’s that time of year again when I transform into a new, and terrifying, persona. Last year, I was Jessie Krueger when I worked at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel, and this year, I’ve embraced the persona of Jess the Ripper. Every Halloween season, I have to pick a “victim”. Last year, it was Lumi, and this year, it’s the unsuspecting Lilith. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. Right? Well, maybe. When these personas take over, I am no longer in control. Oh boy.

Jess the Ripper

Jess the Ripper | Shadows of My Mind

Now, here’s the thing: Jess the Ripper isn’t exactly sunshine and roses. She’s got this dark, dramatic, and of course, a murderous personality that tries to break free. It’s a never-ending internal dialogue. I want to be me, but Jess the Ripper keeps wanting to be, well, a ripper.

I find myself arguing with myself in front of the mirror. “Jess,” I tell myself, “You can’t actually rip anyone, that’s not funny!” But Jess the Ripper insists on blood. It’s a real showdown in my head come Halloween season.

It all started on the 15th of October. The day I usually start gearing up for Halloween. This year, I had chosen the persona of “Jess the Ripper,” inspired by the infamous Jack the Ripper. The plan was to keep it light-hearted, but things turned unexpectedly.

I could feel Jess the Ripper lurking in the shadows of my mind. She was that dramatic, sinister alter ego. But Jess the Ripper had a mind of her own.

At first, it was subtle. I found myself contemplating the costume. Did it need a huge knife? Was the blade long enough? These thoughts were harmless, right?

Jess the Ripper

Jess the Ripper | The Victim

As the hours passed, I noticed Jess the Ripper asserting herself more and more. She was menacing. Instead of the usual jokes and laughter, my mind was filled with dark and gruesome ideas. It was like this sinister personality was overtaking my already violent but light-hearted thoughts.

That night was the turning point. I sat down to brainstorm some new ideas, but Jess the Ripper whispered, “Why not a murder?” I tried to resist, reminding myself that this was meant to be a fun Halloween season. But the more I resisted, the stronger Jess the Ripper’s influence became.

She wanted to choose a real “victim” for our act, just like last year with Jessie Krueger. Lumi was fine, no harm done. But this year, it was supposed to be Lilith. That’s when the internal struggle reached its peak.

I argued with myself. But The Ripper wouldn’t back down. She wanted Lilith as a “victim”. It was like a horror tug of war in my mind.

I didn’t want to lose myself to this eerie persona, but as the day drew to a close, I couldn’t deny that Jess the Ripper was slowly taking over. I could only hope that, somehow, I’d find a way to keep the upcoming Halloween season both fun and entertaining without crossing into actual terror.

Jess The Ripper 5

The Internal Struggle

“Jess, you’re going too far with this Jess the Ripper thing!” I told myself as I was standing in front of the mirror.

The Ripper, however, was unyielding. “Oh, come on bitch, it’s Halloween! People expect a little scare, right?”

I shook my head. “Scare, yes. Kill, no. We can’t actually kill Lilith!”

She grinned wickedly, her reflection smirking back at me. “But isn’t that the essence of fun? A fine line between laughter and fear?”

I stared down the reflection, “Huuuuh?. Well, actually now that you mention it. I guess that is what I’ve done for the past year… BUT NO!”

Jess the Ripper waved her hand dismissively in the reflection. “You worry too much. Lilith will be fine, just a few screams, a bit of death, and everyone goes home happy.”

The X-Sisters Sex Bar’s Halloween season is bound to be a time to remember, for better or worse. Poor poor Lilith. 

Take this taxi to The X-Sisters Sex Bar. I will see you there!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Uh Oh it’s happening again.

    Shall I look up a resurrection spell?

    But AWESUM pics Dr Jess!

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