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Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 05:17 pm

A brand new social media platform exclusive to Second Life has just been launch – Primfeed. Designed solely for Second Life users, it’s available to the majority of residents (based on account age) and it requires an SL account to join. This was exciting news for me and I won’t lie, up until it actually launched I had never even heard of Primfeed.

For years, Second Life residents have long been scattered across various social platforms. Flickr and DeviantArt are the best for sharing photographs, while Twitter and Discord are the main choices for basic communication and updates. This fragmentation pulls the Second Life community in so many different directions, which dilutes the networking and connection opportunities available.

Enter Primfeed. Someone has finally created a space where everything Second Life comes together. This marks a new era for Second Life social interaction. But what exactly is Primfeed?

In this blog, I’ll look at what it is, why it was created, its key features, and how it enhances social interaction for Second Life residents. I’ll also address the safety and privacy concerns raise by some people, explore subscription options, and provide a step-by-step guide on getting started with the site. Plus, I’ll touch on the platform’s roadmap and future updates. Let’s get started!


Why Primfeed?

Primfeed was created by Luke Rowley, a 17-year resident of Second Life. He is also a developer with a long creative history on the grid. You might have heard of EasyBloggers, a blogger management system which makes the management of blogger teams by Second Life store owners much easier.

Using the various social media platforms available as a Second Life resident can be frustrating. From personal experience, it’s easy to get tired of Twitter (or X as it’s now known). While Flickr has been great for networking, its requirement for a Pro account for adult content can be a hassle. These issues aren’t isolated, which is why Primfeed is now a thing.

Safety and Privacy with Primfeed

There have been discussions on Reddit and the official Second Life forums about safety and privacy concerns. Let’s clear things up. Firstly, you’re not giving anyone access to your Second Life account. All you’re doing is inputting your name, getting a code, and the Second Life API retrieves your profile picture. Simple as that.

Think of it like logging into a tip jar at a club that fetches your profile picture. It’s the same basic functionality. Primfeed doesn’t ask for any sensitive details about your Second Life account, so there’s no reason to worry.

Regarding the content you create and share on Primfeed, their terms and conditions are straightforward. You retain full rights to everything you create and share. The only permission you’re granting is for Primfeed to share it on their platform.

You can get the full terms and conditions at this link.


Key Features of Primfeed

Primfeed introduces a new era of social interaction for Second Life users, with a focus on high-resolution photo uploads and Twitter-like posts.

Key Integration Features:

  • Automatic Profile Photo Import: Primfeed automatically sets your Second Life profile photo as your profile image.
  • Maturity Ratings: Similar to Second Life, Primfeed includes familiar maturity ratings with added distinctions, such as the A+ rating for active sexual content.

Notable Interface Features:

  • Left-Side Quick-Access Menu: Easy navigation through the platform.
  • User Profile Interaction: Click on usernames to view timelines or hover to see profile summaries.
  • Image Gallery: View a gallery of a user’s uploaded images.
  • Direct Timeline Access: Use “” to view timelines directly, perfect for linking in your SL profile.
  • Flickr-Like Gallery: Displays all users’ uploaded photos.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Built for use on mobile devices and tablets, ensuring connectivity anywhere with internet access.

Photos and Posts

Primfeed allows you to upload photos and make posts, similar to Twitter, with features like:

  • Post Deletion and Editing: Edit or delete your posts easily.
  • Clickable URLs: Automatically convert URLs to clickable links.
  • Image Viewing Overlay: Click on images to zoom in and view details alongside comments.

Future Enhancements:

  • Separate Public Feeds: For text posts and images.
  • Direct Messaging: Between users.
  • Integration with EasySubscribers: For store newsletters.
  • Creator Accounts: With dedicated store pages.
The Primfeed Roadmap
The Primfeed Roadmap

Primfeed Costs and Payments

Running Primfeed involves costs, managed through a tiered subscription model.

Subscription Options:

  • Free Accounts: Limited to 1500×1500 image resolution.
  • Pro Subscription: Allows 8196×8196 image resolution and more features over time.

Payment in Linden Dollars:

  • Pro Subscription Costs: L$1860 for 4 weeks or L$8870 for 24 weeks.
The Primfeed Public Gallery
The Primfeed Gallery

How to Get Started

Getting started with Primfeed is easy:

  1. Visit the Primfeed Website: Enter your Second Life avatar account name.
  2. Receive a Code: A special code is sent to you in-world via local chat.
  3. Complete Sign-Up: Enter the code on the sign-up page, accept the terms, and you’re in!

Post Sign-Up Steps:

  • Add a Password: Optional but recommended for easier log-in.
  • Set Maturity Ratings: Choose the content ratings you want to see.
  • Manage Pro Subscription: Check your subscription status and access the payment center.
  • Update Profile: Customize your profile photo, banner image, bio, and links to other social media.


Recently, I signed up for a Primfeed account and have been testing its features. While I haven’t interacted with anyone yet, I can already see the potential. Furthermore, the Discovery and Gallery options open up new ways to connect with people.

If you’re looking for a social media platform dedicated to Second Life, this is it. Additionally, for creators and marketers, the possibilities are endless. On platforms like Twitter (and yes, it will always be Twitter to me), it can feel like throwing things at a wall and hoping something sticks. Consequently, millions post about countless topics, hijacking hashtags and facing algorithms that work against you, so it makes sense to look for something better.

Primfeed, on the other hand, has been designed by a Second Life resident for Second Life residents. Ultimately, it’s a no-brainer.

My Primfeed profile

June 25th 2024 Update

I’ve been using Primfeed for just under a week, and I must say, I’m impressed. I even signed up for the Pro account benefits. However, it does lack some key features:

Firstly, it lacks true high-quality image formats such as PNG or BMP, as everything is converted and compressed to .webp. Additionally, you can’t view content without a Primfeed account and being signed in.

Moreover, there’s no search functionality, making it difficult to find specific content. The absence of direct or private messaging is also a downside. Furthermore, it lacks a favorites tab, which makes it hard to go back and look at images I like, unlike on Twitter and Flickr.

Missing Features:

  • View Count: No way to see how many people have viewed your content.
  • Tagging: You can’t tag other people.
  • External Sharing: Sharing outside of Primfeed is not possible.
  • Private Photo Setting: No option to keep photos private.
  • Clickable Profile Links: You can’t click on profile links.
  • Email Notifications: No email notifications.
  • Custom URL: You can’t create or change the existing URL.

Despite these limitations, it’s a very good start. It has only been launched for a week, but so far, the experience has been great. I plan to reach out to the creator for an interview for this site, although his busy schedule might make it challenging.

In the meantime, I definitely recommend signing up for Primfeed if you have a Second Life account.

There you have it! A comprehensive guide to Primfeed, the ultimate social media platform for Second Life residents.

Have you signed up yet? More importantly, what do you think?

July 10th 2024 Update

Primfeed has introduced several exciting updates and improvements since June 30th, 2024:

  • Extended Post Editing: Free users can now edit their posts up to 45 days after creation, while Primfeed Pro users and EasyBloggers stores with an active subscription can edit their posts up to 90 days after creation.
  • Infinite Scroll: Enjoy infinite scroll on the home feed, profile feed, personal feed gallery, and liked feed for seamless browsing.
  • Display Names: Personalize your display name to show on Primfeed, just like in Second Life. Your legacy name will still be visible.
  • Search Result Control: You can now remove yourself from search results, though your profile remains accessible through other parts of Primfeed.
  • Increased Like Limit: The daily like limit has been increased to 2,000 likes per 24 hours, up from 500.
  • New Login Setting: A new setting allows you to disable the login via the in-world code method.
  • Comment Linking: Link to specific comments by clicking on the date and copying the URL.
  • Comment Replies: You can now reply to comments, and everyone in the thread will receive a notification.
  • Enhanced Notifications: Notifications now feature icons for different types and include the date you received them.
  • Store Managers: Stores with an active EasyBloggers subscription can now add managers to help manage their profiles.

Primfeed is making improvements at an impressive pace. While some changes are technical, others significantly enhance user experience. The platform remains user-friendly, excellent for networking, and a valuable asset to the Second Life community.

Further Reading

The Official Primfeed Website

Inaray Pey’s full Primfeed review

If you do sign up for a Primfeed account – here’s mine.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ll stick with X, at least until this has been tried and tested some more.

  2. Fox Harker

    Cool! Pro accounts at Flickr are outrageously expensive and they already destroyed the SL community there. I just signed up for a 6 month paid account! This is mine: – Foxy

  3. KraytDragonSoul

    Nope. We got the profile feed built into SL, so why on earth do we need a whole website? It’s just a bunch of untrustworthy social media junk where people feel the need to wave their dicks around and say, “Look at what I made.”

  4. Freyja

    Don’t trust it. It’s got scam written all over it.

  5. Kenny

    Firstly, the potential here is undeniable. However, there are significant challenges that I believe the developers need to address proactively.

    The influx of the negative contingent from the SL Forums. Are we essentially migrating these disruptive individuals to a dedicated SL social media platform with no oversight from Linden Lab? These users have a notorious track record for causing issues even under strict LL guidelines. Without moderation mechanisms, this could become a breeding ground for toxic behavior..

    Secondly, the issue of server capacity. An 8K resolution image is a substantial data load, averaging around 95 MB per file. If users are permitted to upload tens or hundreds of such high-resolution images, even on a paid subscription basis, we could quickly face storage constraints. The current infrastructure might not sustain this demand without significant investment in scalable storage solutions.

    I see the platform’s potential as promising and eagerly await its progress. However, I believe these concerns need to be addressed.


  6. Bruce Starling

    Hello i maded my primfeed account and took my old name in SL theres anyway to change it to my new account? thanks in advance

    • Jess

      I think you need to notecard them to delete the old account and then do the sign up for a new account with the SL account you want to use.

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