Confessions from X-Sisters Street | Behind Closed Doors

Confessions from X-Sisters Street | Behind Closed Doors

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:28 am

Ladels and Gentlespoons, roll up roll up for it is I Aria. Your wonder manager at the X-Sisters Sex Bar over on X-Sisters Street at Street Whores. Yes, I know the top hat doesn’t actually make me like a circus lady or something but I’ve been having so much fun these past few days it’s better than a sugar rush. The new bar has been doing great, the main bar has been doing great and the Gutter Trash Alley bar has been doing great. We’re like a well-oiled money-making sex machine and we love it!

Now, get ready as I spill the beans on one horny gentleman’s story of plowing through — get this — nearly the entire roster of X-Girls during a single, mind-blowing shift at X-Sisters Street. Gather ’round my friends, ’cause I got some ‘splainin to do!

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The Blue Mouse and the No-Fap Challenge

Friends, let me tell you, I’ve witnessed some bizarre shit that’ll knock your socks off. I called Trashy Whore Trailer Park home for a spell, and the stories I could tell – absolute insanity at every turn. But that’s a chapter from the past, thanks to the Jess who hooked me up with a cosy apartment above the yet-to-be-stocked Drug Store right here in Street Whores. It’s small, cute, and the furniture is the best. Aaaaaand being just a stone’s throw from work is a godsend.

Anyway, Chandra comes back down fresh from a hard fuck with an early morning client. Then in scurries – I shit you not – a tiny blue mouse. Piqued your interest, didn’t I? This little critter claims he’s mid-way through a 90-day no-fap challenge, currently on day 59.

Only 31 days to go, and we’re all trying to convince our miniature hero to just give up. But hang on a sec -something felt odd. Now, I’m no mouse lover, trust me, but when I heard about his challenge it lit a fire in me to fuck him.

As luck would have it, Bryk swaggers in, his pockets overflowing with the promise of fat tips, hankering for a bit of topless eye candy before his shift at work. The perfect plan! Time for a little harmless tit teasing.

With Fox and Chandra looking super hot, hypnotizing our blue friend with their dance, I hopped off the bar and pulled his head between my tits. We tried and tried to get him to have sex with one of us…

But alas, our furry little comrade wasn’t about to surrender. However, he did promise that once his challenge ends, we’re all going to have a hell of a party at the bar. We’ll see if that plays out.

A Threesome to Remember

No sooner had our blue companion said goodbye, Fox wrapped up her shift. Yaya appeared shortly after and close on her heels came Bob.

Bob has a bit of a reputation, he loves being the first guest for the new X-Girls. I think that we should present him with a trophy or a huge ice lolly, complete with sprinkles!

Sorry, got side-tracked there.

Any, Bob gave Yaya a proposition, offering to break her in at the new stomping grounds. But then he threw us a curveball that had even me caught off-guard. He wanted to “spice it up”. And oh boy, my mind race with the possibilities. I first thought he was going to take her to do the Butter Churner in a phone box or something.

But, without another word, he passes me the cash. Just like that, it’s settled – a threesome was on the cards.

We moved over to the sofa. Bob’s tongue lavished attention on me, then I watched as Yaya rode him while I gyrated my soaked pussy against his hungering mouth. The entire thing was mind blowing and ended with near-synchronized climaxes.

And let me just say, his tongue in my pussy was so intense that my hat fell off my head.

Bob’s Insatiable Appetite Continues

Just as we started to relax again, I realized that Bob was far from satisfied. I soon learned that his appetite had been whetted earlier in the day, he had his sights set on Fox. But fate would have it otherwise, as she clocked off before he could get a chance.

About an hour later I hired a new X-Girl, Tsai. Not only super hot but a blogger too. A popular one and one that Jess read a lot of when she first started. You can jump into Tsai’s world by clicking here, and trust me you’ll thank me later.

Tsai was barely into her first dance on the bar when Bob’s gaze fixed on her. His eyes, shifting and shimmering with raw greed, practically screamed ‘Mmmm fresh meat.’ Tsai is gorgeous and poor Bob was as helpless as a moth to a flame.

The cash exchanged hands, the numbers on the bills were as big as his growing arousal. Before long, they found themselves over on the sofa, where Tsai and Bob gave a show that made me seriously consider joining in or at the very least, reaching for my Lovense Nora.

After that cooled off, yet another new face showed up at the bar – Livia. I’ve written about her before. Bob instantly directed his amorous attentions her way. This man’s stamina is legendary; he’s a veritable sex machine.

You can read about how Tsai came to join us by clicking here.

Sneaking a Peek via the Eyes in the Sky

The day’s fun had left me ravenous for some sustenance that wasn’t cum, so I headed over to the office to grab a bite to eat. Little did I know, the show was far from over. As I scoffed down my food, the familiar sound of voices reached me – when I looked outside I could see Jess showing Greg around. They walked around the street before disappearing into the bar, and suddenly, I’m panicked I want to know what’s going on!

In the blink of an eye, I’m a stealthy ninja sneaking into Jess’s office, watching the live feed on the of CCTV monitors. There they were, just chatting away in the bar – nothing exciting… until, oh… They run off into the store room. Do we have eyes in there? I NEED TO WATCH!!

Bingo! The screen flickers, and I’ve got a VIP seat to the store room.

Jess, oh our Jess, she’s a great big slut isn’t she? With no hesitation, she falls to her knees and there’s Greg’s cock, welcomed into her wet mouth. She’s bobbing her head like a force of nature. I’m clocking it, friends – barely ten minutes before Greg decorates her pretty face with his thick ropes of cum.

And just like that, I’m horny again. Dammit!


Calling All Sex Hungry Party Animals to X-Sisters Street

Wowsies, indeed! Bob, our tireless Casanova, Jess with her wildly slutty antics, and the debuts of Yaya and Tsai on the stage of our Street Whores street. Could this day BE any more fun?

This move has turned out to be a slice of heaven for me. I avoided being stuffed into a cupboard and I’m right here in the middle of it. This is the life!

So, what on earth are you waiting for? If you haven’t came to party with us yet, you’re missing out on the hottest, wildest party with the hottest escorts on the grid. Get your ass over to Street Whores!

Just click this link for your own VIP limo and we’ll see you there – like uhm… NOW!!!!!!

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  1. Fox Harker

    If I’d know that Bob was THAT horny, I’d have had an espresso and stuck around! Rest is fine, but if a guy wants to rail me hard for a few hours, I can sleep after! – Foxy

    PS – Call me Bob! 😉

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