Second Life Experiences | Power Dynamics in Virtual Sex Work

Second Life Experiences | Power Dynamics in Virtual Sex Work

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If I do a shift at the bar it’s usually later in the day. Lumi isn’t around much during the day and with Dee there and the other managers, there’s no real need for me to work in the mornings anymore. Some days though I wake up and just feel the urge to go and see what fun awaits. This was one of those days, so I showered, got dressed and jumped in a taxi. I did not expect to be bent over my office chair a couple of hours later. When you experience Second Life sex work you soon realize that there isn’t much else quite like it.

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Second Life Experiences | Power and Control

Ok ok, maybe that’s a small lie. I fully expect to be bent over something or on top of someone on something. That’s the nature of the job, that’s what being a whore is. That’s why I love it so much. 

I proudly wear my “Whore” belly chain when going to work at the bar, there’s a thrill about getting paid for sex. I guess there are multiple factors that come into play with that. For a while I’ve tried to work out exactly what it is that turns me on so much about it and I think I’ve almost worked it out. 

Firstly there’s the power aspect. It’s a psychological satisfaction, having a man put you in a position where they make you so sought after that they’re willing to reach into their wallet. Sex workers are always in control, that’s something that I firmly believe and I carry with me every day. But that element of power, knowing they want to you pay to fuck them, that’s hot. 

Secondly, it’s the defiance of societal norms. Sex work is stigmatized and looked at as taboo. So defying those norms and the expectations that people have puts you in a rebellious mindset. When you’re a sex worker you live outside of the typical “framework” of life to a degree. Truth be told, it’s exhilarating. 

Lastly, it’s the performance aspect. “Sex is entertainment” at least that’s what Christina always says. She’s right, as sex workers and this is probably more true for Second Life experiences, we are hired entertainers. We provide a way to live out fantasies, experience new roles and live out different scenarios. It has so much variety and novelty that getting paid to put on that performance can be a mental race. 

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Second Life Experiences | Addicted

Dan, who you will have read about on this blog, has been a regular of mine for a long time. When I’m not around he likes to journey around the other girls at the bar, Dee is usually a number one second choice. He is a prime example of all of the above aspects of why I enjoy getting paid for sex so much. 

He puts me in a complete position of control. For lack of a better word, he is addicted to sex with me. A “Jess Addict” as we call them at the bar. He can sit patiently at the bar, ignoring everything else going on around him and he will wait for the moment I tell him that I’m ready. 

As soon as those words leave my mouth then he jumps up to attention and follows. This time he made a payment of five times the usual rate of the bar, that’s how much he wanted me. So when that payment hit my bank, you can only imagine the rush that I felt. I was horny, I was ready and I needed sex. 

When I was ready, I told him that I needed some help in the office and like a willing addict looking for his next fix, he followed me. 

Second Life Experiences | Fluid Dynamics

I am not submissive in nature by any means, but the money puts me at a different level. Not submissive, but willing. If I’m paid for my time then not only is the financial incentive there to lower my boundaries a little but as a sex worker there is always a degree of fluid dynamics. 

As I said above though, I always retain control because we have to. 

Dan took his spot on my office chair and I knelt down in front of him, I was horny there was no denying that. My patience to wait wasn’t very high so I quickly loosened his belt and wrapped my lips around his cock. He leaned backwards in the chair and let out a loud moan, that’s when I really have the power. Having a man moan as I suck his cock. 

I pulled my mouth off of his twitching member which was leaving a delicious salty trace of precum against my tongue and looked at him. “You’re going to feed me, Dan, then you’re going to make me cum”. I wanted him to cum and fill my mouth before anything else. I was hungry and I knew what I wanted. 

That’s exactly what he did too. As I locked my soft lips back around his shaft he exploded and his cum washed over my tongue and overflowed to trickle down my chin. 

Second Life Experiences | The Finale

At this point, my face was a sticky cum covered mess, just the way I knew that he liked it. When you’ve had a client for long enough then you start to know their likes and wants. I slipped my shorts down and started to ride him, his cock still oozing the same load of cum that I was wearing like a mask. 

There’s often a point with those fluid dynamics where they really come into play. After I turned and started bouncing on him, I gripped his throat and grazed my teeth against his neck. When I then whispered into his ear to make me cum the dynamic changed. 

He picked me up and threw me onto the desk, wrapping his hand around my throat and slamming into me from behind. While all of this was going on, Bob, Ebony and Tahlia were having a threesome in one of the rooms upstairs. I could hear their moans and cries and I’m sure that they could hear ours. 

Anyone who walked into that bar at that moment, if they had wanted a performance then they would have definitely had one. 

He threw me towards the chair and started slamming his cock hard and fast. His cum was still covering my face and he was determined to make orgasm. His attempt was successful and oh my god it was intense. As I came, so did he and his streams of thick white paint were almost endless. He filled me and covered my legs and my ass. I was soaked in cum. 

Why I’m Still A Sex Worker

Sex work isn’t just about the money but it definitely does have a huge impact on what we do. The X-Sisters Sex Bar was designed around one thing, fun. Everything after that is a bonus. 

For me, that sense of power and the rush that comes with being paid for sex is unmatched. I live for it, I thrive off of it. It is what keeps me working in the sex work industry even so long after joining Second Life. I have made enough money through sex work that I could retire tomorrow and live out the next few years in Second Life never having to work again. 

My land would still be paid, I could still go to the weekly sales and keep up to date with new releases. My bike collection could keep growing daily. 

What keeps me in this job is the thrill, the excitement and the heights of arousal that it takes me to. 

I’m not a whore who fucks for money, I’m a whore who gets turned on by the thought of someone wanting to pay her money. There is a big difference. 

Try me. I dare you. Experience Second Life like never before.

Click here to visit the X-Sisters Sex Bar and I will see you there!

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    I really like that the walls in the bar are so thin. The moans echoing through the house are quite the turn-on.

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