OMG! Have You Explored Mother Road Second Life?

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Becoming a Second Life pornstar is a game changer! Trust me, I know. I can’t even visit Truth without someone stopping me for photos. It’s wild! Although maybe that’s because I have a link in my portfolio about modelling and I look good? Anyway, this journey began with my dream of becoming a model. I asked you all for job offers and—surprise!—I became a pornstar. Now, those modelling offers are flooding in. Funny how life works, right? But how did that end up with hanging out with an old friend, taking a day off in Second Life and winding up on Mother Road?

Well, the answer is simple – being a pornstar means my life isn’t the same. Going out normally to the popular city spots? Forget it. I go incognito to avoid getting men in trouble with their wives who might recognize me.

Have You Explored Mother Road in Second Life?

Reuniting with an Old Friend

Finally, it was time for a break! I’d been non-stop since starting this new path, and I needed to unwind. Then, like a gift from the universe, I got a text from Emz! I hadn’t seen her since our Strip Advisor days.

Emz had worked for Jess twice—first with the X-Sisters and then again recently—but we hadn’t crossed paths. She’d been away for a while and was just getting back to normal life. She asked if I wanted to hang out, and I was beyond excited!

Just before her message, I’d decided I was going to to head to Mother Road to relax. I absolutely love it there, even if it disappointed me for sex a few days ago. So, I invited Emz over, made myself look super cute, grabbed the Hummer from the garage, and drove to Route 66. We parked, turned up the music, and relaxed for hours.

The Beauty of Mother Road

Mother Road is an absolute gem and has always been one of my favourite sims to explore. Although I’ve never visited the real-life deserts of California or Nevada, Mother Road is probably the closest I’ll get. In a nutshell, it’s desolate, filled with sleaze and rundown spots, but to put it simply—beautiful.

Firstly, I love the vibe here; it’s such a fun place to relax and meet new people. Additionally, it’s perfect for photography and, of course, my favourite pastime—sex.

The motel sits halfway along the road, on the left after leaving the landing spot. It has all the essentials: air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and of course, sex beds—because that’s what I need most. Air-conditioning won’t help when I’m bouncing around 50 ways since Sunday, and I have Wi-Fi on my phone. The motel faces the gas station and garage across the road, and you’ll often see motorcycles and sexy rundown cars cruising by.

As I soaked in the blissful scenery, little did I know, Emz was busy in some guy’s IMs, trying to get herself laid.

The Mystery of Mother Road?

We were just hanging out on the truck, rocking to some music, when Sik rolled up. He introduced himself, saying he was looking for a room. It was kind of funny because we don’t live there and couldn’t help him out. But hey, he was nice enough and even shared some weed with me! While I was smoking the weed, Emz let me know that the guy she was flirting with blew her off for a system avatar… HUH?!?

We chatted for a while. Sik mentioned he liked System of a Down just as it started playing on my car radio. Now, let me tell you about that radio—it’s the weirdest thing ever. One minute it’s blasting Backstreet Boys, then it switches to Rammstein, followed by Macho Man, and finally System of a Down. The playlist was the most unpredictable rollercoaster of tunes I’ve ever heard!

Despite the bizarre music mix, it got everyone in a good mood. We hung out for a while, trying to figure out who might have a spare room for Sik. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going so well. A few people came and went, and the sunset… well, it didn’t really move. It was strange because, even though the clock said we’d been there for three hours, it felt like time stood still.

I think Mother Road might be in a time bubble in Second Life.

Sik’s Room and His Return to Mother Road

After a while, Sik started hitting on me. It was kind of cute, and I was getting pretty horny. Let’s be honest, I think I’m perpetually horny. Plus, it had been ages since I had some good motel sex. Despite Mother Road and Second Life disappointing me sexually a few days ago, I had a feeling today would be different.

Sik left for a bit to secure a room, and when he got back, he dove right back into flirting with me. He couldn’t stop talking about his new room, which was basically just a bed. He was super nice—too nice, actually. I mean, nice guys are great, but I have a thing for bad boys. That’s just my personal preference.

Just as I was about to take Sik somewhere for a quickie, another guy named Star started hitting on me. He was the epitome of a bad boy, and I wanted that. But what about Sik? Could I just leave him hanging?

Of course, I could. I didn’t really care about Sik; I just wanted to get laid. So, I told him I’d be back in a minute and left him with Emz. I walked straight into the room behind the Hummer and bounced on Star’s dick. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long—like, at all. But hey, he was hot, and it was still fun for the few minutes it lasted.

By the time I walked out, Emz had ridden off with Sik and texted me that she was now in his bed. At least he still got some action.

Beyond the Sex Scene

I absolutely adore Mother Road! Sure, we often talk about it on this site in terms of sex—whether it’s a guide to the best sex spots or a list of top sex motels. It’s a popular destination for that, no doubt. But let’s not overlook the beauty of the sim!

Many people come here for photography or just to roleplay. There are rentals too, but the waiting list is insanely long. I’ve wanted one for two years now, but I never add myself to the list because I’m worried I’ll miss my chance since I’m not always the one on Second Life.

After leaving the motel room, I perched on the Hummer and took in my surroundings. It was just me now; everyone else had gone, and Emz was off with Sik. It was surprising, considering I was only in that room for a few minutes. Yes, I’m serious—he didn’t last long at all. The only other person around was the actual creator of Mother Road. I didn’t notice when he appeared, but I checked out his profile.

Discovering Voroznia

I found out he created another sim called “Voroznia.” The description was simple but intriguing: “An apartment complex suburb, set in a fictional ex-Soviet republic, its inhabitants remain after the closure of its nearby factory.”

With Emz busy, I decided to hop in my car and drive over there. I am after all an explorer at heart. Voroznia was empty, as you’d expect any new sim to be, but I explored and snapped some pictures. It is beautiful and so well built. Hopefully, I’ll get to experience it fully soon.

You should definitely check it out! Click this link for the teleport and thank me later!

Is Mother Road one of your favourite Second Life locations? Have you checked out Voroznia yet? Let me know down below!

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  1. There is also a music side to Mother Road that often gets missed. Owl Sweetwater (who is also the owner of the Mercury Lounge) is one of the best DJs in Second Life, and she hosts a mind-blowing set at her shack every Wednesday night called “Nude on the Moon.” We should talk more in world and maybe take a field trip sometime. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh count me in.

      I love Mother Road. I used to live there for a bit. Haven’t been there for a while. Thankies to you 2 for reminding me to head back there.


      • If it wasn’t for the “thankies” I’d have never guessed it was Chandra xP

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