Embracing Change | A Brief FFXIV Hiatus and a New Look in Second Life

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:38 am

Usually, fresh content flows weekly on this site, whether it’s written by me or Dee, Sasha, or Aria. Yes, they are all just different faces of mine. Sorry to ruin your illusions if you didn’t already know that. However, other people do contribute to the site. Chandra, my long-term friend and “roomie,” still writes for me, even though she doesn’t live with me anymore. She’s still a tenant, renting a house from me in the X-Sisters sim so she is forever my “roomie.”

Daria, part of the happiness patrol, contributes too, though she exudes anything but sunshine and rainbows. Bea, despite having written only one post, has significantly boosted site traffic. Who knew pegging in Second Life was such a popular topic on Google? Additionally, a few others contribute sporadically. For instance, my slave recently wrote his latest post, which I published.

Despite all this, the main point here is that it’s uncommon for this site to lack new content. However, it’s time for a brief hiatus. A three to four week break, and here’s why.

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Embracing Change and a New Look

Before diving into the details of my brief hiatus, I want to share a significant update. I made a huge change, one I’ve been hesitant about because it has defined my brand for the past two years.

I changed my head.

For two years, I’ve used Catwa HDPRO because I preferred its softer bone structure over other options. Despite many urging me to switch to Lelutka, I resisted. At one point, I did experiment with the Lelutka Siwa head but couldn’t achieve a shape I liked.

However, with PBR now a thing, I suspect PBR body skins will soon follow. Given HDPRO’s lack of support from like every creator ever, the likelihood of anyone creating PBR skins for those heads is slim. So, it was time for a switch. I stayed with Catwa but went with one of their new EvoX heads, and while I still look like me, it’s a slightly younger, more defined version. Adjusting has taken some time. When you spend countless hours looking at yourself, even the smallest changes are highly noticeable.

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The Reason for the Content Pause

Absence of content is the focus of this post. Recently, Sasha hinted at it in her blog post. She discussed the evolution of Machinima and mentioned that with the release of the latest Final Fantasy expansion, Dawntrail, this blog would be empty.

She wasn’t exaggerating.

I don’t really play games. Never have. They don’t excite me. If you think, “Jess, you play Second Life and that’s a game,” you misunderstand Second Life. It isn’t a game; it’s a virtual world where I live. But I do play Final Fantasy 14, the only game I can say that I have played.

Anyway, Final Fantasy’s newest expansion launches in Early Access tomorrow, June 28th 2024 with full release for the public on July 2nd. I of course pre-ordered it months ago (or I should say I was gifted the pre-order, so of course I’ll be straight in there at Early Access.) The previous expansion, Endwalker, was released in December 2021. Back then, I was working from home post-Covid-19 pandemic. Though working from home became permanent for me, I took time off to jump into that expansion. I rarely recall the dates when I finished an FFXIV expansion over the past 10 years, but I remember this one.

On February 5th, 2022, I maxed out the last of my crafters and realized I had to wait for each new patch for more content.

Why is that date memorable?

Because I first rezzed in Second Life the very next day.

FFXIV For Eorzea, For Etheirys!

FFXIV For Eorzea, For Etheirys!

So, that’s why there won’t be new content on this site for the next few weeks. For the past 18 months, I’ve dedicated myself to running the X-Sisters Sex Bar, often working 18-hour days, sometimes even longer. It’s rare for me to take a break, but I trust my incredible team of managers to handle things in my absence.

Normally, I would ask Chandra to write something, but despite my love for her, she takes three months to finish a post. Every time the X-Girl Monthly magazine is ready to print, it’s always Chandra’s piece we’re waiting on. Asking Daria isn’t an option either, as she’d likely tell me to fuck off.

Therefore, expect a brief lull in content unless someone decides to post something on their own. Although I have backup posts ready for any unexpected content shortages, I won’t be scheduling those since this is a planned absence.

Someone recently asked why I don’t write about Final Fantasy here. The truth is, I could, but FFXIV serves as my escape from everything. Final Fantasy XIV was where I first tasted BDSM. Believe it or not, FFXIV has a huge ERP community. My first slave was in FFXIV, and I made him gather crafting materials for me. Maybe I’ll write that story on here one day.

Anyway, I’ll see you all in a few weeks!

FFXIV For Eorzea, For Etheirys!

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  1. Princess Tamara

    Enjoy yourself! I’m holding off until Tuesday to start playing. The early access launch of Endwalker was such a mess with those crazy queues, so I’m being patient this time. I had to laugh when Yoshi-P said Dawntrail would be like a vacation – we’ll see if it feels that way! Are you planning to dive into Viper or Pictomancer first? Have a great time, Jess!

    • Jess

      I picked up both! Picto is weird, but relaxing weird. Very relaxed style of play which is… different I guess. Viper is fun but I don’t think it will replace Reaper as my main class.

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