OMG! Sasha’s Journey to Becoming a Second Life Pornstar!

Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:03 pm

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to tell you this! I’m going to be a pornstar in Second Life! Yes, you heard that right! I’ve been telling everyone I see. “Guess what?” I shout at them, only for them to roll their eyes and say, “You’re going to be a pornstar?” Ugh, talk about ruining my big exciting reveal. I tell them, and they’re like, “You’ve told me like ten times already. It’s not news anymore.” Sigh. But seriously, in case you didn’t catch that, I’m going to be a Second Life pornstar!

Huh? What do you mean I’ve told you already? Sigh.

It hasn’t happened yet, though. I’m still waiting to film my intro scene. It should be done by the time I write my next post. No idea when it will be released, but I’m on the edge of my seat! This new career path has me buzzing all over the grid again. I even updated my head when I found out Lelutka upgraded it to the 4.0 version. And oh boy, what an adventure that was! Ready to hear all about it?

Sasha's Journey to Becoming a Second Life Pornstar!

Shopping Spree and Second Life Pornstar Prep!

Let me tell you about my unbelievable shopping spree! I went on a shopping rampage. I hadn’t been around much last year, so my clothes were totally outdated. Not ancient like Bea, but still out of fashion. While I was browsing, I saw someone in local chat mention that Lelutka was having a 25% off sale.

I don’t need a new head—I have three already and I adore Ora. Raven is cute too, but Ora is my vibe. But 25% off? Yes, please! So, I dashed over to the Lelutka Facebook page to see the goodies. Lelutka’s sim can be impossible to enter during sales, so Facebook seemed like a smart move. And guess what? I found out that Ora had been updated to 4.0! I still had 3.2, that’s how long I’ve been hiding away.

I couldn’t contain my excitement and jumped straight to the Lelutka sim. To my surprise, it wasn’t as packed as I feared. I grabbed the updated head and switched it over. But, it wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. My saved outfits were all messed up—the layers were all out of order. That was a headache.

As I was trying to fix everything, I got a message. I wasn’t thrilled about it since I had massive eyebrows and more freckles than I remembered. But hey, maybe a little distraction was just what I needed to get myself sorted out!

Sasha's Journey to Becoming a Second Life Pornstar!
OMG it broke my eyebrows

Guess What? A Wild Encounter and a Surprise Visitor!

Okay, you won’t believe what happened next! Well, maybe you will if you know me.

So, his name was Demi. He looked pretty good. Something I’ve always noticed, like forever, is that black men are super into me. I have my theories—maybe because I’m petite. And trust me, I know I’m petite because Jess and Lumi abused me about it non-stop.

Anyway, Demi started saying he wanted to see me naked. At this point, I thought some good sex might help me forget my outfit layer disaster. So, I invited him over to my place. He sat on the sofa, and I got naked. And almost instantly, his cock got hard.


I took him into my mouth, sucking and slurping as best as I could. He got harder, and I could taste his precum dripping on my tongue. After a bit, he wanted to taste me. So, I wiggled my hips and let him eat my pussy.

Finally, I climbed on top of him and bounced and bounced. His grunts almost drowned out my screams of pleasure as we fucked until the sun came up.

When we collapsed in a heap, he said, “Have a great day,” and disappeared just like that. I just lay there, trying to relax. It was hot, and I’d completely forgotten about the head issue. Then, out of nowhere, I heard footsteps. The weird part? Nobody else lives with me…


You know those comic book scenes with the spinning screen and a freeze frame with the big “INTRODUCING”? Well, that’s exactly how it felt! I don’t know if you read Dee’s post—of course, you did! She went to Firestorm Social Island, helped a noob, stole money from me, then got him a good look and fucked him on my sofa.

Well, introducing Gaudium. He was in my house! Apparently, Dee just left him there and went to sleep. So, he has pretty much been living in my house since then. It’s super weird but also sort of cute. I wanted to scream at him and tell him to find his own place, but I decided to be nice instead.

I asked him how SL was, and he said it was fun, but he kept getting kicked out of places or ignored because he was new. People think he’s an alt because he’s so hot—good job, Dee.

Anyway, I was still covered in cum from Demi, and it felt like a terrible opportunity to waste.

So yep, I fucked Gaudium on my sofa too!

Shopping Spree, Head Upgrade, and a Double Whammy!

And that’s it! That’s the story of how my shopping trip in Second Life turned into a wild adventure. I upgraded my head, messed up my eyebrows, and got fucked twice in a row. Yep, you heard that right!

I’m a bit annoyed at Dee for stealing my money and leaving some random guy with a 100L cock in my house. But I’ll deal with that another time. Honestly, I didn’t want to kick him out either, so I did what Dee did and left him there while I went to sleep. This might turn into a problem later, but I’ll handle it.

Now, I need to get myself ready for my first ever porn scene. Yussss! Sasha The Machinima Machine. That’s what I thought my Second Life pornstar name would be.

Hmm. Maybe not. That’s a terrible name. I’ll just stick with Sasha!

Talk soon!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    *giggles* Super fun if a bit weird story.

    Sex Invaders seems not only an arcade gme sumone needs to invent but also a problem in Pixelland. I have had peeps break into my house to boink there.

    Looking at you Roomie!!

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