X-Girls Get The Gold | A Fun-Filled First Anniversary Celebration

X-Girls Get The Gold | A Fun-Filled First Anniversary Celebration

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:28 am

Well, we did it. Our first anniversary celebrations are over and what a day it was. I went to bed around 90 minutes after the pirate party wound down. A few of us stayed up just chilling on the deck, swapping jokes and dancing to the radio. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable day. The celebrations kicked off nice and early with our naked coffee morning. Christina was sipping from a coffee mug that was so big I was worried I was about to have to pay an extra tier. The middle of the day saw the first annual X-Girl Awards. It was an amazing celebration and for the first time in a year, there wasn’t even a thought about business, sales, or customer counts. It was a day designed to celebrate the X-Girls and give them a day of fun and celebration like they deserve. And boy did we deliver.

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X-Girls Get The Gold

You probably know me by now, always on the go, driven is basically my middle name and I don’t usually let emotions take the driver’s seat. But our First Anniversary was something else. It felt different. I could actually feel the massive waves of emotions running through me – pride, happiness, and so much more.

When the X-Girl Awards started, I was super excited. We had over 200 votes and that blew my expectations out of the water. I designed the voting page thinking some might close the page once they realized the commitment to voting in every category, not just one. And sure, maybe a few of them did, but 200 votes? That’s a crazy amount, especially with the one-vote-per-person rule.

The ceremony was straightforward, but it was so much fun. Each winner came up, got their trophy, and, in true X-Sisters fashion, had to strip down to their birthday suit. Well, it was a birthday after all. More importantly, it put our X-Girls in the spotlight they deserve so much. Honestly, if I could have, I would’ve created 37 categories just to celebrate every one of them with an award. I even nabbed the Biggest Sadist award – shocker, right?


Biggest Cumslut – Fox
Outstanding Fucktoy – Alex
Most Cocks Ridden – Bea
Biggest Brat – Chandra
Biggest Cocktease – Lea
Most Delicious Pussy – Tahlia
Biggest Sadist – Jess
Whore of the Year – Christina

A Pirate Party to Remember

Ahoy! The pirate party was such an amazing time. Wilco strolled into the bar earlier than the parrots, decked out to the nines like he just stepped off a pirate ship. Christina was living her best life, swapping between pirate queen and lingerie on and off all day. Fox nearly bailed to catch some sleep, but a heroic gulp of caffeine had her rallying with the rest of us and I’m so glad she did.

Zathras got us started with tunes so on fire, they could’ve burned the Jolly Roger down. Well, thankfully not or we’d all have been cremated. That would have made for a fun blog post though.

I’m glad we didn’t do a best costume award because it would have been so hard to pick one. Everyone stepped up their game to legendary levels. It was such a fun night. I even made my DJ debut. That was fun, I had all the intentions to learn beforehand, but my time is always so limited. Ten minutes before Zathras was due to play, I took a crash course in DJing and somehow… managed to pull it off! I was surprised at myself, to be honest.

It was an absolute blast. The anniversary candles may have been blown out but the party never really stops.

The Day That Kept on Giving

It was honestly such a fun and exciting day. We kicked it off with our naked coffee morning right when the clock struck midnight SLT, and the events didn’t wind down until I stepped off the pirate ship at 3:40 pm SLT. That’s nearly 16 hours. But, despite feeling a bit worn out at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade a second of it. Everyone had such a good time.

The first year might be over but that was just the opening chapter in the story of the X-Sisters Sex Bar. We’re taking a page out of the Game of Thrones playbook. However, we will actually get further and not leave people waiting for years once we get to a certain point. The X-Girls showed yesterday why they are the best on the grid, they really strutted their stuff and showed what it means to be elite. And like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, when I opened this bar I became more than an owner – I became a den mother. Yesterday I couldn’t have been prouder if I had a heart.

Until next time!!

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  1. Christina

    I was a bit envious of Fox of course when she won ‘Biggest Cumslut’, which in my warped view of the world is a big title of course, but yeah, to be elected ‘Whore of the Year’was almost to much for me again. We just had a lot of fun I think.

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Awwww it was such a fun day.

    LOVED IT!!!

    And you totes deserved your award Chris. As did anybody else.

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