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Last Updated on: 19th July 2024, 05:18 pm

Word on the street was that one of the top destinations in my guide to the best sex places in Second Life had gotten a makeover and moved. I had to update the SLURL for the guide anyway, so I thought it was the perfect time for another entry in the Jess Visits series. For those unfamiliar, Jess Visits is where I explore each place on my guide and provide a detailed review. Of course, that means I’m hoping for some wild sex adventures. This time, my target was A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks. It used to be one of my regular spots, but it had been a while since my last visit. This seemed like the ideal chance to revisit.

Jess exploring sex places in Second Life

A New Look, A New Opportunity

I must confess, there was another reason I was eager to visit. Since getting my new head two weeks ago, I hadn’t had sex. It might sound odd, but after getting the head, I took a Second Life break to dive into Final Fantasy. While my Free Company was setting up plans to farm Expert Dungeons, I decided to hop back into Second Life and handle this.

Arrival at the New A Little Paradise

Upon arriving at A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks, I noticed the makeover immediately. The design was simpler, retained its beach atmosphere, and seemed to occupy a smaller parcel than before.

However, one thing stood out: there were no people around. That’s a red flag if A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks wants to maintain its place on my top Sex Places in Second Life list.

I decided to stick around and cam through the sim to see what was new and check out the furniture. I settled on the Lalou Daybed. Seeing Lalou furniture was a promising start.

Lalou Daybed at A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks - a sex destination in Second Life

Discovering the Furnishings at Sex Places in Second Life

In terms of furniture, A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks was excelling. They had Lalou, Darkfold, Good Moaning, and my favourite BDSM chair—the Mistress Armchair by Abiss. This was a notable improvement from my last visit, earning them points for quality.

After sitting on the daybed for another 15 minutes, there were still no other visitors. I had about 50 minutes before I had to log out for Final Fantasy, and I was feeling disappointed. How could one of the best sex destinations suddenly become a ghost town? It dawned on me that Dee had more luck finding sex in places not even designed for it—like Firestorm Social Island—than I was having here.

However, just as I was about to leave, someone arrived at the landing spot.

Jess's adventures in Second Life sex places

Taking Matters into My Own Hands

Usually, I’d let them make the first move, but I had about 40 minutes left. So, I took a chance and spoke first: “I have about 40 minutes. I don’t have time for small talk, so if you want to fuck, we can fuck.”

Unsurprisingly, he joined me on the daybed within seconds. I reached for his shorts and helped his cock flop out before wrapping my lips around it. My mission was to get him hard enough to fuck me.

A Quick and Intense Encounter

He removed his shorts, and I took off my new bikini. The hunger took over me. I threw myself onto him, spearing his hard cock deep into my core as I started to bounce. Inch by inch, he pounded into my pussy while my walls gripped and squeezed around him.

Eventually, he grunted, signalling he was about to cum. My eyes snapped onto his, and I pointed at my face. That was all the motivation he needed. As I slid underneath him, he gripped his dick tightly and stroked fast until his cum erupted all over my face.

A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks might be losing its spot on my sex destination guide, but at least my new head got its first hot load.

Jess Visits Sex Places in Second Life Final Thoughts

It’s sad to see it go, but that’s the nature of Second Life. Sims come and go, they get busy, and then something new comes along, and people move on.

There’s nothing you can do except reinvent the sim and try new things to keep people interested. It seems like that’s what A Little Paradise Hidden Behind Rocks tried to do with the sim move and redesign, but it might have been too little, too late.

Don’t worry, though. My guide still has 18 amazing locations for you to explore. If you want me to add new ones, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll check them out.

For now, I’ll disappear back into the world of Final Fantasy, and you can see what my X-Girls are up to at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Make sure they’re not burning the place down by taking this taxi.

One more thing—have you ever had a favourite place in Second Life, whether for sex or not, that suddenly died out? Let me know in the comments!

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