Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life of Elite Second Life Escort Services

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Sometimes, the most unusual post on this site brings me the most fun and not the ones about Second Life escort services. Take my last post, for instance. It was my guide to Second Life photography. I finished it off and posted it, sending it into the world. As with every post I make, I knew I’d get IMs in the following days. That’s just how things go. In less than 12 hours, that proved to be true. My IMs were swamped with people saying they enjoyed the post, liked the tips, and were trying them out. You know, the usual.

Then one message caught my eye. Well, to be honest, it was the profile picture that caught my eye. WHEW. He wanted some help with photography. I saw an opportunity, and boy, did I take it.

Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life of Elite Second Life Escort Services

How It All Fell Into Place

Before we dive into the heart of the story, let’s rewind a bit. It’s fascinating how everything aligns perfectly sometimes. That morning, I was at the bar with Bea when Tim walked in. I hadn’t seen Tim in a couple of weeks due to our mismatched schedules. But when Tim’s in the bar and I’m there, 99.9% of the time, he’s going to hire my services as an escort. This time was no different.

He casually handed me 4k, and we headed up to the VIP suite. Wednesdays are the one day I pay attention to the time since our region restarts around 8am SLT, give or take a bit. We both knew the clock was ticking. Up in the VIP suite, I got straight to work. I wrapped my lips around his cock, savouring every moment as if it were the last.

I rode his dick until he came twice, and I used his cock to cum three times myself. The intensity was amazing. After our session, I jumped in the shower. And then, BAM – restart time. Typically, we’d head to the Street Whores bar when this happens, but seeing my flood of IMs, I decided to retreat to my mansion on the mainland to work through them.

A Trip to the Mansion and a New Opportunity

I have six houses across the grid, but today, I felt like indulging in a bit of luxury. My new sexy Bugatti Divo was parked in the driveway of my mansion, and sometimes I like to feel as rich as I actually am. So, I headed to the mansion, took a moment to admire the car, and started looking through and replying to IMs.

One message stood out from someone named Silo. A random name, not really a name at all, but it caught my eye. In my mind, a silo is a giant tank that’s full of shit. So, I thought, “we’ll see how this ends up.”

Silo wanted to get some photos done. Generally, I don’t have much time for that. I struggle sometimes to get the pics done for the magazine each month. But he ended his request the right way.

“Yo. I got done readin your new post & was hoping you would get pics of me. Course I’m gonna pay. :)”

He was going to pay? Let’s do this.

I invited him over to the mansion after checking out his profile picture and realizing that he was fucking HOT. When he arrived, we had a quick chat about what he wanted. Naturally, I asked him to remove his top so I could really sample the goods. A little drool wipe later, we had a plan for his photoshoot. By that time, the bar sim was back up, so I headed back to work.

A Random Connection and a Steamy Request

It’s odd, isn’t it? How sometimes you meet someone randomly and just take an instant liking to them. I don’t know quite what it was about Silo, but after I got back to the bar, I couldn’t shake the excitement of putting our photoshoot plans into action.

Oh, I should add, for his first photoshoot, he requested a porn-style shoot featuring yours truly. There were a couple of caveats, of course. The biggest one being one of my biggest turn-ons…

He has a wife, an SL wife. So he kindly requested, and I of course obliged, that the pics wouldn’t be posted on Flickr. Well, Flickr is easy to avoid, and he specifically mentioned Flickr and not this blog. I do like to be specific when making agreements.

As the day wore on, I looked at my diary—yes, I actually do have one in Google Calendar format. I found the day and time that best suited me and sent him an IM. He agreed to it, and we were set. Our photoshoot was confirmed.

Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life of Elite Second Life Escort Services

Darden’s Quest

Later that night, I found myself dancing on the bar top. Bea had run off, thinking I would kill her for only sucking two cocks that day instead of three, so I was left alone. As I danced, my mind started to drift into a daydream about the upcoming photoshoot. What backdrop should I use? What poses? How will the lights work for both of us?

I’ve done a lot of photoshoots, but never a porn-style shoot before. I’ve done a couple of lap dance or dancing ones, but this felt different. Usually, I have Caleb to take care of that. Just as my mind was wandering, I heard the familiar voice of Darden.

Darden has been a regular at the bar since late 2023. She’s on a quest to get a spot on the Wall of Fame. Despite her frequent visits, Darden had never hired me, though I hoped the day would come. And finally, it did.

After getting me naked and trying to give her the playful, flirtatious vibe, she asked if I would help her check off one of the spots on the Wall of Fame quest.

The location: the X-Sisters Premium Apartments landing zone. The mission: to cum.

I jumped at the chance. I’ve always been a straightforward, cock-only type of girl, feeling a bit out of place when my uni dorm mates got into wild situations. But sometimes, very occasionally, I get aroused at the thought of being with another woman. Sometimes it’s sensual, knowing another woman can read my body like no one else. Other times, it’s raw and carnal. With Darden, I knew it would be exciting.

Behind the Scenes | A Day in the Life of Elite Second Life Escort Services

A Sensual Encounter

After sorting out the transactional part, we headed over to the apartments. As soon as we sat on the rug, Darden grabbed me and kissed me. She wasn’t wasting any time, and it was incredibly hot. She had the upper hand after getting me naked at the bar, making me want her even more.

It’s like a Christmas gift. You know it’s going to be good and worth the wait, but you hate that it’s wrapped. Eventually, we were both naked, teasing each other’s pussy to build the excitement. She pulled me onto her face, her tongue lashing against my cunt. Her goal was clear, and she achieved it—she wanted to make me cum.

Just as I was about to peak, I felt her moans vibrating against my clit. She had been pleasuring herself while eating me out. Her orgasm rocked her, sending jolts through me, causing me to scream as I squirted my hot juices all over her face.

With the Wall of Fame location checked off, this encounter is definitely one for the memory books.

The Shoot

Exhausted from the steamy encounter with Darden, I headed back to my office. I quickly texted my fellow upcoming porn star a simple “See you tomorrow” and placed my phone on the desk. Finally, I allowed myself to drift off to sleep, knowing the next day was going to be a fun one.

By the time I woke up, I already had a few ideas in mind. During our conversation the day before, I gathered some valuable information. Firstly, he wasn’t into BDSM. That meant he didn’t consider himself Dominant or submissive. Anything of that nature was off the table. It was a shame because I’d have loved to do a D/s style shoot with him at my feet. But we can’t always get what we want, right?

The idea I settled on was an early morning gym workout. The concept was simple: two of us alone in the gym, things getting carried away.

Setting the Scene

We met up pretty early. Usually, I would invite him to the sim-sized studio above my sim, which is now half X-Sisters Sex Bar. But given that he wasn’t technically a barfly and had a wife, I didn’t want to complicate things by forcing him to join the bar group. He was paying for the photos, so it made sense to do it elsewhere this time. I set up a gym backdrop above the mansion and got everything ready.

When he arrived, he looked hot. And I mean, super hot. I almost asked him if he wanted to scrap the photoshoot and head to the mansion to fuck my brains out. But professionalism ruled all.

A Surprising Payment

Then, something unexpected happened. He paid me. But what he paid was, to this date, the largest single payment I have ever received. If you’ve read this blog, you know that 90,000L, 100,000L, and 150,000L payments are pretty common for me.

He paid me far more than that.

I was dumbfounded. He just gave me a small smile and asked if I would make sure the pics looked good. Well, if I didn’t want to fuck him until we both collapsed before, NOW I DID!

The Photoshoot

The photos themselves turned out pretty well and of course I used the Alchemy viewer for them. That’s my quick off the cuff tip for you, don’t use Firestorm for photography. Always use either Black Dragon or Alchemy. I’m going to share some of them here, but I’ll put the entire set on DeviantArt at a later date. I just set up my DeviantArt account so it’s still in it’s early days.

An Invitation to the Mansion

Being an escort isn’t just a job—it’s my lifestyle. Some call it whoring, prostitution, or being an escort. No matter the title, I’ve turned this into a successful career. Combining this with my blog has been a very profitable journey that not many can boast about.

But every now and then, even I crave a different kind of fun. Sometimes, I want to be the one chasing. This was one of those times. Sure, the massive payment added to the excitement, but the vibe I got from him was already strong. Even before that stack of cash, I wanted more than just a photoshoot with him.

After we wrapped up our session, I invited him down to my mansion. He seemed eager, and we made our way there. Once inside, he was instantly drawn to the grand piano in the lobby. We sat on it and talked for a while.

I learned that Silo had been a reader of my blog for over a year. He discovered it through a post on the Second Life forums shortly after Lumi and I opened the bar. Since then, he’s been a regular reader but stayed in the shadows—no IMs, no visits to the bar, no hiring, no gifts. My recent Second Life photography post gave him the perfect excuse to reach out.

Passion Unleashed

As we talked, the tension built until I couldn’t resist any longer. I threw myself at him, climbing on top and grinding my pussy against him as we kissed. Clothes flew off quickly. This wasn’t about art this time—it was pure, raw desire. We fucked hard, each of us left wanting more.

Afterwards, I invited him to join me in the shower. The moment we stepped in, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We ended up fucking again. Fuck!

An Early Morning Glass of Wine

By the time he left, I was spent. I collapsed on the sofa, my phone in hand, a million thoughts racing through my mind. Mostly if we’d fuck again. Sometimes, people get fascinated by the words on this blog and form their own ideas about me.

Sitting there, I poured myself an early morning glass of wine, trying to calm my racing thoughts. The intensity of how hard we fucked lingered, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of excitement mixed with a bit of anxiety. Just as I took my first sip, my phone vibrated.

I glanced at the screen and saw Silo’s name.

To be continued…

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    really wanna make some porn with you … :/ not just coz im a massive perv .. i am a massive perv … LOL but ur insane hot and i’d really like it … i cant pay much but if u need a model hmu or reply or something lol … i’ll put my email so u can contact me directly … dont want random messages in SL lolol.

  2. Chandra Kusari

    You are such a slut Roomie.

    LOOOOVE the pics

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