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Previously, I was calling for backup to help evict the unwanted guest in Sasha’s house. I had made the mistake of sleeping with him again, which only promised more problems down the line. I left him there, still in the house. However, things took a surprising turn in the days that followed. Other than trying to decide if I wanted to review Primfeed on a more Dee specific level, other things took place. Most people know I’m relentless with marketing, with links in every imaginable place, including my profile. Eventually, our house guest decided to follow one of those links to this very blog and read the stories I had written…

Dee in Second Life

A New Chapter Begins

Fortunately, reading about himself didn’t drive him away from Second Life. Instead, it made him realize he couldn’t stay at Sasha’s house forever. Consequently, he moved on and found a new place to live. That, essentially, marked the end of my first story from my visit to Firestorm Social Island.

I do want to continue these visits, but I obviously need to stop fucking the newbies and dragons.

However, this left me a bit lost, which I hadn’t anticipated. I had settled into a routine. Every day, I would go to Firestorm Social Island after checking the house for the newbie. Those house visits had stopped, disrupting my routine, and I hadn’t visited the island since.

Nevertheless, I will return. I had a lot of fun helping newcomers and preparing them for the big bad world of Second Life. The question now is, what do I do with my time? Is there another newcomer-friendly spot I could explore? Could I be of help without getting sexed up with them elsewhere? All these questions were running through my head.

Truthfully the answer to all of those questions was no. Not because it wasn’t possible, it was simply because I just didn’t feel like it.

Dee reflecting on her journey and contemplating a review of Primfeed

Considering a Primfeed Review

I thought about joining Primfeed, the new social media platform exclusively for Second Life users. However, with Jess already there and my limited usage, I opted not to.

Yet, it’s undeniably one of the best developments for Second Life. From a networking standpoint, it has a lot to offer.

For instance, you no longer have to deal with uninterested comments like you get on Twitter. You know the ones from people who don’t even use Second Life – “Why is this on my timeline?” It’s frustrating, right? Just don’t ask me—ask the algorithm. Sigh.

Moreover, its popularity is evident. I checked the stats recently, and within two days of launching, the site boasted:

  • 11,000 users
  • 67,000 posts
  • 49,000 pictures
  • 455 reports

This is incredibly impressive. Garnering 11,000 users so quickly highlights Second Life’s ongoing activity levels.

Despite some people’s reluctance due to distrust, wanting more features, or fear of new things.

Screw the review and have a Primfeed meme instead

No Review of Primfeed But A New Direction

Anyway, let’s get back on track. I was unsure of my next move. Then, I received an IM from the newbie now that we had finally added each other as friends.

He had been earning some lindens through games like Crystal Craze and Lindo.

With that, he managed to snag a cute little rental at Prive Rentals. These rentals are reasonably priced at 199L, but they use Ruckus furniture, which, while still good, needs an update. Nowhere near the quality you get from renting a premium X-Sisters Apartment.

Shameless plug—Jess will be proud.

Eventually, he asked if I wanted to check out his new place, and I agreed. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen before I even got there, but I decided to go anyway.

When I arrived, it was a quaint little spot, and of course, the newbie still didn’t have shoes. He had enough money to rent an apartment but not enough for shoes. The place had a sofa, kitchen, table, and TV. But really, what else do you need?

A bed would be helpful, but the sofa works just as well for the price.

Then, the inevitable happened and as expected, we ended up having sex.

A Temporary Farewell

For now, my adventures have reached a pause. I’ll tuck myself away in what Sasha calls “the cupboard” until the urge to visit Firestorm Social Island strikes again, where I can guide more newbies. Meanwhile, Sasha is living her best life with her new career in porn and modeling.

New Opportunities

Perhaps I could persuade Jess to let me do the full review on Primfeed, or interview the creator if she can snag him for one. It might keep me occupied. Or maybe not, as that sounds like more effort than I prefer. I enjoy minimal effort for maximum reward, which is why I became a whore. I just yell “FUCK FUCK FUCK” repeatedly until they climax, and I get paid. Clearly, I’m the clever one compared to my sisters who actually find enjoyment in it.

Until Next Time

So, for now, I bid farewell! Or maybe it’s just a ‘see you later.’ Who knows?


If you haven’t yet signed up for a Primfeed account then now is your change – click here.

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