“Just a sec, Jess!” That’s how Tahlia managed to grab my attention just as I was about to go to bed for the night. I paused, standing at the door of the bar, waiting with bated breath for the single ‘sec’ to pass. My Second Life existence is loaded with tasks, making my tolerance for such ‘just a sec’ moments somewhat compromised. However, this time, the pause was not only justified but worth it. Within a blink, she shared a link that promised to transform the virtual world – and especially for a Second Life sex lover like myself. Tahlia’s findings in the Good Moaning group was exciting – Lovense had launched a Second Life Viewer!!

Oh boy, another viewer to add to the list of difficult choices to choose from when picking your Second Life viewer… or is it?

This was a bit of a surprise. I had always thought that Second Life was somewhat sidelined by Lovense, with their primary concentration directed towards 3DXChat and the other games listed on their site. All of them lacklustre, but integrated with Lovense nonetheless. The prospect of Lovense coming into the world of Second Life with their own viewer put my bedtime plans on hold. The urge to test it out was overpowering, knowing that it promised to be a game-changer.

Before I go any further, if you do have a Lovense Device and need some help getting it set up then you can read my guide on how to use Lovense in Second Life.

If you don’t have a Lovense device then you need to get one. It will change everything! You can pick one up on the official Lovense website by clicking here.

Reaping the Benefits of the Second Life Lovense Viewer

Thinking about the reality of a Second Life Lovense Viewer, it quickly becomes cleans that its pros are plentiful. Notably, it has a bigger advantage for furniture businesses such as Lalou, that excel in creating amazing in-world pieces but fall short with their lack of Lovense integration. A feature that could really take their furniture from good to great.

For the longest time, I have been a big advocate for such integration for companies like Lalou—it is the missing puzzle piece that completes their offering to Second Life residents. With the introduction of Second Life Lovense Viewer, they can now bridge this gap and provide an entirely immersive experience for their customers.

On a technical note, deploying this viewer in Second Life should, in theory, follow the simplicity of 3DXChat. A user-friendly interface with a straightforward QR code displayed on the screen, ready to sync you into the world of pleasure. Seamless, effortless, and instant—ideal for the time-pressed users of today.

This launch underscores the fact that even after two decades, Second Life remains not only relevant, but continues to be a dynamic, evolving platform. It took me by surprise though, I always figured that if Lovense were going to officially go into Second Life they would have done it by now. Why bother with a 20-year-old virtual world right? This unleashes a whole new potential with Second Life.

Having a Second Life Lovense Viewer on the platform provides a host of advancements apart from the ones mentioned. It offers an improved, automated in-world experience, enhancing the user’s immersion and interaction. It also creates new opportunities for businesses looking to create a more intimate connection with their user base.

Exploring the Second Life Lovense Viewer | A First-Hand Experience

With a huge rush of excitement, I headed up to my office, downloaded the new viewer, and installed it. The idea of Lovense dedicating resources to create a viewer specifically for Second Life was exciting, and my impatience to test it out was strong.

After launching, a few things immediately stood out. The user interface felt familiar, like most viewers based on the official Second Life viewer. However, it seemed a tad outdated, and a quick exploration confirmed my suspicion—it was based on an older version of the official Second Life viewer by Linden Labs.

As I looked through my preferences to customize the viewer to my liking, I noticed a surprising lack of features. It was clear that this viewer wouldn’t replace the popular Firestorm as the primary viewer for most users. I can see residents switching to the Second Life Lovense Viewer when needed, then reverting back to their preferred viewer. In a similar way to how many of us switch to Black Dragon when we want to take good quality pictures and back.

On the graphics front, there were a few hiccups. Firstly, my textures wouldn’t load correctly, despite my cache size and network bandwidth being more than sufficient. A quick relog seemed to fix it, but then the textures started to unbake and rebake intermittently. Other than this being a minor annoyance, for those who enjoy the visual aspect of Second Life sex this could be incredibly offputting.

Connecting my Lovense Nora to the viewer was easy, just as I had expected. A quick scan of the QR code, displayed after opening the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, using the Lovense Remote app and I was connected. However, the excitement was amplified when my Nora started rotating and vibrating on its own at full power. Why is this toy going crazy on it’s own?? Oh, that feels good…. STOP! I’m not ready yet!! Oh boy, don’t stop! No stop!! This unexpected surprise was a bit of a fun shock, but thankfully, it stopped after a minute.

Testing the Second Life Lovense Viewer | A Night to Remember

Once the unexpected power surge subsided, I headed down to the bar and asked for a victim. Given how late it was and how tired I was getting, I was planning on a quick test run to check the viewer’s functionality. Then, I could jump into a more intense exploration at a later time. Fox, because of course it would be Fox, rose to the occasion. Already naked, she made the process slightly easier. I threw off my romper, and we unveiled the double-ended dildo.

“Just a quick test, Jess. Make sure it works, then off to bed. You can explore it fully tomorrow.” That was the plan, at least the one I told myself. It’s Second Life, and any of you that have read this blog for long enough know that usually when I say I’m going to stick to a plan it means that I’m not going to stick to the plan and the opposite is going to happen.

Yep, that’s what happened. Fox and I both gripped that double-ended dildo with abandon. The Nora was going wild. The sensation was incredible. Then, a small hiccup—the Nora disconnected from the app. A quick reconnection, and we were back in action. The pleasure was intense, and Fox and I went at it on the floor of the bar. The Nora was performing beautifully…

Until it disconnected again. Another quick reconnection, and we were back on track. The climax, when it came, was one of the most intense I’ve experienced in Second Life. But I wasn’t happy yet, I knew the Second Life Lovense Viewer needed further testing. A quick test like that was fun and gave me a very good idea of how it works but this needs a lot of testing… ok maybe I’m exaggerating somewhat. It needs a lot of personal use for uhm science.

I of course was a little bit preoccupied with what I was doing, so Zathras managed to get some pics.

The Second Life Lovense Viewer | Early Impressions

The Lovense Second Life Viewer is still in its infancy, having been released less than 24 hours ago at the time of writing this. However, I’ve managed to gather some initial impressions, both positive and negative.


The viewer is super easy to connect, using a standard Second Life UI that feels familiar and intuitive. The performance of Lovense with the viewer is unparalleled, far better than any in-world scripted alternatives. Lovebridge and Debauchery have done great work with their systems, but the Lovense viewer is in a league of its own. After all, who knows Lovense better than Lovense themselves?


The immediate buzz or buzz-and-rotate feature can be a bit startling. I haven’t tested it with the Lush yet, but I suspect it behaves the same. According to a conversation on the official SL forums, the viewer reacts to your AO, meaning you’ll need to disable your AO to prevent the auto-start feature. That’s a little annoying.

The frequent disconnects are another drawback. They disrupt the immersion and can be frustrating, especially when they occur multiple times during an intense moment.

The viewer also lacks certain features. The preferences seemed sparse, and the privacy features were almost entirely absent, which raised some concerns. There were a few other missing features that I’ve grown accustomed to, but these aren’t really deal-breakers. It’s important to remember that the Lovense viewer is a third-party viewer, not an official Linden Labs release, so caution is advised. While I doubt a corporation as large as Lovense would take part in any underhanded activities with their viewer, it’s always wise to be extra cautious.

In conclusion, the Second Life Lovense Viewer holds so much potential, but to me, it was released prematurely. The sensations it offers are far superior to any other in-world way of syncing up. However, the bugs make me hesitant to use it on a regular basis. I will continue to test it regularly and give updates though. This viewer really could be a game-changer, and technically it is in terms of the sensations it offers. However, at this point, it’s not quite ready for regular use in my Second Life routine.

If you have your Lovense synced up to the new Lovense Second Life viewer then I would highly recommend coming to the X-Sisters Sex Bar and testing it out with one of our X-Girls. Taxi here.

You can download the Lovense Viewer by clicking here.

Second Life Lovense Viewer


Is the Lovense Viewer Free to Use?

Absolutely! The Lovense Viewer can be downloaded and used completely free of charge, similar to other third-party Second Life viewers. The primary expense involved is purchasing the Lovense toy itself, should you not already own one. This initial investment allows you to fully experience the interactive features offered by the viewer.

Do I Need to Activate Lovebridge for My Lovense Toy to Work on My Parcel?

Generally speaking, activating Lovebridge on your parcel is not necessary if certain conditions are met. Firstly, if you’re the sole user of the Lovense toy and are utilizing the Viewer for connectivity, Lovebridge is not required. Additionally, if everyone on your parcel who is using a Lovense toy is also using the Viewer, then Lovebridge activation is unnecessary. However, for those not using the Viewer, Lovebridge remains a prerequisite to sync and connect Lovense toys effectively.

Why Isn’t the QR Code for the Lovense Toy Working?

Experiencing issues with scanning the QR code? It’s important to ensure you’re using the Lovense Remote app rather than the Lovense Connect app. This mix-up is common but easily rectified. For successful pairing and control over your toy, the Lovense Remote app is the one you need.

Does Using the Lovense Viewer Compromise My Privacy?

Your privacy is paramount. Lovense upholds a strict privacy policy, ensuring that no real-world personal information linked to your account is shared through the viewer or any associated apps. This means you can engage interactively with partners without concern over the disclosure of your real-world identity or personal details, providing a secure and confidential use experience.

Further Reading

Some further resources on the viewer:

Download the viewer – https://www.lovense.com/game/lovense-viewer/

Official Guide – https://www.lovense.com/game/lovense-viewer/guide.html

Lovense: A Comprehensive Guide – https://slxsisters.com/lovense-in-second-life-a-comprehensive-guide/

SL forum discussion around the viewer – https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/507573-lovense-viewer/

Carolines Takeda’s post on Lovense toys within Second Life – https://www.second-life-adventures.com/introducing-new-residents-to-sex-in-second-life-using-lovense-remote-toys/

The Second Life Lovense Viewer | A Review


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