Jess Tries Lovense Games | Shelter69

Jess Tries Lovense Games | Shelter69

Last Updated on: 8th February 2024, 01:48 am

From experimenting with the world of 3DXChat to exploring the naughty nuances of the Lovense Viewer for Second Life, I’ve dipped my toe into a few erotic digital pools. But let’s face it – the world of Lovense interactive sex games is a pretty big space of adult fun waiting to be discovered. So, as a self-proclaimed Lovense fanatic, it would be downright rude not to dive in headfirst and get my feet (among other things) wet, right? Absolutely!

With that said, I’m starting a new blog series – let’s call it “Jess Tries Lovense Games.” I’ll be your game tester, your erotic guide, and most importantly, your favourite slut (hopefully still). The first game in my crosshairs is called “Shelter69.”

However, before we jump in, there’s a little rant I need to get off my chest. In my search for some of these to play, I’ve noticed a huge lack of games designed for straight women. Sure, we have games aimed at straight men or those looking for girl-on-girl encounters. But where’s the female gaze in all of this? I can appreciate some girl-on-girl action, but a girl needs options!

So, grab yourself a glass of something strong, sit back, and let’s see what Lovense Games can bring to the table. It’s about to get interesting.

Jess tries Lovense Games | Shelter69

Jess Tries Lovense Games | Browser-Based and Buck-Wild

It’s worth mentioning, “Shelter69” is a browser-based game – that saves a big chunk of your disk space from going to waste. Apparently there’s a number of Lovense games that run on browsers, I guess we’ll get to them.

Armed with my new account and a shiny bonus of 200 gold (no clue where that’s going to lead me), I jumped right into the thick of things. They asked for a name, and being the sensible person I am, I went with “Jess.” I could have picked something cheeky like “huge_slut_24”, but that’s a bit on the nose, don’t you think?

Right after I picked a name, “Shelter69” wasted no time and took me straight into the game world. When I say ‘wasted no time,’ I mean it quite literally. I had my Lovense at the ready, my app open to scan the QR code, but lo and behold, no option on the screen to set it up. Instead, I was asked to ‘drag and drop’ champions into a bunker with a scorpion!

Now, I enjoy a bit of wildness as much as the next girl, but scorpions? So, I decided to hit the pause button, do a little bit of snooping around the menus … still nothing – no obvious means to fire up my Lovense. Bummer.

Reluctantly, I dealt with the scorpion problem, and then I was directed to build a room. As it turns out, “Shelter69” doesn’t like to sugarcoat. Suddenly I’m hurtled straight into a steamy sex scene. This had to be it. My heart’s pounding, my breath’s catching, and fingers trembling in anticipation as I prepare to set up my Lovense Nora…

Nothing. I just had to watch her getting her ass fucked while I sat there with my Nora still doing NOTHING.

Jess Tries Lovense Games | Setting Up Lovense With Shelter69

Wrongly assuming that this sexual safari would be easy, in the first of my “Jess Tries Lovense Games” series I was quickly slapped in the face by reality. It was definitely a Lovense-compatible game, but the connection part should not be this complex, surely?!

Let’s just say I was an idiot. After a bit of trial and error and looking in the Discord it turned out I needed to do it a different way. I had to use the Lovense Remote App, head to ‘Discover’ and select ‘Game Mode.’ Then, I found myself poking around IP settings. All pretty standard stuff, right? Wrong! The lengthy and needlessly complicated process felt like trying to crack the Da Vinci code.

The cherry on top? The in-game menu is hidden, popping up fleetingly between exasperating tutorial scenes. Frankly, it was a convoluted nightmare. The setup like the most complicated of IKEA furniture. And to rub salt into the wound, a bug in the Lovense App added to my building frustration.

Somewhat dismayed, I got back into the game. My first impressions were admittedly underwhelming. The graphics were nothing to write home about, and the sex scenes were less about smooth animation and more a sequence of HD snapshots. It felt a little like watching an anime on an ancient TV — you know, where they skip frames to leap from one scene to the next.

The narrative fell flat, and the door of imagination they left open didn’t let much excitement seep through. Above all, the Lovense hookup — the very reason I was spending my precious time on this — was absurdly complicated. Outrageously so. The convoluted process had me mentally packing my bags and prepping for a speedy exit.

I was decidedly less than aroused.

To Stay or To Stray?

There’s a devil perched on my shoulder, whispering wickedly — ‘Perhaps you’ve picked the wrong game…’ Still, the borderline frustrating experience isn’t all gloom and doom. I’m willing to face adversity, trials, and tribulations, even in the land of gusty erotic gaming. After all, a slight hiccup should never be a full stop, just a pause, a comma.

So tight grip on my Lovense, I decided to stop.

Nothing that I would do would connect the toy to the game.

Jess Tries Lovense Games | Frustration Station

When you’re trying to connect Lovense, “Shelter69” makes you feel like you’re setting up some advanced rocket science equipment for SpaceX, not gearing up for a quick mission to pleasure-ville. The hidden options, the unnecessary hoops, the experience was less ‘erotic game world‘, more ‘overly complicated Rubik’s Cube’. I really hope all Lovense games aren’t like this. I pray they’re not.

After trekking through miles of a scarcely helpful tutorial, I still found myself wrestling with a ‘Connection Failed’ message. I look in not one, not two, but THREE different Discord groups – Lovense, the game developer’s server, and the one dedicated specifically to the game. And what did that get me? Nothing, that’s what.

A multitude of gamers were airing their woes about connection issues, each one met with a lukewarm response and a half-hearted attempt at a resolution. With no follow up. A trail of unsolved queries stamped across these Discord channels.

If Shelter69 was my introduction to this Lovense game journey, it felt like tripping over right at the starting line. Bluntly put? “Shelter69” was a let-down. If possible, I’d frame it as a ballet of shit. It was a maddening mess. A wild-goose chase for an elusive connection.

As a result of this unfortunate saga, I suggest you avoid “Shelter69”, or any game under the banner of on the Lovense website. It’s not about the bugs or technical hitches – it’s the absence of proper support for these issues that grinds my gears.

Second Life To The Rescue

But never fear, I wasn’t left high and dry. To ease my mounting frustrations, I slipped back into my cosy nook of Second Life, where Tim hired me in the VIP Suite and reminded me why my Lovense toys are mind-melting.

Second Life – one, Shelter69… well, you do the math.

Let’s hope our next post in the “Jess Tries Lovense Games” series is a bit more successful.

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