Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2024, 03:15 pm

I’ve stumbled upon something that piqued my interest – Lovense Audio Stories. Being an avid reader and an Audible subscriber, this piqued my curiosity. If anyone understands the enjoyment of a good story while doing housework or on a relaxing afternoon, it’s me. So, I decided to give it a try. You might have read my faltering first foray into the ‘Jess Tries Lovense Games‘ series. (I know it was only posted a couple of hours ago. Blame my webhost for a day of hell that delayed me in getting it out.) Oh boy, that was something! (And by ‘something’, I mean a nose-dive…) But, you know what? If I gave up every time the gods threw a warp zone my way, I’d miss out on all the fun. So, here I am, venturing into something new – Lovense Audio Stories.

The idea itself was foreign but extremely exciting at the same time. You sit back, relax, listen to an erotic story, and at its climax, your Lovense toy does its thing. It all seemed so simple, and yet, my curiosity was getting the better of me. And so, buzzing with anticipation (pun intended), I decided to sign up for a subscription.

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Discovering Lovense Audio Stories

Well, lucky me. The website just happened to be running a discount of 60% on their Lovense Audio Stories subscription. It’s like they knew I’d been eyeing this off! There are two options to choose from: a monthly plan or an annual subscription. Now, I love a good bargain but I don’t have a clue how this is going to play out. You and I are in on this together—think of this less as a shiny review and more as a real-time experience.

Putting into practice my philosophy of ‘try before you dive headfirst into a year’s commitment’, I opted for the monthly package. I mean, if it’s such a knockout that I’m left breathlessly reaching for my toy’s off-button, then sure, I might consider a year.

Signing up was easy. It’s $5.99 for the month (which translates to a bit under £5 for me). Honestly? That’s nothing when you factor in the potential benefits. And listen, all you tight arses in Second Life: you can pay the same price for an X-Girl and get your money’s worth— a nudge from me to remember the value of digital sexual entertainment!

I’m signed up and logged in, ready to go on my maiden Lovense audio story adventure. My chosen companion for this —a hushed and faithful ally, the Lush (instead of the louder Nora) because tonight, I am not at home alone. Hopefully, my unsuspecting roommate will be none the wiser—let’s call it our little secret, shall we?

My website browser is open, my Lush toy is standing by, and I am all geared up to dive into my very first Lovense Audio Story. Excited? You bet. Will this turn into an epic tale of toe-curling treasures? There’s only one way to find out…

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Loosening Up with Lovense

Right on the Bloom site, I was greeted with 64 different Lovense audio stories. That’s a whole lot of fun! Oddly enough, the site seems to favour mobile browsing over regular computer usage. Sitting in a tucked-away cabin in Second Life, I’m on my computer. Don’t believe me? Here…

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Anyhow, decision time! With 64 stories adding up to 1252 minutes – just shy of 21 hours – of seductive narration, I wasn’t short of options. My finger hovered, hesitated, then settled – “Writers Block.” An apt choice, don’t you think for a blogger? At just 18 minutes, it was the perfect little amuse-bouche. Multiple orgasms? Maybe not, but one can always hope, right?

With my Lovense toy raring to go and the story queued up, it’s time to get this show on the road. An added perk – a handy little icon that shows when the Lovense fun is about to start.

Like I’ve been saying, I’m writing this as I go along, so, you’re experiencing this with me, unfiltered and in real-time. Let’s hit play, and see what these Lovense Audio Stories really have in store! Buckle up, it’s going to be a wet ride.

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | The Story Begins

The Lovense audio story started just like I expected. Noah, a master of spinning psychological dramas into words, hits a creative roadblock. His current job is to write a spicy sex scene, but he’s struggling to find the right words. Sophia steps in to breathe life into his faltering inspiration.

The first 2 minutes of chat are followed by some seriously realistic sounds of kissing. No complaints from my end!

Sophia reassures Noah again of her unwavering support. She playfully teases him, offering to be his muse in a bid to help him unravel his erotic tale. Noah, now more relaxed, begins to dictate his surroundings instead of writing, recounting aloud what Sophia is doing to him. Let’s just say things start getting more interesting.

“Mm, I don’t know. The thought of you writing sex scenes kinda turns me on. Mostly because I know you’re getting your reference material from me,” Sophia cooed.

One keynote that I now discover (after thinking that my Lush isn’t synced) is that it the toy responds only to whoever is experiencing it in the story. So for me, I have to wait for Sophia to get her fun.

But the audio only goes so far. Even with the engaging story and hushed whispers that had me on the edge of my seat, I still found myself anticipating the first buzz.

As a Lush user it wasn’t until 11 minutes in, when her pussy started getting any attention that I felt it….


And there it is. Unexpectedly, the buzz cut through the anticipation.

Hello indeed, my faithful Lovense friend. Let the real games begin!

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | Writers Block

Jess Tries Lovense Audio Stories | The Arousal Escalates

By now, the story is thoroughly sucking me in. Noah prompts Sophia to start describing the sensations taking over her body in real-time, even as my Lush offers a tease. I am on the brink of a hot flush, my arousal is definitely getting more intense.

“Oh… hmm… Your teeth…”, Sophia begins, “running over my nipples… it’s like an electric bolt… straight to my pussy. It tickles, but… makes me wet…” The synchrony between Sophia’s words and my own sensations is real. The soft vibrations of my Lush are exactly that—a gentle, rising current that promises the oncoming storm.

“Fuck, I don’t want you to stop, but…I want you to hurry up and fuck me.” And my rewind button is broken! God, Sophia must be reading my mind because I’m internally shouting the same. The teasing’s been terrific, but a gal’s got needs!!

Teetering on the edge, the teasing from both Noah and my own Lush had me yearning for release. My clit was throbbing in response to the vibrations and I could almost taste the anticipation. As if matching my state, Sophia practically begged Noah to escalate things. At this point, my own need to reach that climax had me tussling with patience.

And then, finally, the restraints are lifted. Sophia pleads with Noah, “Will you? Please, put your cock in me…” A sense of relief washes over me. Finally, relief is in sight.

The interaction between Sophia and Noah sealed the deal for me: Sophia: “Warm. Hard. Fuck, please—” Noah: “That’s not very descriptive.” Sophia: “Oh my god, just shut up and fuck me.”

Oh yes! Let’s do this. I’m here for this on a sea of sheer need, I wait with bated breath for the climax.

The Point of No Return

Ok, no more real-time writing. Things took a turn and I’d be lying if I said I had the presence of mind to write as they happened. The experience was… overwhelming, to say the least. So, let’s rewind a little, shall we?

Sophia: “Fuck, harder!” Noah: “I’m close—” Sophia: “Cum inside me.”

Their dialogue, the sounds, the setting, it was all so intense. Lovense had ensnared me in its grip, the Lush playing along. The rising intensity of the vibrations, the heat against my clit… it was driving me wild.

And then, out of the blue, it hit me – the big O. Hushed gasps, flailing hands, and a climax that swept over me like a tidal wave.

This journey into the world of Lovense Audio Stories turned out to be an intoxicating blend of sensations. The audio elements, the narrative, the steamy dialogues, and the realistic sounds of good sex, combined with my Lush’s well-timed vibrations, took me to new heights. ‘Immersive’ doesn’t even begin to capture it.

So, would I recommend Lovense Audio Stories? Without a shadow of a doubt. If you own a Lovense toy, I’d say go for it! Don’t have one yet? Do yourself a favour, click here to get one. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on this experience.

To sum it up – Bloom Lovense Audio Stories? Yes, please.

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