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For the past few days, I’ve settled into a little routine. I wake up, pick out a cute outfit, and head to Sasha’s house. My mission? Catch her unwanted house guest and tell him he can’t stay. After that, I make my way to Firestorm Social Island to see the newbies. Oh, and I have plans to open a newbie adult location to help people get the hang of things. But catching that elusive house guest? Not going well. He’s never there when I show up. His elusiveness is to blame for the chain of events I went through—heading to the island early, strolling through the XXX archway, deciding to build my own newbie sex learning spot, and, yes, having sex with a dragon. Maybe today will be different.

Dee's Newbie Adventures with Firestorm

Exploring The Freebies on Firestorm Social Island

This time when I got to Firestorm Social Island, I switched things up a bit. I checked out the free clothes for avatars under 90 days old. It’s a nice idea—accounts less than three months old can snag some free items to help them out.

In theory, it’s fantastic. In reality, not so much.

First off, nothing is available for Senra avatars. Everything there is designed for system avatars. You might find an occasional piece that fits Maitreya for the older Lara body, but most of it is system avatar stuff. This is a big hurdle.

Linden Labs and Second Life released the Senra avatar to update their system avatars, but the clothing rigging is specific. Senra isn’t the prettiest mesh, but it’s definitely better than the older system avatars. Firestorm hasn’t curated their offerings to include Senra. Whether it’s due to a lack of available clothes or not, it pushes people back to the older, unattractive system avatars. I saw this firsthand—a new account in an old avatar, wearing some of the free clothes. Is Firestorm being counterproductive with the freebies on Social Island?


But at the end of the day, they’re still free and still helpful. There’s even some free furniture from Warm Animations, which is an amazing offering. Sure, they’re PG versions, but Warm is top-tier adult furniture for a reason. If your account is under 90 days, go grab that furniture.

Curiosity Leads to Bumrose Beach

I wanted to revisit Cascades Beach Bar, mostly because I knew I could create a better sex introduction location for newcomers to Second Life. So, I headed back to the archway and walked through it, expecting to see Cascades. But I was surprised.

Instead of Cascades Beach Bar, I found myself at Bumrose Beach.

What I later discovered—and should have checked first, given my habit of scrutinizing everything—is that the teleport archways lead to random places from a list of landmarks inside the teleporter. It’s a simple but fun way to explore. It also means that I no longer have the need to build a better location.

Bumrose Beach | A Pleasant Surprise

Bumrose Beach is actually a lovely build. They use Skye for landscaping and have furniture from Cuming Soon. Overall, it’s a great introduction to the world of sex.


I noticed a couple of issues, so I decided to test it further. I headed back to Social Island and walked through the archway again, curious if the Firestorm team had thought this through to help the newbies properly.

This time, I ended up back at Cascades Beach Bar. Determined to test it thoroughly, I returned to Firestorm Social Island and walked through the archway once more.

This time, I found myself at the Skinny Dip Inn. It was a surreal trip; the landing zone had changed slightly, but overall, it was the same place. This is where the X-Sisters Sex Bar was really born, where Jess and Lumi opened their first store.

Dee's Newbie Adventures with Firestorm

The Teleporter Conundrum

You see where I’m going with this. In an ideal world, every sim would be busy. Splitting the teleporter to take people to multiple locations would be perfect, mixing newcomers with experienced residents. It keeps things balanced.

But in all my hours on Social Island, there aren’t many newcomers. This applies to all teleporters, not just the adult one. Busy adult sims are rare. If you don’t funnel people to the same place, here’s what happens:

A newcomer arrives at Social Island, sees the big “XXX” sign above the teleporter, and walks through it.

The newcomer ends up at Bumrose Beach. Nobody else is there.

Another newcomer arrives, walks through the teleporter, and ends up at the Skinny Dip Inn. Again, nobody is there.

Missing the Mark

At this point, the newcomer at Bumrose Beach leaves. The one at the Skinny Dip Inn also leaves. They both venture out into the world alone. If Firestorm had routed them to the same place, they could have met, interacted, formed friendships, and discovered the world together. The group would grow, attracting more residents.

Firestorm is missing a trick here with the newbies. They could really utilize these teleports better. Instead, they’re splitting people up and adding to the ongoing issue of empty sims on the grid.

Exploring Cinema Q | A Break from Newbie Training

After all the newbie training and research, I needed a break. With Sasha’s upcoming porn career in machinima sparking my curiosity, I decided to explore what the cinemas in Second Life had to offer. I checked out Cinema Q, owned by the same guy behind Hooker Hotel, Sleazy Motel, and Lovers Lane.

I wasn’t even there for a minute before I was hit on. Claven was his name, and getting into my pussy was his game. He was Italian, which I could tell before even looking at his profile. Italians have that “I think I’m smooth but I’m actually really cringe” vibe. It’s part of their culture—not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t do much for me. Thankfully, he was hot as fuck.

Now, here’s the issue: he might have been hot, but he tried to assert some weird dominance over me within two minutes. Firstly, you’re never going to assert dominance with me. Completely against who I am. Secondly, read my profile. That’s all.

Making Him Work for It

Anyway, I made him give me a theory essay on what he wanted to do to me. And when I say essay, I mean essay. If he wanted to fuck me, he had to learn that this was going to go my way.

Then, just to make him wait longer, we analyzed the porn playing in the cinema. I’m not always a bitch, but when I want to be, I can really be a bitch. Once he realized he wasn’t getting any control over me, he became respectful and nice.

A Sofa Encounter

So, we fucked on the sofa in the cinema while a good number of moviegoers all around us were watching as we went at it. I even got a few IM’s, that was hot.

Dealing With The Newbie

After all that, I headed back to Sasha’s house to see if our unwanted guest was there. He wasn’t. I could have assumed he left on his own, but the bathroom door was open, and it hadn’t been when I left.

On the night I met him I had added him as a guest to the security system, so it had to be him. I could kick him off the system, but that feels too harsh for a newbie. Remember, we need newbies—they help grow Second Life and keep it alive.

I needed a plan to see him, talk to him, and gently get him out. There had to be a way to lure him into being there when I was. And then it hit me.

So, I headed out to Sasha’s balcony to take a pic and I left him a note:

“Hey Noob, meet me here at 5pm SLT. Wear something hot!”

Now, let’s see what happens.

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