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It’s easy to glance at my post about the best adult furniture in Second Life and want to buy everything. But, each creator has their standout pieces that set them apart. This made me think: why not expand on that original post and highlight the best pieces from each creator? Naturally, I had to start with Darkfold and their Royalist Bed.

In my more recent experiences as a sex worker in Second Life, the Royalist Bed is a piece I use frequently. There’s a reason for that, and I’ll share why in this post. So, let’s jump into why the Royalist Bed should be at the top of your Darkfold shopping list.

The Royalist Bed by Darkfold

Refresher on What Makes Great Adult Furniture

A reminder of what I look for when it comes to finding the best sex furniture in Second Life. There are certain key factors that enhance the experience and immersion. Here’s a quick refresher on what to look for:

Compatibility with Genitalia Add-Ons

Furniture should support popular genitalia add-ons like The Physics, Aeros, and V Bento. Automatic tilting for male genitalia and animations for V Bento users enhance realism.

INM (It’s NOT Mine!) System

The INM system allows control over where cum appears during intimate encounters, adding interactivity and realism.

Lovense Integration

Lovense, a popular remote-controlled sex toy system, syncs with Second Life sex furniture, vibrating as things heat up.

Facial Animations

Facial animations add depth and expression to virtual encounters.

Practicality and Aesthetics

Top creators pay attention to practical details and aesthetics. Seamless animation integration, pop-out furniture to solve hover height issues, and thoughtful design make for an immersive experience.

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Solo Poses in the Royalist Bed by Darkfold

Surprisingly, one of the most frequent topics I hear about in regards to furniture is the solo poses. While I usually focus on the sex animations because of my work in creating adult content, solo poses often get overlooked. Yet, whenever people talk to me about my guide to the best sex furniture, solo poses frequently come up.

Many people, including Christina, often say that creators concentrate too much on adult animations, neglecting to offer solo poses that are both relaxing and seductive. Sometimes, they even throw in every solo pose they find without proper curation. The more I examined it, the more I noticed this trend. However, Darkfold stands out by providing a well-curated selection of solo poses.

For Darkfold’s Royalist Bed, the selection of solo poses is impressive. In my opinion, the female poses are more appealing than the male ones, though the male poses are still good. My only issue is that most of the male poses, except for two, involve holding a prop—be it a phone, dumbbells, or a laptop.

On the other hand, the female poses, while also featuring props in some cases, often have a seductive allure. My favourite solo pose is the Cross Legs. It’s a simple pose, something most of us do daily, yet Darkfold has managed to make it incredibly sensual.

Evaluating the Darkfold Royalist Bed’s Cuddle Poses

While the Royalist Bed from Darkfold is impressive, there’s an area where it falls short: the cuddle poses. Darkfold could improve significantly in this aspect. With 17 cuddle poses available, it feels like some poses are crammed in because they don’t fit elsewhere. Take the ‘Booty’ pose, for instance—an animation where you grind your ass against your partner’s crotch. It’s neither entirely PG nor a traditional cuddle pose.

This kind of shoehorning makes the Cuddle & PG sub-menu feel overloaded and disorganized.

That being said, Darkfold does offer some genuinely nice poses. One of my favourites is ‘On Top.’ I use it frequently in my work to get my partner excited. It’s a simple pose but effectively balances relaxation and arousal. Massage poses are another great inclusion. They’re not common enough in other beds, and I’d love to see more creators make them standard. Despite the menu and categorization issues, the quality of these poses is excellent. It’s the organization and menu structure that let them down.

Evaluating Sex Animations in the Royalist Bed by Darkfold

While many will be intrigued by the cuddle poses, I believe this section on sex animations is what people will come to this post for. This is where Darkfold excels, and the Royalist Bed is no exception.

Before diving into the details, it’s worth noting again that Darkfold’s menu organization could use some improvement. It’s not just about the way that they cram everything in; it’s also about the speed variations. Unlike creators like Debauchery who use the speed adjuster in AVSitter 2.0, Darkfold offers different speed options as separate animations. So, when you see three pages of animations totalling 20+, you might actually have 10 animations with speed variations included.

However, Darkfold does a fantastic job of making each speed variation look unique. For instance, in a standard Doggy pose, switching to a faster speed might result in a slightly more arched back or a differently angled arm. These subtle differences show my Darkfold has a masters degree in Second Life animations.

Now, onto the sex animations themselves—they’re as perfect as they come. Smooth and realistic, each animation is well-labeled, even if they’re a bit crammed into the menu. The Royalist Bed features menus for Foreplay, Pussy, Ass, MFF, and MMF. Across all these categories, there’s not a single animation I’d call subpar.

They all sync perfectly with your genitalia. Whether you own the V or the P, the sync is perfect.

Darkfold’s attention to detail and dedication to quality make their sex animations stand out. These animations are designed to be immersive and engaging, and you can’t really get a better creator of adult furniture animations for that reason.

Additional Features

The Darkfold Royalist Bed should be a dream for those who love to personalize. You can tweak almost every detail: the frame, the engravings, the leather headboard, and the silk sheets. While the frame offers textures like marble and wood, I found the options a bit limited. There are two marble types—black and white—and three wood types, plus venetian. Although the contrast in marble hues is nice, there’s definitely room for more variety.

This also extends to the whole customization menu. It feels like an afterthought, perhaps because Darkfold excels in creating top-notch sex animations. They know people will buy their products regardless. However, with the bed’s hefty 28LI, I expected more customization to blend seamlessly into any themed room.

Lovense Integration

The Royalist Bed includes Lovense integration, which adds a really fun touch. Darkfold didn’t create a custom HUD like Debauchery and PleasureScape have, so the patterns are standard yet still very pleasurable. Lovense is an amazing choice; I use both the Nora and the Lush 3, and their patterns are consistently enjoyable. I always say that it’s hard to have a bad experience with Lovense, and this bed is no exception.

Conclusion and Teleports

Darkfold has earned a spot on my list of Second Life’s best sex furniture, and the Royalist Bed shows exactly why. Sure, there are a few drawbacks. The animation menus are a bit crammed, and the texture options are limited. Plus, it lacks the popular “It’s Not Mine” clean-up feature although it does have auto-splat when you cum. But despite these minor issues, it’s a remarkable piece of furniture.

This bed shines with its beautiful and seductive solo poses, useful cuddle poses, and of course, its exceptional sex animations. The addition of Lovense integration takes it to another level, adding an exciting, interactive element that enhances the experience.

You can try out the Royalist Bed in-world at the official Darkfold store. While they have strict rules about not testing it fully—no getting naked, just sampling the poses—it’s understandable. But don’t worry, there are plenty of places around the grid where you can fully experience it.

If you want a more immersive trial, come to the X-Sisters Sex Bar. You can use the bed with me or any of my staff members. I’ve left teleport links below for easy access. This way, you can truly appreciate what makes the Royalist Bed so special.

Darkfold is a phenomenal creator, and the Royalist Bed is a standout piece that deserves a spot on your wishlist or shopping list.

Click here for your teleport link to the official Darkfold Store.

Click here for your teleport link to the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

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Finally, if you trust my judgement enough and just want to jump right in and buy the Royalist Bed then use this link.

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