Desires Unleashed | Aria and Jess’s Second Life Saga

Desires Unleashed | Aria and Jess’s Second Life Saga

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Hola, friends – Aria here, and trust me, I’ve got a story that’s going to blow your mind. I was just about to dive into the…

*Gets shoved out of the way* Uh-uh, nope, it’s Jess! Did she really think I’d let her monopolize my blog? It’s my site after all. So let me tell yo…

*Aria nudges back in*. Whoa, Jess, don’t be rude! My excitement can’t be contained! But okay, okay, sharing is caring, right? Just keep up!

*Jess* Fine, we’ll play it your way – excitement overload and all. We’ll co-author this post, but I’m keeping an eye on you.

And with that, both Aria and Jess – yes, that’s me – will tag-team this post to give you the lowdown on our day. And trust me, it was amazing.

A Day in the Life | Aria’s Wild Ride

ARIA – UGH. Do I need to share my spotlight with Jess? FINE!!

So, I kicked off the morning at the X-Sisters Street, mingling with our barflies and potential applicants. Everything was chill, customers coming and going – just your typical day.

Then things got a whole lot more interesting when Tye walked in. Remember that little tease about our potential fuck date I wrote in a previous post? Yep, still pending! But guess what – Tye was on a mission. And when I say mission, I mean a mission to have sex at all three X-Sisters Sex Bar spots in one day.

Initially, he wanted just one of us to help him out, but why limit the fun? When I suggested a trio, Tye couldn’t throw his lindens at Fox and me fast enough. We were upstairs quicker than you can say ‘cha-ching!’

And let’s just say, my friends, what happened next was… Mmm, perfection. There I was, using Fox’s head like a puppet and roughly making Tye face fuck her. While Fox…well, she was nothing short of amazing. The sounds that filled the room – her gagging, Tye’s moans, oh and let’s not forget about me.

After Tye’s balls were pleasantly emptied, I smothered him with my ass and pussy until he passed out. Fox and I made sure to take a little bonus for our efforts too, Fox pinching a few thousand more Lindens from his wallet for the both of us. Then off he went in a van, a little gift for Bea and Christina to enjoy back at the main bar.

A Day in the Life | Jess’s Wild Ride

JESS – Aria’s tales have nothing on the wildness I’m about to spill. After the fun with Bea and Christina at the main bar – of which, I must say, I have zero details – I got a call from Bea to meet at Gutter Trash Alley.

When I got there Tye was sprawled out on a chair completely passed out again. Not for long though, because after a few slaps of his cock and Bea causing some pain to his nipples he woke up. After a quick discussion, we decided that Fox would get to use him first.

Shotgun in hand, guardianship was the game – keeping an eye out while Fox went at it with Tye again. Yeah, things had escalated to about 30k levels of linden glory, and honestly, the poor guy was probably too dazed to remember his own name, let alone tally the exploits.

But lo and behold, the cops showed up. Pesky cops and their curiosity. But not on my watch. I laid down the law – my law – and sent him packing, warrantless and hapless. Thankfully he completely ignored Tye’s muffled pleas for help.

With the coast clear, it was go-time. I hiked up my skirt with the kind of grin on my face that comes with being the mistress of mayhem and went to work on Tye.

Bea took the baton next, and by then I was so wrapped up in the orgasm that I had just had that I forgot to get any pics of her.

In the end, Tye might have been left dazed, confused, and lighter in the wallet, but he earned a T-shirt. As for us X-Girls? We hit the jackpot, in lindens and climaxes.

Sure, if we ever get arrested then we’ll probably have a massive charge sheet but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

A Steamy Surprise | Aria’s Guest

ARIA – Oh! So that’s what happened after I dropped off the body, I mean victim…. I MEAN TYE!

Whew, my friends – after that little escapade with Tye, I barely had time to catch my breath before – surprise, surprise – Tim showed up. And boy, did he make an entrance with a splashy 3000L greeting! I barely had a moment to sashay over to the sofa before he had me stripped and ready to fuck.

Yesterday, I may have mentioned in passing – okay, maybe with a bit of a longing sigh – how much I adore giving head. Well, Tim must have been taking notes because he was ready to cash in on that confession.

Friends, if there was an award for the messiest, most gloriously sloppy blowjobs, I’d have that trophy on my mantel.

I was on fire, so charged up from the ferocity of it all. And Tim wasn’t messing around either. He had me on my back against that sofa, plunging into my pussy with such force that I knew—I just knew—I was on the verge of cuming hard.

Sure enough, the heavens opened up, and as I switched positions, that was it – I was squirting like a waterfall, lost in the intensity of Tim’s drive.

When it was his turn to cum, I was back to giving him the royal treatment with my lips. A creamy reward I was all too eager to accept.

Jess’s High-Octane Lovense Adventure

JESS – Aria’s out there living the high life at Street Whores, it’s nice to see my business is in good hands, that girl knows how to work. And speaking of work, let’s talk about Kevin. Surely you haven’t forgotten Kevin? A connoisseur of the blogosphere and one of my longest clients, he’s been making appearances for what, a year and a half now?

So there I was, minding my own business in the office when I caught a glimpse of a notification – Kevin purchased the Lovense X-Girl Fleshlights.“Good choice,” I told him in a quick message, and the stage was set.

We met down at the bar and had a quick catch-up. He asked if I had time and I was more than happy to, Kevin usually prefers the Home Delivery option where we tend to head to one of my houses. Nope, this time we were heading straight for new territory with him – the Lovense room.

Once we got comfortable, I took a minute to show Kevin how the controls worked to control my Lovense Lush. Then it was game time. I treated him to an expert-grade, mind-melting cock sucking that leaves most men speechless and in awe.

He was eager for more. “Ride me,” he said. He did not hold back. He took those controls and pushed me, pushed my Lush, and pushed every moan out of me until I was seeing stars. Not once, but twice, he had me cuming in relentless, shuddering bliss.

By the time we wrapped up, the word ‘wet’ didn’t even begin to cover it. I left there, a deliciously ravaged mess.

Rule-Breaking Rendezvous | Spa Shenanigans

ARIA – Okay, I’ll be honest; I did something a little naughty. 😏 I crossed a line I never thought I would—the one rule that’s like the holy grail for me: I’m a dedicated “Street Whores only X-Girl,” which means I usually don’t mix business with the pleasures of the main bar. But, oh my friends, temptation has a name, and it whispered “Aria, let’s go where the wild things are.”

And who was the maestro of mischief? None other than Zathras.

So, what’s a girl to do? Sneak in, obviously! I tiptoed around, all incognito, feeling totally badass (three cheers for petting a tiger without getting mauled, Am I right?). Zathras eventually showed up, and let’s say the anticipation was more electrifying than a static shock.

We headed up to the spa and settled down on the Darkfold float. Now, I’m talking hands gliding, hearts racing, bodies buzzing with the need to be closer than close. It was a craving that couldn’t be tamed.

As things heated up, Zathras had a great idea: taste each other. Um, is the sky blue? YES, PLEASE!

And there we went, tongues and fingers going wild. His tongue in my pussy and his finger teasing my asshole while I feasted on his cock.

Then, as the first orgasm crashed over me, I was left breathless, drenching his face. Suddenly, his voice sliced through the haze of pleasure, an invitation I’d been yearning for – to ride him, to feel him pulsate within me. And ride I did until we both climaxed with incredible intensity, finally slumping onto the float to recover.

Double Trouble Sign-Off

*Aria bursts in* WOWSIES!! Friends, can you believe the day we’ve had? It’s been a roller coaster of fun! But you know what, I’m gonna let Jess wrap this up because she’s got a knack for these closers. Be prepared for her *eye roll* “Here’s your taxi” shenanigans. Over to you, Jess!

*Jess rolls her eyes*. No more sisters – yeah, I think I’ve reached my quota on that front, between chasing cops away and covering spa sessions. They are a handful but, admittedly, fun. So here’s the truth: this week is supposed to be all Aria with me in the office out of the way.. but apparently I get roped in too. Exhausted after that day is not the word.

But let’s be honest, it’s near impossible not to join in. The energy, the fun—it’s non-stop at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re curious about all this hype, why haven’t you visited us yet? You’re seriously missing out.

So here, have some links: tap here for your taxi straight to the main bar, here if you fancy some fun at Street Whores, and here if Gutter Trash Alley’s sin-filled chaos calls to you. Can’t wait to see you there!

*Aria*. OH oh oh oh ohoh, just a little tidbit before I bounce – Fox and I almost fucked a werewolf!

OOOOOOOOH. And finally! Friday Feb 2nd at 1 pm SLT is our official Street Whores opening party!! You better be there!!!!!!!!!


Desires Unleashed | Aria and Jess's Second Life Saga
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  1. Fox Harker

    I had a lot of fun yesterday with Tye and his challenge at both locations with both Aria and Jess. Very, very hot!
    For the first one, I was going down on Tye when Aria decided to take charge and wrapped a hand in my hair. She started driving my head down onto Tye’s cock while she rode him to an orgasm while he came down my throat before fainting. But, just one note for Aria, maybe let a sister up after finishing?
    After they both came, I got to listen to Aria casually chatting away for a while while she forgot that she still had me pinned head down with a fresh load of cum and at least eight inches of hard cock down my throat until I managed to wink and give her a thumbs up to her questions when she let me up to collect Tye’s clothes and go through his wallet.
    (To collect the well-earned tip that he was too indisposed to remember to give us at the time.)
    As for the GTA location, I got to return the favor with Tye by stuffing a breast in his mouth to quiet him while the cop was asking nosy questions while I rode him.
    If you ask me, the best way to deal with the police issue would be for X-sisters to buy out the local doughnut shop and only allow the local boys in blue access if they’re minding their manners.
    Finally, the werewolf could have been fun. It’s a pity he was premature and had to leave suddenly. -Foxy

  2. Chandra Kusari

    OMG that sounds like a SUUUUPER fun day!!!!

    I gots pretty horny reading abouts your shennanigans.

    X-Girs for the WIN!!! YOU GOOOO GIRLS!!!

    As for the cop problem. The doughnut shop works but doing it with a sloppy blowjob in a dark alley seems more fun.

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