The Firestorm Newbie and Dee | A Chaotic Tale of Seduction and Shelter

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So, I knew what I had to do. If I wanted to get the newbie from the Firestorm Gateway to leave nicely, I had to seduce him. Sex is my language, plain and simple. When I first ventured to Firestorm Social Island, I didn’t expect to land Sasha with an unwanted house guest. Yet, here we are, and now it’s up to me to fix it. Therefore, I had to go all out, leaving nothing to the imagination.

I picked up the sexiest dress from Muse and a new pair of heels from Tantrum. Clearly, I was dressed to impress, and this newbie would find his place in the world by the end of the night, if it was the last thing I did.

Dee in "Make You Mine" dress

The Seductive Invitation

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I invited him to Sasha’s house at 5pm SLT with a very seductive picture of my ass. This gave me just enough time to choose the perfect outfit, make myself look stunning, and be ready for his arrival.

By the time I reached Sasha’s house, it was 4:45pm SLT and he wasn’t there yet. Perfect. This gave me the few extra minutes I needed to slip into my new “Make You Mine” dress from Muse and head out to the top of the back terrace porch.

I chose Sasha’s house for our conversation because it offered the privacy we needed. However, we couldn’t sit on the sofa since we had used it to fuck on a few days earlier. The bedroom was also off-limits. If we went there, the seduction could quickly lead to sex, and our important conversation would be forgotten.

A Quick Recap

Now, if you missed the first post, let me catch you up. I met a Second Life newbie on Firestorm Social Island who picked up all the free clothing options. Then I brought him to Sasha’s house to help him get dressed, given the strict no-nudity rules on the island but none of the clothes fit because he was using a Senra avatar. I then managed to “borrow” some of Sasha’s money to make our Firestorm Island noob look decently hot for just over 1000L.

And yes, we may have had sex on the sofa, but that’s beside the point. Unfortunately, in my post-orgasm bliss, I left the noob in Sasha’s house and went to bed since it was late. Sasha found him there the next day while she was having sex with someone else. She ended up having sex with him too. Now, he had made himself at home, and it was my responsibility to get him out.

All caught up? Great. Let’s continue.

Dee's plan with Firestorm newbie

The Waiting Game

5pm arrived and there was no sign of my newbie. I started to wonder if he had missed the note or moved on. But I knew better. Earlier that day, I had noticed the bathroom door left open, even though I had closed it. Sasha hadn’t been home, and only Sasha, Jess, the newbie, and I had access. It had to be him.

By five minutes past the hour, there was still no sign of our Firestorm newbie. If I had wasted over 1000L looking this good just to get rid of him and he didn’t show, there would be blood. At seven minutes past, I finally heard the door and footsteps inside the house. Knowing it had to be him, I shouted that I was out on the balcony and directed him on how to get up there.

A minute later, he appeared in front of me. Boy oh boy, this was going to be harder than I thought. How could I evict someone who couldn’t even find himself a pair of shoes?

I ran my fingers along my thigh and smiled at him before greeting him, “Hello Benjamin.”

Dee and the newbie in Firestorm

The Subtle Seduction

I could feel his eyes following the trace of my finger. Within seconds, my plan was already working. With a small smile and a nod of my head, I ushered him to sit on the terrace sofa, which he did almost instantly.

Then, I stood up and walked over in front of him, my legs opening just a little. The sheer fabric of my dress revealed just enough to make him realize what was underneath and to want it. I moved forward and sat on his lap, draping my arm around his shoulder and wiggling myself into a comfortable position.

“You’ve been here for a while, Gaudium, and I’m happy you’ve found enough reasons to stay on the grid, but this isn’t my house. I should never have left you here.”

He nodded, his hand resting warmly against my thigh, but the focus I needed from him wasn’t there

“Tell me, how much have you explored?” I asked him.

It turns out our newbie had not only returned to Firestorm Social Island and made some friends, but he had also been traveling the grid extensively in those few days. Taking in the sights and meeting new people, I was impressed. He really had taken a liking to Second Life, and his look had contributed to it. He said he felt confident on his first trip out because I had helped him. That was a nice feeling.

Seeking Answers

But it didn’t explain why he was still here, why he was still using Sasha’s house if he had made friends for himself.

I slid from his lap and leaned back on the sofa, placing my heels against his legs and allowing him to trace my soft skin with his hands. “So why are you still here? Why do you keep using this house as your own?” I asked, my curiosity piqued. If he hadn’t really been exploring or meeting people, I could partly understand it, but this was baffling me.

“For you,” he replied.

Oh boy.

The Newbie Dilemma | An Unexpected Twist

This threw a massive spanner in the works and posed a serious problem. I had anticipated that he might have grown attached to the house or enjoyed having a place where nobody else was around. Sasha’s neighbourhood is incredibly quiet. In all the hours we’ve spent there, we’ve never seen any of our neighbours in the entire region.

But he had latched onto me, and now my plan of seduction had the potential to make things worse. I was in a tough spot. I could follow through with my plan and try to get him to leave, or I could turn bitch on him, risking his departure from Second Life altogether.

My goal is to make newbies feel welcomed, to make them want to stay because we need to grow the population, not shrink it. But what was I to do? I said at the start of this that sex was my language, and it’s the truth. I know how to use what I have to my advantage.

The Need for Time

What I really needed right now was time—time to think of another plan. I wasn’t considering how what I was about to do would look. For one of the rare times in my life, I didn’t think about the consequences or how it would appear to him. All I could think was, “this will buy me some time to think.” But to him, looking back, he must have thought, “oh wow, this is why she wanted me here.”

In that moment, I pounced on him, sinking onto him and kissing him hard. An attempt to distract him from the conversation while I came up with a new plan.

Snapshot 237

A Desperate Move With The Newbie

In a moment of panic, I did the only thing I could think of: I slid down his body, unzipped his pants, and took his hardened cock into my mouth. My fingertips teased his balls as the rock-hard meat swelled even more in my mouth. It was definitely buying me time, but I was starting to get aroused, and my focus was slipping from thinking of a new plan.

I wiggled out of the small thong under my dress and helped him slide his pants fully off. His cock bobbed in front of me before I coaxed it back into my mouth. He got up to his knees, sliding his dick in and out of my mouth while I started to tease my own pussy. I began to slide the dress from my body, but he looked at me and, almost pleadingly, asked me to leave it on.

Did I just discover a CFNM kink in our newbie? I grinned at him, grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled him down onto the sofa before letting the warmth of my pussy envelop his cock.

We fucked, and the purpose of buying time to come up with a new plan completely escaped my mind. Finally, we both collapsed into a hot mess on the sofa, and my mind snapped back into gear.

A Brutal Truth

“I’m a whore, it’s never going to happen,” I told him, the words leaving my mouth before I truly thought them through.

He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and then kissed me. “I know,” he said.

Phew, that was a relief.

“But I still come for you.”


Running Out of Options

I was running out of time, and options were getting slim. Was his presence in the house causing problems? Not really. He had rarely been seen, except for that one time he appeared while Sasha was having sex.

His presence was minimal, and he seemed to be there only when either Sasha or I wasn’t. We could have left him there, but you can’t give a roof to every newbie you meet, or they end up sticking around for years. Just ask Jess—she still has Chandra living with her nearly two years later.

I had to find a way to end this in the best way possible. After he left, I sat on the sofa for a moment, pulling out my phone.

It was time to call for backup.

Dee calling for backup in Firestorm

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Heeeeey not fair!!!
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