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Oh my, becoming a pornstar in Second Life and jumping into the world of making Naughty Machinima movies has been a trip! If you remember, it all started when I was just looking for a modelling job. Brooke didn’t offer me a position at her new club, and I was so annoyed. So, I went searching and stumbled into this mad, exciting world of Naughty Machinima movies!

Remember how I said I’d have my first scene filmed by my next post? Well, guess what? I did it! I thought I’d be working with Ken’s studio, but life had a surprise for me. So, I ended up shooting my first scene with someone else for a movie called “Casino Blush.” For now, I can’t share pictures or details until the movie comes out, but yay, it’s official – I’m a Second Life pornstar now!

Ok I lie! I have a sneak preview at the end of this post!!!

Just because I’m making Naughty Machinima movies doesn’t mean I’m done exploring the grid. Second Life is full of surprises, and if anyone can find them then its me! Who knows what wild fun is waiting for me out there? Let’s find out!

Filming Naughty Machinima Movies

Discovering Lakeside: A Location For Future Naughty Machinima Movies

I love exploring; it’s like I was born to do it. I mean that literally. My whole purpose for being rezzed into this virtual world was to be an explorer. Things took a twist, of course, when I discovered sex work and stripping, but exploring is still my true passion.

I stumbled upon a place called Lakeside, and wow, it’s breathtaking. The woods are gorgeous, and the dirt paths lead you to spots like a mysterious cave and pretty rentals. The rentals blend perfectly with the sim, not feeling like they’re just there to make money. It feels so natural, like it grew over time from a big grassy field or forest. That’s rare in Second Life! Most places feel artificial, but Lakeside is just stunning.

When I arrived, a naked man in an apron holding a drinks tray greeted me. He wasn’t a bot, and I was shocked! We flirted for a bit, which was super cute. Nothing happened this time, but we exchanged numbers and chatted a bit. I was too caught up in exploring the sim. Lakeside would be an amazing spot to shoot one of my Naughty Machinima movies. I can just feel it! I should totally recommend it to a director.

Exploring for Naughty Machinima Locations

I was on a mission to find new spots, partly for filming Naughty Machinima movies and partly because exploring is my thing. Somehow, I ended up in a place called Kinky Sluts. Its tagline is “Sluts Alleyway.”

Honestly, it was a letdown. It’s just a sky platform with a few buildings around a pool, and the buildings aren’t even nice. The only thing worth mentioning is the furniture, like the Darkfold Florence Chair.

The Florence Sofa is super popular; you’ve probably seen it in my recent posts because I have it at home. But I don’t have the chair, which you can only get in-world when you buy the sofa. Jess got the sofa from the marketplace and missed out on the chair. Darkfold really makes some of the best furniture in Second Life, but I’m getting sidetracked.

Just as I was about to leave, I got an IM from someone with the strange name IKYC. He says he’ll pick a name when he thinks of one. He thought I had a Reborn body and complimented me for not looking cartoonish. I quickly corrected him, letting him know I actually have a Legacy body.

He replied, saying he’s never seen a bad Legacy ass and today was no exception. So, I asked if he’d been staring at my ass. He had, so I told him if he focused hard enough, the shorts might disappear. And guess what? They did! Now his pants were apparently tighter. That sounded like a problem.

A Creative Solution

I walked over to him and squeezed his cock through the fabric. “Ooh, I think I know why,” I said. He panicked, saying he couldn’t go to work like that. So, I told him to get out of them and I would fix the problem. I led him to the chair, dropped to my knees, and sucked on his cock until he spurted hot cum into my mouth.

When I finished, I told him I wasn’t letting him go without getting some pleasure too. So, I climbed on top of him, and we fucked until we both came hard.

For a terrible-looking sim, this one turned into quite an adventure!

A Quick Guide to Machinima and Naughty Machinima

I know Jess was planning a big, detailed guide on machinima and naughty machinima, but let’s be real—that sounds boring. So, I decided to steal the spotlight and give you a fun and quick introduction instead while we were here!

What is Machinima?

Machinima is a mix of filmmaking, animation, and 3D games. It started in the gaming world. Back in the 1990s, early first-person shooter games like Doom and Quake introduced what are known as “game replays”. For example, these replays helped gamers look at and analyze their actions and improve their skills. Subsequently, over time, these replays turned into something more creative, laying the foundation for machinima.

The Birth of Machinima

Initially, these game replays were just about documenting gameplay. But then came the Quake movies, the first true machinima for all of you nerds out there. Gamers used coding, at that point, to capture the action within the game itself, turning it into a new form of storytelling.

Machinima Today

Today, machinima isn’t just coding; it’s a long and detailed creative process that produces entertaining content. Ian Jones, in “Enough of a World,” describes what he calls the three strains of machinima:

Machinima kept growing in popularity and it became so integrated in culture that now it’s rarely referred to as machinima. It’s just… there.

Machinima became so popular that it led to the creation of the Machinima Film Festivals from 2002 to 2008. Machinima works even ended up with nominations and wins at events like the Emmy Awards, Sundance Film Festival, and New Media Film Festival.

Naughty Machinima in Second Life

As can be seen in Second Life, machinima found a significant platform on Naughty Machinima, the largest site that plays home to what we call “Second Life porn”. Naughty Machinima hosts virtual porn videos, not just from Second Life but also from the Sims and videos created using 3D modelling and animation software like Blender. Weird, right?

Why Naughty Machinima?

So, there you have it! Basically, that’s your introduction to machinima and Naughty Machinima. Of course, there are other sites like XVideos, but if you’re searching for Second Life porn, Naughty Machinima is the place to be.

The current Second Life category for Naughty Machinima movies.

A Detour on My Naughty Machinima Adventure

So, that was a bit of a detour while searching for filming locations for Naughty Machinima movies. But hey, I’m definitely not complaining. It was pretty hot hooking up with a stranger in an alley of a sim I didn’t even like! After we finished, I headed home for a much-needed shower.

I have no idea what Dee’s planning, but I saw a big sign in my living room. It’s clearly aimed at the noob who has made himself comfortable in my place. Why is my house turning into a circus? I think I need new sisters. One locks me in a cupboard, and the other leaves noobs in my house with signs to, what, seduce them? Thank goodness for Aria; she’s the only one who seems to be on my wavelength.

Snapshot 218

Sneak Peek of “Casino Blush”

Anyway, as promised, I have a sneak peek of my first porn movie! My debut video on Naughty Machinima is called “Casino Blush.” So, grab… well, anything that will get you through the next 18 seconds!

Enjoy, and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Fox Harker

    That came out really nicely. Very sexy and I love the lighting. It’s certainly a step above most of what I have seen. I have a video of my own in progress that needs a bit more filming to be finished. Also a Christmas video which I filmed but isn’t out yet. (I’m hoping that it will be out by next Christmas.) Anyway, very sexy, I can’t wait to see the finished product! – Foxy

  2. Chandra Kusari

    YAY you go girl!!!

    Porny Sasha!!!

    Sl 2nd best slut now is a porn star. I’m sooooooo proud of you.

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