Serving Justice | Candy’s Police Department


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Ok, maybe the title is a little misleading. There isn’t actually a Candy’s Police Department but perhaps Lumi and I should petition Caroline to create one. After riding around in Lumi’s new batmobile we got ourselves some Catwoman costumes. I had picked up a police car at a Black Friday sale and so we then took it for a test drive around the hotel. We didn’t expect to be serving justice a few minutes later.

Serving Justice

Serving Justice | The Long Claws Of The Law

“Prostitution is illegal in the mainland sir,” Lumi told Caleb a few moments after he entered the bar.

It’s not, but my sis had made up her mind at this point.

“You came for whores, didn’t you?” if Lumi had made that decision then I was going to support her, we are a team.

He tried to talk his way out of it, saying that he only came to speak with someone. Neither of us believed him.

“He’s resisting sis” I called across to Lumi. Moments later her stun gun was drawn and Caleb was on the floor. I looked down at him, he had chosen the wrong time to walk into Candy’s.

“Anything you say can be used as evidence against you in court”. I was starting to wonder if Lumi was an undercover officer at this point. Shaking my head I just put it down to her talent.

Lumi had to leave, her shift was over but she handed our prisoner over to me. It was time to start serving justice. X-Sister style.

Serving Justice

Serving Justice | Imprisoned

Telling Caleb to follow me, I led him up to one of the hotel rooms. Coincidentally, and almost like I had placed it there on purpose, there was a St Andrews cross waiting for him.

I ordered him against it before restraining him. Spinning the cross upside down I crouched down to taunt him. His exposed chest only invited the sharpness of my nails and so I clawed hard at his skin, demanding an explanation for his bad behaviour.

“What can I say? I was too distracted by your figure to properly answer” his attempts at flattery were only fueling his punishment.

I spun the cross back upright and loosened the chains a little. Ordering him to undress he quickly kicked his shoes off and slid out of his pants.

“Good boy” I whispered, grabbing his throat and turning his head away from me “until these chains are removed, you belong to me…”

My hand swung down, the palm striking hard against his balls. I could hear him take a deep breath through the pain. His cock started to twitch.

Snapshot 943

Serving Justice | Negotiations

As my hand slapped against his sack in between my nails clawing against him, I could see the pain in his eyes. Or was it enjoyment? Noticing his hardening cock, I questioned him on it.

He told me that he wasn’t trying to be turned on, but that it was just a natural reaction.

I pulled out a long piece of soft rope and tied it tightly around his balls and the base of his cock. If he wanted to do things without my permission, then he was going to suffer for it.

“Let’s see what your natural reaction is to this” I hissed at him before spitting in my hand and beginning to massage the crown of his cock.

I don’t remember being hired as an officer, but I have heard that the paperwork is a lot. I needed a way out of it.

“We can forget all about your arrest and your charges… all you have to do is not cum.” I told him. My hand gripped tightly around his meat as I started to stroke quickly and erratically.

“That… that might be a challenge, Officer.” came his shaky response.

Serving Justice

Dropping The Charges

“Please, Officer. I need to cum so badly. Your hand is just too good.”

I tilted my head at him… “Not yet”. His begging wasn’t going to work on me.

Peeling the catsuit from myself, I took a step closer to him. I was going to get something out of this too.

“I want you to not cum… inside of me” I grinned “Do you think you can do that?”

“I’ll try, officer.”

I turned around and backed myself onto him, guiding his thick and throbbing cock between my folds. I knew how badly he wanted to cum, now it was time to see if he could follow a simple instruction.

“You’re going to make me cum first… then maybe I’ll let you cum” I spat at him through my moans. My body bucked as I took his cock deep. I could hear his strained groans, he was using every ounce of strength that he had to hold back.

Finally, I felt my body give in as I hit orgasm. Cumming hard around his oozing cock. I reached my hand between my legs and ran my fingers along his cock, scooping up my juices. Turning my head to face him, I placed my fingers in his mouth letting him taste me.

“Good boy… cum for me now” I ordered him.

Before the words had fully left my mouth I felt the warm jets of cum painting my inner walls. My other hand tightened around the rope and pulled.

“Oh fuuuuuuck” he cried out, his voice carrying across the entire hotel.

His charges were dropped

Serving Justice


This is a very simple conclusion. Candy’s All-Inclusive Hotel absolutely need a police department. We can patrol the grounds and make sure that all guests are on their best behaviour.

Perhaps we should get real uniforms instead of dressing like Catwoman though.

We already have our police car, we have a way to restrain people and we are very skilled in the art of punishment.

Who wouldn’t hire us for that?

Of course, you can always just come and see us when we’re not in costume. Take this taxi and I’ll see you at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.


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  1. BobMorane

    Not sure if we need a police department at the hotel, but i very much support the catwoman otfits.

  2. CarsonCooper

    I second the cat woman outfits!!

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