Rhythm of the Night | A Second Life Kidnapping

Rhythm of the Night | A Second Life Kidnapping

Last Updated on: 22nd February 2024, 10:40 pm

Hello there friends! Here’s the squirt, I’ve been fluttering around this post, dancing between typing and pausing all day – not because I’m out of words, but because I’m on a comedown. A high from a night that reminds me of why I love Second Life. I have an excitement hangover, and let me tell you my friends, this one’s got me on cloud nine!

You’re probably squinting at your screen wondering, “Excitement hangover? What does our dear sweet and innocent Aria mean?” Well, have you ever gone into an experience on Second Life, immersing yourself in it so fully that when you finally step back, you’re mind is euphoric? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling after our little Street Whores opening party.

Rhythm of the Night | A Second Life Kidnapping

Let the Games Begin

So, I had a deliciously budding curiosity about Greg. Remember, I once caught a glimpse of Jess, our boss lady, having a little bit of ‘fun’ with him in the store room? Of course, it piqued my interest and a desire to have some of that fun myself. Usually, I’d be left with the remnants of her amusement, but not this time. This time, I was adamant to take the driver’s seat.

So when Greg, all suited and booted, arrived on the street, I set my sights on him. I danced and flirted with everything I could muster.

Oh, before all of this, Christina and I were dancing on the bar, while a violin-playing Captain played some songs with us – completely irrelevant to the story but I’m telling you anyway.

But back to Greg! We started talking about popping stuff, so I asked Greg outright if he’d like to pop my pussy. His response was quick and clear as he rushed towards the stool in front of me. After wrapping up the business side of things, we wasted zero time! Oh my stars, Greg was not waiting. He started fucking me almost straight away! Talk about a rocket ride to pleasure town, EEEEEE!

Show-Stoppers of Second Life | Whotter & Stacia

Whotter showed up at our party. Yes, you heard it right, the adorably cute Whotter showed up again after eating all our fish the other day!. Can you even? Because, I mean, WHOTTER! My favourite OTTER!! That’s it, post over. Next section!

The Street Whores party was, without a shadow of doubt, as wild as can be. It filled up enough at one point to make me derez few things, so I could stop the lag. Stepping onto the stage first was Stacia, our fresh X-Girl, who treated us to a two-hour musical journey. And, believe me when I say, I have never been so engrossed, so lost in the music, as when Stacia spun those decks. A fair warning to my club-owning readers out there, if you’re looking for a DJ, grab Stacia. They are amazing!

Keeping up the rhythm was Claudine who followed with another incredible session. We were spoiled with back-to-back fantastic music. Did I mention the plenty of bubbly and beers? Oh, my, countless champagne buckets and a never-drying beer tap. The barflies spoiled us! As you can guess, our spirits were sky-high, and well, let’s just say our clothes decided to take a break for a couple of hours.

The party, officially, spanned four hours, but the vibes continued to linger. We all stayed back for hours, sipping champagne, and trying to unwind. And guess what? I ended up being a bit naughty and got finger fucked against the stage (sadly, only emotes, so no snapshots).

A Morning Pussy Filled With After-Party Delights

My friends, have you ever tip-toed into the morning light, still soaring on cloud nine from a night filled with laughter, mischief and, oh, did I mention WHOTTER? Well, I sure did. It was a high like no other. We’ve had our fair share of parties, not that I would know (winks at the camera), but this one? Probably the best.

Stepping into the bar there was already too much energy for little ol’ hungover me. Who else but Tsai, every bit as energetic as ever, chilling out with one of last night’s enthusiastic party-goers? I watched them, sipping my coffee, wondering about the secret behind her far too-energetic spirit. She eventually called it a day and left, while a new face made an appearance – a little peculiar at the start, hanging around the door and sending a simple, one-worded message, “Hi”.

My friends, if you’ve had the chance to read Lilu’s detailed “It’s All About The Numbers” article, you’d know the odds- they suggest that such clients, expressing their interest in merely a “Hi”, stand a slim 10.5% chance of coming around for an actual booking. (I tried to find a link but all I have is an image of the article from Christina)

Surprisingly, this one made it in that fortunate fraction. He wanted 30 minutes of me-time upstairs. As excited as ever, and hoping for a fresh wave of energy, I jumped at his proposal. And just to save him the trouble, I teleported him upstairs, because, let’s face it, if he couldn’t muster up the effort to walk in through the front door, making it up the stairs was an obvious long shot.

Once we were all alone, it was time for some fun fun fun. The room quickly filled with passionate sounds as things heated up between us. What followed was undoubtedly a roller-coaster of pleasure; from wet licks and hot sucks to him jackhammering his cock into me followed by me bouncing hard on his dick. Aaaaaaaa!

Unforgettable Challenge Takes an Unexpected Turn

My friends, you remember how we “accidentally kidnapped’ Tye during his “Fuck in all three bars in the same day” challenge? Well, fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to revisit that, but this time, it’s not Tye; it’s Greg. Mel and I managed to talk him into the challenge but of course, we had other plans for him.

The initial plan was pretty straightforward. Greg would start with Mel at Street Whores, then head over to the mothership and fuck Stacia, and finally, land at Gutter Trash Alley where I would be waiting.

But wait, if you believe X-Girls would let things be that simple, you’re in for a treat!

After his hot fuck with Mel at SW, I seized the opportunity and, not so subtly, wrangled him to the floor, securing him with ropes. With a laugh, Mel and I loaded him up in the van and whisked him off to the mothership.

What happened there remains a bit of a mystery, but one thing I can vouch for is Stacia dragging him right up to the VIP Suite!

Soon, we were all at GTA—Mel, Stacia, yours truly, and a surprise visit from Chandra. As I lovingly taunted Greg, referring to him as a ‘meat puppet’, he sought help from his “friend” Chandra. But instead, she started singing “Ohh poor lil puppet we do have fun with your meat. You better please us and pray at our feet”. With the promise of an imaginary GTA VIP Suite, I took his VIP payment and forced him over to the sofa. Lol as if a gutter has a VIP suite!

Next thing you know, my legs were wrapped around Greg’s head, squeezing him and urging him on to eat my pussy with a little pressure from the gun at his scalp. Once I had my fun and climaxed hard it was time to saddle up to ride his cock. I should point out, that halfway through him eating my pussy I realized the sofa had Lovense…. WOWEEE. That’s all I’m saying.

Oh and afterwards, we may have made him give us clothes so we could burn them…

Anyway, Greg earned his t-shirt. I do have to say, this ‘kidnapping’ adds an extra bit of flavour to the challenge, don’t you agree?

Big Revelations

Okay, my friends, put on your news caps because I have got some headlines! First off, Mel stumbled upon the restroom at Street Whores, finally! And all this while she had no clue about one existing at all. It does solve some smell mysteries.

But wait, there’s more! Mel and I may have had some mischievous fun and did a hostile takeover of the soon-to-be Drug Store, rebranding it as “Mel and Aria’s Drugs and Guns”. Oops! We’re set for riches! Though, I wouldn’t hold my breath for applause from the bosses upstairs.

Oh, my friends, what an adventure it’s been! From parties to adorable otters, from challenges to some gun threats, our X-Girls gang setting the town on fire. And don’t forget all the sex sex sex!

Are you feeling the need to join in? Well then, what are we waiting for? Join us in the most exciting place in the universe. Can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Do you ever sleep?
    Sounds like another fun-filled day for the X-Girls. I just wanna say I didn’t participate in any “abductions”. I got roped in there under false pretense. I was promised cheesecake aaaand I was nowhere near those burning clothes.

    Aaah and I forgots. I don’t have a “Sloppiest BJ Eva” trphy to had out but I got this for you Aria. *Hands over the Smexiest Cumshot on Glasses Award*

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