Crazy Adventures in Second Life | Testing Sex Beds

Crazy Adventures in Second Life | Testing Sex Beds

Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 12:35 am

Another week in Second Life, another week of wild and crazy adventures in Second Life. This week, we explored some new places, had some laughs at the bar, and even got a little religious. Chandra, being Chandra, managed to get a few people killed by dinosaurs. I tried (and failed) to thoroughly test our new bed in the bedrooms. And Max came for a visit to explore the religious side of Second Life.

Second Life is always full of surprises, and there’s always something going on at the bar. But just how crazy can one week get?

Crazy Adventures in Second Life

Crazy Adventures in Second Life | Whore and Dinosaurs

My birthday was chaos, if you read last week’s post then you’ll know just how wild it was. I was exhausted and so the next day I wanted to relax. 

After a shift at the bar, I pulled Chandra out shopping. Then we headed to Tango to listen to Zathras playing some music and then afterwards it was time to find something random to do. So a quick search in Firestorm and I found Jurassic Kingdom. 

A new Jurassic Park themed sim, not yet complete but open for visits. So, grabbing Mel from the bar too the three of us headed over. 

Chandra of course nearly got us killed multiple times, even costing some other people their lives. She took too long to choose a dino hat and by the time we got there, the car was upturned, smoking and the people were dead. 

Not that we could have done much to save them but it’s fun to blame her anyway. 

Crazy Adventures in Second Life | Cumming Soon

You may have read my guide to the best sex furniture in Second Life, if you haven’t then you should. If you read it, then one thing you might realize is that there is one brand that is missing. Cumming Soon. 

I always felt that while Cumming Soon had amazing physics, their animations were all repetitive. However, after a lot of feedback on my post, I decided to pick up one of their beds for the bedrooms at the bar. 

This meant rigorous testing, so any customers who hired me would head up there. Now, I did mention that Cumming Soon has amazing physics. This isn’t a lie either.

So, my surprise wasn’t all that great when the customers figured this out and most of the animations I get to test out with them are either me squeezing their cock between my breasts or bouncing on them. 

I’m not going to complain though, they all seem to really enjoy themselves. 

Crazy Adventures in Second Life | Getting Religious

Max is a regular visitor to the bar and, as you will have read, is always up for some good fun. No matter how weird the story is that I come up with. When he arrived he mentioned how we were a Christian bar. So, the talk turned to how we make our customers talk to God. 

He confirmed it, saying he had to agree. After some more discussion about spirituality and the need for indulgences, he threw money into my jar and said “Welp, if I haven’t sinned yet today, I prolly will soon”

So we headed upstairs to cleanse his soul. 

Once up there I called him a sinner, his reply was a simple “Forgive me, sister. I suppose you’ll have to excise it all out of me. Somehow.”

After stripping him of his clothes I told him that cleansing his soul would be a heart-racing affair, while telling him this I started to give his cock long strokes. Then I slid down his body and sucked him into my mouth. As I started to slurp I could hear his voice ring out…

“For the love of Saint Pete….”

Of course, given that we were using the Cumming Soon bed, I wasn’t shocked when his next words rang out 

“Ride me, please… wanna watch you….”

So I did.

Round Up

It was a fun week, there is always so much that happens in a week at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. From the field trips to the wild sex to the random events at the bar. There was also Whotters 10th Rez day party over at Street Whores. 

Gem and I headed over for a bit and I rezzed one of our beer taps and filled it with a lot of free beer for everyone. 

Can’t have a party without getting drunk right?

We also set up the new pool table that Biggie got me for my birthday last week. Christina and Gem decided to be the first to try it out. Anyone would think that they didn’t get enough sex. 

Gem, Mel and I visited the Vordun Art Gallery early one morning and Mel had fun with Mr AFK Sex Toy too. 

There is so much more, now I remember why I used to write daily posts instead of weekly. Maybe I should go back to that. 

The X-Sisters Sex Bar isn’t just a place for escorts to make money, it’s a fun house. Come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Jurassic Kingdom was funs, we should go out and get ourselves in trouble more often. 😀

    Why do I get the feeling you get a devilish funs out of tormenting me and blaming me for thingies I mostly didn’t do?

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