Did Dee’s Plan for the Newbies Firestorm Social Island Just Get Better?

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:39 am

So, I left my latest newbie friend in Sasha’s house. Oops! At least it seemed like she enjoyed his company or his cock at least. Now, I need to gently coax him out of there. I’m a bit hesitant, though. Last time, helping this newbie cost me a lot of money and led to an interesting night that ended with me being coerced into taking his virginity. Ok, “coerced” might be too strong a word. I was probably going to do it anyway. Helping newbies on Firestorm Social Island is fun though.

The idea of guiding someone new through the ropes and seeing them find their place in Second Life is nice. The truth is, I had a lot of fun even if it did cost me money. I’m definitely ready for another round, but this time, I’m determined to avoid spending money or having sex. Can it be done? That’s the real challenge.

Snapshot 117

It’s Time To Take Out The Trash

First things first, I had to check Sasha’s house to see if our newbie friend was still there. I had the perfect speech planned out in my head. “You’re lovely, but…” and “it’s time to get your big boy pants on and find your own place” were just a couple of the lines I intended to use.

Unfortunately, I made one crucial mistake the other night. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake, really. I didn’t add him as a friend, so I had no idea if he was online or even at the house. I typically avoid adding people as friends. It gets messy—they want to stay in touch, talk all the time, meet up, buy me drinks, and go on romantic beach trips. Not my thing. So, I usually steer clear.

This time, though, I wished I had added him. When I got there, he was nowhere to be found. I briefly considered leaving him a giant note on a prim saying “FIND YOUR OWN HOUSE,” but decided against it. He’s new to Second Life, and the more people we have here, the better. It’s in everyone’s best interest to be nice to the newbies on Social Island.

His absence meant I had no reason to stay at Sasha’s house. So, I raided the money stash again and headed back over to Firestorm Social Island.

Dee at Firestorm Social Island helping newbies

A New Mission for Newbies | Searching for Fresh Ideas

While I was standing there, I got to thinking. What could I do to help these newbies a little more? A few ideas spun through my head. I could offer one-on-one tutorials, taking people through things like BOM, how to use the marketplace, or how to build basic stuff out of prims. But we have Builders Brewery for stuff like that. I could write a list of where to find the best freebies, but FabFree already does that so comprehensively that my list would be relatively pointless.

There had to be something I could do, though. I could feel it in my bones, but I just couldn’t work it out. I stood there, staring at the weird skeleton man in a top hat and tails, wondering if this is what my life was now. Not that it’s a bad thing—Firestorm Social Island does have a very diverse crowd, and I mean a very diverse crowd. I’ve seen Deadpool, the skeleton, horses, cats, Minnie Mouse, a smurf, cyborgs and half-unicorn-half-cybernetic entities. The list is vast and varied, and it’s amazing to see it all. That’s one thing I love about Second Life, seeing how people are so creative and express themselves.

But alas, I could not think of an idea on how to help the newbies that hadn’t already been done or already set up somewhere on the grid.

Firestorm Social Island with newbies

Exploring Newcomers’ First Impressions | The Chaos of Cascades Beach Bar

Now, I know I said I was going to try and not have sex. I meant it too, so you’re probably going to wonder how I ended up in an adult sex sim a few minutes later. Well, let me just point out that if you put a giant fantasy archway next to me that says “Adult” and “XXX,” then you better have an army of Meanwhiles and Neverwheres to try and keep me out.

The reality was, I wanted to check out what newcomers to SL were being given as their first introduction to sex sims in Second Life. What I can say is that I now understand why so many of them seem clueless.

Cascades Beach Bar is where the teleporter takes you from the teleport hub on Social Island, and let me just say, it’s a hot mess. So many giant boards of “Earn Lindens” and “Fish Hunt” plastered all over the place, it’s enough to overwhelm even experienced residents like me. The layout is messy, like someone literally just threw down a bunch of prims and moved them around until they sort of felt coherent. And the furniture.

The Furniture Fiasco

Let’s not get me started on the furniture. Ok, let’s get me started on the furniture. Nerenzo furniture mostly, and look, maybe Nerenzo was good once upon a time in the dark ages, but the harsh reality is that their animations are outdated, their mesh is too LI intensive, and their menus are janky. But to add insult to injury, this place doesn’t even have up-to-date Nerenzo stuff for the most part. It’s so old that I was confused when I tried to sit on one and got told “No room to sit.”

The reason why? Because you have to touch it to rez poseballs. Poseballs! In 2024! If this is the introduction to the adult world for newbies who go through Firestorm Social Island, then we have finally found the source of all problems.

The Disaster of Newbie Adult Zones | The Dragon Song War

The place that newbies get sent to for adult stuff in Second Life is a disaster, and it finally gave me the idea I was looking for. What if I rented a homestead and turned it into a newbie-friendly sex location? It would be sim-sized, with half of it as water and the rest as a comprehensive learning experience. Yes, a place where people can have sex and learn about it. A homestead isn’t too expensive, probably around 6500L per week.

If I can convince Mama Jess to fund it, it should be easy to set up. Of course, I’d have to use her furniture since she has all the best stuff. But really, it makes sense. A whole new welcoming space for Second Life newbies to have a good place to learn and enjoy.

How to Improve the Newbies Experience

Cascades Beach Bar isn’t going to do much for them. A place needs to be immersive but also have the necessary elements to teach them. Guides, helpful people, and sure, ways to earn Lindens, but without it being plastered all over the place.

Anyway, I started plotting it out in my head when I heard, “Nice ass.” That sort of caught me off guard. So, I turned around, and right there behind me, was a dragon. Oh boy. I have a few rules when it comes to sex, and one of them is no animal play or furries. It’s not that I hate furries or anthros—they just don’t do anything for me.

But, let’s be honest here.

Ok, I’ll be really honest.

Fucking a dragon sort of sounds like a cool thing to put on your resume. Anyway, he wasn’t new, and since I did say at the start of this post I was going to try and not fuck newbies, this wasn’t breaking my pledge either. So, I took him back to… yep, you guessed it, Sasha’s house.

And we fucked, fucked, and fucked some more. Honestly, it was fun, but I doubt I’ll do it again. It’s checked off the bucket list now, but that cock was fat and wriggly. Oh boy.

Revamping the Newbie Experience

What started as a simple day trip to help some newbies at Firestorm Social Island turned into a whole new plan. I ended up with a wild idea to improve the newbie experience, and, well, I fucked a dragon. It’s not often that days go this off track.

Ok, it is. It happens all the time.

But now I need to raise funds or convince Jess to fund my new newbie island. Here’s the plan: if I can build something better than the nonsense that is Cascades Beach Bar, maybe I can convince the nice folks at the Firestorm Gateway to add us to the teleporter instead.

This would be a great way for newbies to learn after visiting Firestorm Social Island and, of course, if I were Jess *winks at the camera*, I’d see the potential for marketing and growth through this as an added bonus.

I’ve added some of Jess’ spoil-me items to my wishlist, which I’ll keep refreshing while aiming to cover at least three months’ tier. For the future of Second Life sex and to help new faces navigate, it’s my mission to change it. You can find my wishlist here if you want to help out. Alternatively, if you have ideas for the new place to help people find their way, leave a comment below.

Oh, and Sasha’s unwanted house guest still hasn’t been kicked out. I never did see him, so I guess that’s something for next time.

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  1. Caliente

    Plz teach them how to open a convo without being so derogatory, omg, they’re terrible.

  2. Chandra Kusari

    Now thats sumthing I neva did. I had a date set up with a minotaur but he neva delivered.

    The learn SL sex from the pros and the go to the hoes sounds goodies.

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