Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life | Barbies, Bikes and Bangs

Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life | Barbies, Bikes and Bangs

Last Updated on: 29th July 2023, 08:00 pm

At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, each day holds surprises – from gang bangs to those sensual moments. This week, I was celebrating a birthday in Second Life. Though I usually wouldn’t celebrate my birthday in-world, the close bonds with my in-world colleagues make it feel like family. On top of that, the excitement over the new Barbie movie also swept through the bar, myself included. This resulted in an unexpected abundance of Barbie merchandise on my special day. 

Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life

Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life | Maid Service

Last week’s Maid Service event was a great success. Bookings poured in, making it a very busy day for some of us. The concept was straightforward – an hour with any X-Girl in a private skybox, playing the role of a personal maid. Our X-Girls nailed the outfits, fully embodying the part. For most of the day, Rach welcomed visitors at the main door, offering drinks and giving her usual humour.

My schedule was packed, with almost all slots booked and a few walk-ins too. During one session, I took a guest to the skybox for a massage. It was time to sync up my Lovense device. Using Lovense in Second Life is an amazing combination. The slow and sensual start intensified the experience on the massage table. It blew my mind and afterwards I had to take a few minutes break. If you’ve never used Lovense in Second Life and you want to try it then you can buy your Lovense device here

To end the day, we ended up with an unexpected reverse gang bang. One of our customers hired all available X-Girls that were on shift, but earlier on he had specifically requested the ‘Jess Experience’ from me. So, while my fellow X-Girls gave him a very intense dominating Maid Service, I sat back, reading the newspaper, feeling a bit wicked that he wouldn’t get to touch me.

Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life | Av’ A Sandwich

I have this phrase I tend to use quite a lot, okay, maybe too much, according to Rach. It’s ‘that’s hot,’ which is just perfect. It’s like saying, “Hey, this caught my attention.” Phrases.com even defines ‘That’s hot’ as “Something said when passing by something that catches your attention.”

There is an entire pick in my profile dedicated to this now, so if you ever look at my profile in-world then give it a read. Anyway, Rach decided that saying something random out of place in response to something was the new way to go about things. So, she started using the phrase ‘Av’ a sandwich’. It is the most nonsensical reply to anything that I think I’ve ever had. 

“Rach, can you do a quick activity check on staff?”

“Av’ a sandwich”

“Rach, would you like to be fucked by 10 guys in a row and make enough money to not work for a month?”

“Av’ a sandwich”

When something like this happens, there’s only one thing that you can do really. 

So we branded it and put it on sale. You can buy your “Av’ a sandwich” tops on our MP store or in-world a the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Female and Male versions available.

Celebrating a Birthday in Second Life | A Day of Surprises

The new Barbie movie has everyone excited. Back in the day, you were either Team Barbie or Team Cindy. I was a Barbie fan. So, I dressed up as Barbie, putting myself in a giant doll box at the bar – Jess Barbie was officially for sale! Though I’m not really a huge Barbie fan these days, it was a fun experience.

Later, when my birthday arrived, I hadn’t planned on celebrating it in Second Life. Rez Days were the usual choice. However, the X-Girls had become like family due to all the time I spent there not being able to work. So, I spent my birthday with some of my closest friends.

Gem surprised me with a message, “I don’t know when you’ll be free Jess, but I’ve something waiting for you in your office. 🙂 (No Peeking!)”. I went there after grabbing coffee, my curiosity getting the better of me. She had decorated the office with balloons, streamers, and she was wearing a birthday hat. She held a glowing sceptre and had a cake that had a surprise visitor popping out when sliced. That visitor became known as “Naked Cake Lady”. It was an amazing surprise.

A Barbie Birthday

My little Barbie act had an unexpected impact. Gem, Chandra, and Bob surprised me with Barbie-themed gifts like boxes, a house, an outfit, and even a motorcycle. Additionally, I was gifted many other amazing presents, including a 15k tip and a 30k tip from customers, a playable pool table, a beer pong set, clothes, more motorcycles, and the cutest dress from Fox. Then, Rach being Rach decided to drop the standard rate into my jar and play with my pussy as my birthday gift. The amount of gifts was heartwarming, these people are my life.

After the bar had quietened down at night it was just Bob and I left. The bike that Gem got me wasn’t just a normal bike, it was a sex bike. So we had to test it out. At first, I let my hand find his hardness, giving soft and long strokes. His cock was twitching and growing in my palm so I dropped to my knees and let the wetness of my tongue run across it. The growls from his mouth let me know he wanted more. 

He wasn’t the only one, I wanted more. Eventually, he bent me over the bike and started slamming into me. The bike was a success and it worked perfectly. 

An End To The Day

My day had been amazing. I had spent it with the best people, and been spoiled so much. The only person that I didn’t get to see was my sister, I did get a quick message from her to wish me Happy Birthday. Strangely out of everything that day, that was the thing that made me happiest. 

Rich had teased me all day, his words were that he was going to leave me a “brainless mess” before the end of the day. But as the day wore on, that promise seemed less and less likely. 

Eventually, late in the night or morning my time. He appeared at the bar, at this point, I was under the belief that he was on his phone so any fun wasn’t going to take place. So, I did my usual thing and made use of my AFK toy. I stood up, ready to say goodnight and head home. Sending him a picture of what I just did he looked at me and grinned “You better get back on this sofa”.


So I did, at that point, he tore off my dress and pushed his fingers into my pussy. “You thought I was on my phone?” he asked. 

Well, not now I fucking don’t. 

He dragged me upstairs to give me the last part of my birthday gift, the end of my day. All I can say is that I did indeed go home a messy brainless mess. 

X-Sisters Sex Bar is the best place on the grid no questions asked. Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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    Happy you had a great day Jess.

    Seems like you got anything a girl could wish for.

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