Sex in Second Life | Clients, Adventures and Early Morning Excitement

Sex in Second Life | Clients, Adventures and Early Morning Excitement

Last Updated on: 9th January 2024, 04:53 pm

Sex in Second Life during this time of year is a bit hushed compared to the usual buzz. The post-Christmas drought, though brief, packs a punch unlike the lengthy Summer Slump. Sex work isn’t a perpetual stream of clients, but combining bar work with bookings keeps things lively and gets me close to it normally. These quieter periods are a shift in pace. When quiet periods happen, X-Girls prove resourceful to make sure that there’s never a dull moment. Still, despite the lull, I’ve still found myself having some fun and dirty sex.

Sex in Second Life | Clients, Adventures and Early Morning Excitement

Sex in Second Life | Between Clients and Adventures

We spend a lot of time between clients. It’s one thing I never really write about on here because not much happens. We sit and we talk, we joke around and we entertain ourselves. So you could be forgiven when you read this blog for thinking that my days are just 10 hours of back-to-back sex in Second Life. Of course they’re not. I would love it if they were, but then wouldn’t we all?

During these moments, scanning the marketplace becomes a favored pastime—a kind of “whore’s hobby.” We see what we can buy, add to our wishlists or whatever. For now, my wishlist will mostly have the ‘Spoil the X-Girls’ package on it until we get past the quiet spell. So when I saw some go-carts for sale I knew I had to buy them. I bought one for Mel and one for Tahlia and we held ourselves a race from the X-Girl Gallery to the top of the car park. I laid some landmines to get Tahlia to lose but for some reason, she managed to avoid them all.

Once we got there we decided it would be a great idea to buy some water balloons and sit patiently at the top of the car park and wait for barflies to arrive so we could throw them at them. That in turn changed into buying paintball guns which in turn ended up in the three of us having a paintball war.

It was a fun couple of hours to pass the time.

Sex in Second Life | Unplanned Surprises at the X-Sisters Sex Motel

Bryk’s always fun. He’s told me on numerous occasions “If I’m at the bar and you’re there, just assume I’m there for you” and he proves that point every time. A few days after the launch of the X-Sisters Sex Motel, Bryk arrived, generously treating everyone to drinks before pulling me onto a stool for a chat. Our chat soon escalated, my teasing hands exploring his hardening cock through his shorts.

His interest was piqued and he requested a tour of the motel, so I gladly led the way. We took the short walk along and I showed him into one of the unrented rooms. It didn’t take too long before we were on the bed shedding our clothes. I slid down his body, licking my lips before devouring his shaft. Sloppily and greedily I sucked and slurped until he burst flooding my mouth with cum. At that point, I pulled myself up and started to rock and ride. I had forgotten my boots had barbed wire, causing unexpected moans of pleasure and pain. It wasn’t until afterwards that he told me and I realized.


Early Morning Adventures | Tim’s Excitement and Deci’s Intensity

Lately, I’ve found myself waking up earlier, aligning with a more typical UK sleep schedule—an unusual shift for me. The silver lining is the chance to be at the bar before the morning crew arrives, leading to some unexpected pleasures.

Tim was one of those. He showed up and we spoke about the trip to the VIP suite that we had the day before. The memory of it was getting him all excited and within seconds he had money in my tip jar and we headed up to the Cuming Soon room. We went hard and fast which was the perfect way for him to wind down before going to bed and the best way for me to wake up.

As I got back to the bar, Deci showed up. Despite recent near misses, we finally synced up. When he’s been at the bar recently I’ve either been busy elsewhere or asleep, so it was fun to finally catch him. He instantly paid to get me naked and we sat for a while talking. He kept generously showering me with large tips. Eventually, he proposed a change of scenery—Home Delivery, a service we proudly offer. So we headed back to his house.

When we got there, we didn’t waste time. Stripped bare, he plunged into me and we fucked until both of us came at the same time. Me soaking and squeezing his cock while he filled my pussy.

Beyond the Bar | Coffee Shop and Risky Gifts

In between all of that I’ve had my private clients too. Bea, a regular caffeine lover, found a cozy spot outside the bar at the coffee shop—an addition to this month’s “Hot Locations” menu. Meanwhile, Zathras surprised me with Thor’s hammer, a risky gift that could attract lightning deaths or chaos, but hey, risks make life interesting..

I also may have spiked Tye’s drink. Bound in a sewer, Tye became the centrepiece of a wild scenario involving all the X-Girls. They used him like a sex toy and emptied his wallet on my orders… That was a fun one, maybe that story needs a full blog post for itself.

We might not be making as much money as we normally are but we are having a hell of a lot of fun with it.

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    GO CARTS!!!!

    OMG that sounds like lotsaaa fun. Aaaaand waterballons aaand paintball guns.

    YAY Glad you all had an amazing time.

    Wished I could have joined you. 😀

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