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Last Updated on: 16th June 2024, 09:01 pm

June 19, 2023. That’s the last time I posted here. Almost a year ago! Time flies when you’re, well, not flying. But hey, Sasha’s back out to play, and so am I. I’ve done so much in my virtual life. I was a student at Hogwarts for a while. Still am, apparently! Surprised they haven’t kicked me out after a year of absence. I’ve roamed theme parks and explored movie-based worlds. Life started for me as an AFK toy in a morgue, and then things got wild. I even got married after faking being a virgin. Turns out, that’s over now – news to me! I guess a year away does that. During my hiatus, I’ve been keeping up with Leila’s posts on SLA. Her adventures on Firestorm Social Island sparked a fire in me, even though I no longer use the Firestorm Viewer and I am now an Alchemy loyalist (High Five!).

I needed to get back out there and feel alive again.

So, here I am. Dee, back from the virtual not-dead (Fuck you Chandra). Miss me?

Helping Noobs on Firestorm Social Island

Embracing Firestorm Social Island | Dee’s Take

I don’t want to do what Leila does. She has her own style. She meets newcomers to Second Life, helps them out if she can, and guides them in her own way. Usually, that ends up with her having sex with them in a seedy motel or something.

That’s part of the deal with Firestorm Social Island. It’s a place designed for newcomers. When you first create your account and log in with the Firestorm Viewer, you’re taken to Firestorm Social Island (or so I thought, more about that later). It’s filled with tutorials, free gifts like clothing and accessories, and a community gateway for learning.

One of the most important features is the teleport hub. It’s packed with gateways to all sorts of places. From LGBT-friendly spots to games and recreation, from adventure and fantasy to roleplay, art, beaches, and even adult destinations.

Then there’s the Social Building stall. Here, you can find the Firestorm Gateway Covenant Code of Conduct. This sets the rules for Firestorm Island and other regions under the same banner. The rules are pretty standard, but some are less common and only the prudes and Firestorm regions use them.

Understanding the Rules

Rules like “scripted weapons may be worn, but they must be holstered, sheathed, etc.; they cannot be held, wielded or used in any way” or “no posting of links is allowed, with the following exceptions: links to the Second Life or Firestorm websites; links to blogs and videos pertaining directly to SL and useful to new residents” make sense. Good thing for me, since this site has multiple guides for Second Life!

Some rules, like “group tags must be G-rated” and “BDSM attachments may be worn but not used; ie, no leashes, no submissive poses,” are clear, though the group tag part is a bit confusing. Do they mean the text must be G-rated, or the group itself?

So, here I was, ready to explore but still figuring out what to do next. I’m not great at following rules. I’m better at enforcing them. But, hey, this is a new adventure, and I’m ready to learn. Firestorm Social Island is the perfect place to start.

Dee’s Quest for Adventure in Firestorm Social Island

I wasn’t sure what to do. Fitting into a box and following rules isn’t my style. I figured I’d at least try to fit in. I know a lot about Second Life – scripting, building, creating mesh, photography, and more. All of those guides are right here on this site. So, I quickly updated my profile to show I’m open to helping newbies and linked to the guide category.

One thing stood out on Firestorm Social Island – the lack of system avatars. There are the Senra Mesh Bodies now, but I still see lots of system avatars everywhere else. Surprisingly, on Firestorm Social Island, I didn’t see any. Some people were doing impressive things with the Senra Avatar. For those who don’t know or have been away from Second Life for a while, Linden Labs describes the Senra Avatar as “a fresh mesh take on the classic Second Life avatar, with a customizable modern and stylish look.” In my opinion, they look like shit, but that’s a good thing. If they were too good, they’d hurt the creators who sell quality avatars. The economy would suffer, and that’s a spiral we don’t want to get into.

Anyway, I digress.

Exploring the Firestorm Regions

While standing there, I looked around the adjacent regions. There are a total of seven connected Firestorm regions. Firestorm Social Island (where I was) is technically the second one. The others are Firestorm Orientation, the starting point for newcomers; Firestorm Marina; Firestorm Aerodrome; Firestorm Dow Forest; Firestorm Sandbox; and Firestorm Ghost Town.

I’ve been through the orientation not too long ago when Aria was first rezzed. But the other destinations, I have yet to explore. Perhaps I’ll get to that in this series.

New resident experiences on Firestorm Social Island

Dee’s New Firestorm Social Island Adventure Begins

It didn’t take long before I spotted a newbie looking a bit lost. By my guess, he wasn’t even 30 minutes old. He had just walked over the bridge from Orientation Island. Another one appeared almost at the same time. Both were using Senra avatars, both very new to the grid. Their profiles showed they were only a day old, which means they had just been rezzed.

I could have ignored them. I was here to figure out how to turn this into a new series of adventures. But, I decided to IM both of them with a simple, “Hey. If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask.”

One of them ignored me and teleported away a couple of minutes later. Probably not a new resident, just another face. The second one, however, replied a few minutes later – well, ten minutes later, but who’s counting?

[14:36] deeceasedsl: Hey. If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask.
[14:46] gaudiumc0rsair: thx. first day here, need all the help i can get lol.
[14:47] deeceasedsl: We’ve all been there aha. I have some guides if you want them? They’ll help you get started, and I can guide you through some stuff too if you need it.
[14:48] gaudiumc0rsair: that’d be awesome, thx.
[14:49] deeceasedsl: So, some of these will be for later down the line. Stuff like scripting etc. But you can find some good guides on how to build an avatar and some good places to check out. Did you complete the orientation?
[14:53] gaudiumc0rsair: i did but not here. someone gave me a thing to come here. it started me in a different place and they told me i could get free clothes and stuff here.
[14:53] gaudiumc0rsair: omg
that site is why i made a profile for this. lol.

We were off to a good start. He found out about Second Life through this blog and signed up. I’ll take my commission now, Linden Labs, thank you very much. And I learned that Firestorm doesn’t actually put you in Social Island to start with, so I stand corrected, apparently it did but it has now changed so I learned today. He even gave me permission to share his IM’s on here, I was liking him already.

A Newbie’s First Outfit Change After Firestorm Social Island

While we were chatting, he picked up some new clothes from the freebie stall on Firestorm Social Island. Well, actually, he picked up all of them. For someone who just went through orientation, he had no idea how to change his clothes. Oh boy. Luckily, Sasha had just gotten a new Linden Home and made Jess decorate it. Given the strict rules in the Firestorm region, I offered to take him to Sasha’s house to help him change. I wasn’t sure I could work miracles – he was wearing a Senra avatar after all – but I could at least help him feel comfortable in his new clothes.

Welcome to Sasha’s House

I hate Sasha’s house. It’s pink and baby blue, and she even has a bookshelf. I don’t think she’s ever read a book in her life. But, I digress. I helped him unpack his new clothes and attach them, and I facepalmed hard. The clothing at Firestorm Social Island isn’t designed for Senra avatars. It looked like a mess. I asked if he had any money. Of course, he said no. He wanted to test out the world before buying anything, which is understandable, but it made helping him look better more complicated.

Building a Better Avatar

Thankfully, I have some experience building avatars from nothing. Granted, never a male avatar out of freebies, but the same principles apply. First, I gave him 100L and told him to follow me. I teleported him to the Meshbody Store to get the Legacy Classic body. It’s free, but you have to join the group, and even though the vendor is free, you still have to pay 1L, which gets refunded.

Tackling the Head and the Skin Crisis

Next up was the head. Always the trickiest part, right? I was really starting to curse Firestorm for not having clothing designed for Senra avatars, especially since every new account rezzes with one now. But I was committed. Finding free heads is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, I remembered that AK (Akeruka) had free heads as an anniversary gift. AK uses EvoX, not as good as Lelutka, but they use the same structure. The catch? A 150L group join fee. I sighed. This was costing me more than I planned, but I had to see it through. So, we got the head.

Then, I realized the head didn’t come with a skin. I mean, come on! Normally, heads like Lelutka or Catwa include a generic skin. That was the tipping point. I swiped 1000L from Sasha’s bank and told him to wait there. Once I ran out of the house, I dashed to Velour for a body skin, Avarosa for a head skin, and Dura for some hair. I gifted them all to him and headed back to Sasha’s house.

The BOM Battle

Explaining BOM to a noob took 45 minutes. But finally, he looked semi-decent. No fancy clothes or tattoos yet, but I wasn’t here to blow my bank. I started this mission, and I was going to finish it as cost-effectively as possible.

One last thing – an AO. A final spend of 100L and I was done. I found a decent one from M’Encanta on the marketplace and gifted it to him.


Damn you, Firestorm Social Island!

I was ready to send him off into the wild world of Second Life. I gave his muscled abs a playful slap and told him to go explore the grid and have fun. Finally, I reminded him that the guides on this blog were always available and that Firestorm Social Island wasn’t just for newcomers – he could always return.

He looked at me, finally thanking me, saying he’d pay me back if he decided to stick around.

Then it happened. The one question I didn’t want to hear.

“will you teach me?” he asked.

“I think I’ve taught you everything you need to know. You’re already months ahead of most noobs and you look cute,” I replied, trying to get him out before he cost me more money.

“smiling i mean how to have sex.”

Oh boy. First things first, he needed a penis, and I wasn’t about to drop 2000L on a physics cock for him. So, I made a deal. I told him if he could find a penis within the 139L I had left from Sasha’s stash, I’d fuck him. It had to look realistic – no freenis, no sculpts, and no prims. Essentially, I taught him how to use the marketplace.

Shopping Spree

We had a ten-minute conversation about the difference between mesh, sculpts, and prims. Way to kill the mood. But, luck was on his side. For 125L, he found a not-terrible looking penis.

I kept my word and gave him his first sex experience in Second Life. It was pretty hot, he was pretty hot. He fucks hard too, so bonus for me. But he does need to use Jess’ emote guide.

Damn you, Firestorm Social Island!

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  1. Caroline Takeda

    You also ended up having sex wit the noob. Just like Leila (and Candy).

    • Dee

      Yep! Not my intention either 🙁 apparently sex has just too much of a gravitational pull for me.

      • Chandra Kusari

        Or you are just a slut *giggles* and I mean that as a compliment.

        WEEEEEELLCOME BACK Soulsister

        I missed you bunches. So good to see you bouncing around an bouncing on a cock.

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