What is Virtual Sex? | My Path into the Digital Pleasure Realm

What is Virtual Sex? | My Path into the Digital Pleasure Realm

Last Updated on: 30th March 2024, 03:34 pm

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane to a time before Second Life. Virtual sex was almost like an alien concept to me. I mean, I could have guys in real life, why would I think about virtual sex? Then, the unexpected happened. Covid arrived and transformed our reality. And just like that, my amazing sex life turned ghost town-ish.

Caught in the middle of this pandemic, I began to revisit my viewpoint on virtual sex. Truth be told, I was at the crossroads. On one side, virtual pleasure seemed like an absurd concept, and on the other side, I was yearning for the lost excitement of random encounters. In the end, necessity acted as the mother of alteration.

So, you may be wondering what tipped the scales? What was so irresistible that kept me coming back for more? What is it about these virtual sex encounters that sets the mind alight with anticipation and pleasure? Hold tight because I’m about to let you in on my discoveries.

Virtual Sex | My Path into the Digital Pleasure Realm

The Silver Linings of Virtual Sex

Let’s talk perks of virtual sex – from spicing up your own pleasure play to satisfying some deep-seated urges. Looking for a fresh approach to get yourself all steamy when there’s no other way? Say hello to a world of intimate virtual experiences.

One aspect of virtual sex is its ability to make you feel desired, even when you’re alone. We all know very well that sex isn’t always a two-player game. Sometimes, you’re your own best partner. So if those feelings of isolation creep up on you, virtual sex can be your ticket to great solo pleasure. Trust me, it’s an excellent method to satisfy yourself without needing to hinge on anyone else’s mood or availability.

But I hear your question, “Jess, why not just settle for the old school porn?” To that, I return a question – Would you fancy watching recorded acts of strangers who might have filmed it months or even years ago? Or would you rather engage in a real-time intimate connection, with someone virtually present with you?

I know my pick and I bet you guess it too.

My First Journey into Virtual Sex | AChat

Second Life wasn’t my virgin voyage into the world of virtual sex. As the pandemic coloured the world in greys, I dipped my toes into another platform called AChat. I dabbled with it a handful of times before opting out, never to log back in. Can still recall my handle – YourVelvetWhisper.

AChat was average by my standards, and I might consider retracing my steps for the sake of this blog someday. But, it lacked that special touch and relied heavily on microtransactions. Everything from clothing, animations to different locations were tucked behind a rather pricey paywall. I was curious about virtual sex, but not enough to spend that much. The pandemic meant reduced work earnings, so, frugality was my best friend.

AChat did what it was designed to do. Although, the players I encountered there couldn’t exactly flaunt great role-playing skills. It still took care of some of my cravings. Things took a turn when one of the guys mentioned his presence on Second Life. My intrigue was piqued, and I found myself revisiting Second Life. A google search later, I stumbled upon Candy’s story and well… I’ve told that story a million times. Yes, that’s how my next Second Life adventure began.

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The Unconventional Appeal of Virtual Sex

You’re probably wondering, what’s so enticing about virtual sex? If you’re absorbing content from mainstream media or skimming through sites like Quora, you might be convinced that cyber sex is a man’s game. But that’s a forgone conclusion. Believe it or not, women are equally into it, and I can confirm that because I’m one of those women.

First off, virtual sex has a significant plus – the absence of physical contact. Which, at first sounds very strange and I imagine that anyone reading this from an outside perspective probably has a screwed up face right now.

This lack of physical touch leads the way to an open playground for fantasies, no matter how unworldly they might seem to be. And the best part is that there is roughly zero chance of bumping into your virtual partner in real life. That’s an awkwardness-free guarantee that you won’t find with most people you cross paths with in your regular life. This in itself frees me from any reservations, letting me jump right into an imaginative world of pleasure.

Masturbation Upgraded with a Virtual Twist

In many facets, online sex blossoms as an elevated version of your good old masturbation. Primarily driven by your fantasies rather than an actual person’s presence, there’s a freedom to centre on your own pleasure more avidly than in physical sex. So why not take that exploration on the high road?

Virtual Sex | My Path into the Digital Pleasure Realm

The Magic Wand of Technology | Remote Controlled Sex Toys

My endless odes to the wonders of Lovense can easily fill pages, but let’s focus on something interesting – the blend of remote-controlled sex toys with the world of virtual sex.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Kinsey Institute research – this hub focused on human sexuality and unearthed an interesting fact – virtual sex can foster both physical and emotional connections with partners.

Add to this the variable of remote-controlled toys like Lovense, and you’re in for an even more enjoyable journey of pleasure and emotion.

In simpler words, it’s an almost hands-free experience. So, you’re not just getting the mental stimulation of virtual sex, but you’re also achieving the physical pleasure controlled by your virtual partner. It’s a whole new level of tempting.

However, I’d recommend you approach this journey not with an end-game in mind, but simply as a new adventure. If you’re all geared up for a specific outcome, like an orgasm, the whole experience could be more challenging to appreciate.

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Breaking Down the Unwritten Rules of Sex

Let’s be real. Society has some pretty narrow views of what ‘sex’ should look like. Most people only see the traditional, “penis goes in vagina” type as the real deal. But hey, we know that there’s more to sex than just that, right?

Remember the cyber sex of old days, say, the AOL chat rooms of the ’90s? Things have changed. Traditional sex, as fun as it is, comes with risks – unwanted pregnancy, STIs. With online fun there is none of that stuff to worry about.

When it comes to virtual sex, your mind’s creativity is the limit. You can cook up scenarios that would be tough or impossible to pull off in real life. Some people find that super exciting. And for me, nothing tops the excitement of earning some bucks while having a good time. Imagine getting paid to enjoy yourself – literally. That’s why I love virtual sex.

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Virtual Sex | Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

There are plenty of reasons why virtual sex might not be appealing to everyone, and it’s important to note a few things:

Virtual sex, like any sexual activity, might simply not be your thing. It’s possible to feel out of place, awkward, or have zero interest in it and that’s perfectly alright. Nobody has to love every dish on the menu!

Virtual sex can be costly. Not everyone can afford devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, let alone data or internet charges. Perhaps you can only go online on a shared device making virtual sex less than ideal.

Virtual sex carries risks. There are no guarantees that your intimate exchanges will stay confined within your relationship. Screenshots and recordings happen. The fear of such information leaking might make you wary.

Virtual Sex | My Path into the Digital Pleasure Realm

Virtual Sex in the Future | A Glimpse

Author Matthew Ball presents a fascinating theory about the future of virtual sex in his book, The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionise Everything. He points towards advancements in the metaverse, like haptic bodysuits and vests capable of simulating real sensations. This could mean feeling the virtual spurt of cum on your skin.

Suits like the Teslasuit, designed to offer actual experiences via muscle stimulation, are now a reality. But, the hefty $20,000 price tag keeps them out of reach for most of us and relegates them to the exclusive world of the super-rich.

Does it cross a line?


In my opinion, virtual sex should never replace real-life physical intimacy completely if feasible. Of course, for some people, real-life sexual experiences may not be an option, and virtual sex provides a much-needed outlet. However, despite the novelty and excitement around virtual sex, it should never outweigh or become the sole source of sexual pleasure. Balance is key.

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Why I’m Hooked on Virtual Sex

I can’t help it – I’m a big fan of virtual sex. There are no physical risks, just a mind-blown kind of thrill that comes with it.

There’s something about giving away the control of my Lovense Lush or Nora to someone else – it’s too exciting! It’s like needing that extra piece of chocolate cake, only more enticing. Discovering the world of virtual sex has been eye opening for new experiences, stuff I never even dreamed of.

Of course, to many there’s the worry about people stepping out on their partners in this virtual world. But let’s be honest, this kind of thing has been going since forever. Before the internet came along, there was role-playing on the phone, sending dirty texts. I bet people hundreds of years ago were sending ‘sext’ messages through owls or something.

Whether it’s happening face-to-face or in a virtual world, cheating is cheating.

But even with its pitfalls, nothing can take the shine off how amazing virtual sex is. That’s why I love it. It’s a rollercoaster – spicy, freeing and mostly downright arousing. That’s what keeps me going back.

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And finally…

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  1. Linda O

    I discovered online sex around ten years ago. At first it was a taboo I tried my dammedest to avoid however the partner I was with at the time made me feel comfortable with it. I discovered something beautiful and not just with the level of pleasurable stimulation but within myself. I felt free and liberated and given an ability to branch out and discover a sexuality that up until that moment had hidden itself from me. I thoroughly enjoy reading your work with a hot morning coffee but for the first time I feel compelled to comment because this really is the most truthful representation of what online sex really is. Thank you.

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