A Second Life Military Tale | A Coup and an Invitation

A Second Life Military Tale | A Coup and an Invitation

Last Updated on: 20th October 2023, 09:30 pm

The phrase that sparked a revolution? ‘You’re like Kim Jong’s sister'” – those words ignited it all. Lumi and I have a knack for embracing rather than taking offence, a trait that’s paved our path to where we stand today. Without that resilience, we might not have made it this far. So when Tahlia likened Lumi to Kim Jong’s sister, I suppose that would make me Kim Jong in this analogy. When we mention the X-Sisters’ arsenal, it’s not just a figurative concept. Tahlia’s reaction upon seeing the barracks was to utter those words, and it ultimately triggered what’s now remembered as the X-Sisters Coup. This was the birth of a new type of Second Life Military.

A Second Life Military Tale | Enter Un

I can see the question in your mind. “How can it be a coup if you and Lumi already own the bar?” You’re absolutely correct. Historically, coups involve the unlawful seizure of power from a government, with examples like Napoleon Bonaparte overthrowing the five-member Directory in France or Idi Amin’s reign in Uganda following a successful coup.

Given that Lumi and I were already in charge, it might seem impossible for us to stage a coup, right? Wrong.

It only took a few minutes before Lumi discreetly approached me behind the bar, slipping a brown envelope into my hands. Familiar with my sister’s penchant for secrecy when plotting, I swiftly turned away and opened it discreetly. As I unfolded the paper, the header caught my eye first: “Declaration of Name Change.” Lumi had officially become Lumi X Un.

A grin crept across my face as I studied the document. I reached for my phone and moved into the back room. A brief call later, my name was legally changed too. We were now the X Un Sisters, and things were about to change around here.

X-Sisters always follow each others plans

A Second Life Military Tale | The Manifesto

Every coup needs a manifesto, so this was ours. 

Embracing the mantle of the X Un Sisters, the X-Sisters Sex Bar undergoes a transformation. With determination, we declare our commitment to reclaiming what is rightfully ours from the clutches of darkness that have shrouded this place for far too long. In the midst of our evolution, we harness the power of unity and resilience to stand against the shadows that threaten our beloved establishment.

It is a time for courage, for the clash of wills, and for the triumph of good over the forces of malevolence that have sought to grip our domain. As we raise our banners high, we beckon all who dare to join us in this epic struggle, for the X Un Sisters Sex Bar is now a battleground where valour will prevail. Welcome to a chapter where the X Un Sisters invite you to be the bitch of our unfolding saga, where the battle for the heart and whores rages on.

Of course, the clutches of darkness were our former selves. The X-Sisters. But now we were the X-Un Sisters and along with Rach, we were putting the place to rights. 

A Second Life Military Tale

The Armoury

The X-Sisters’ arsenal is legendary. It began modestly at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel, and our collection of weaponry started small but soon expanded to encompass a massive array of armaments. From switchblades to atomic bombs, our inventories held the full spectrum of destructive tools.

But we realized that our growing arsenal needed a proper home. Over time, it evolved to include an impressive fleet of vehicles. Tanks, an insanely weaponized car affectionately dubbed the “batmobile,” rocket-equipped bikes, missile-launching helicopters, trucks, cars, and drones – if it could be driven and weaponized, we had it in our inventory.

While most families exchange clothes, makeup, or gift cards as tokens of affection, we have our own unique way of expressing love. Christmas brings helicopters armed with rockets, and a typical Tuesday might see the gift of a tank capable of scaling walls. It’s our way of demonstrating our affection for one another – by arming ourselves to the teeth to go wild on others.

Only three people are authorised to enter the X-Sisters Barracks. Myself, Lumi and Rach. Anyone else will get stung to death by wasps. The sheer volume of guns and melee weapons we possess would likely require an entire sim to display, but our barracks can proudly house a formidable collection of vehicles. And if you’re sceptical, don’t take my word for it; behold the evidence for yourself.


The stage was set, our defenses fortified to an impenetrable level. It seemed not even an army of ten thousand could breach our parcel. We had armed ourselves for the takeover of… what we already controlled. In hindsight, the whole coup seemed somewhat unnecessary. In fact, we had inadvertently scared away most of our customers for the day.

Lumi, in her ingenious way, had installed a missile system that locked onto specific individuals. It either ejected them from the sim or confined them within a cage I had constructed inside our store. You know, the one adjacent to the bar, where we offer the finest and, may I add, exclusive X-Sisters merchandise.

Speaking of which, we proudly feature our Adorably Vicious clothing line and the legendary Violent Feedback Loop mercha… oops, this is a blog post, not an advertisement.

Anyway, back to the story. We had sealed off the bar so tightly that no one could get out. More importantly, no one was daring to come in. Our coup had inadvertently turned our barflies away, leaving us with an eerily quiet establishment.

By the day’s end, the X-Sisters were firmly back in control, and the memory of the X-Un Sisters was fading. Well, almost… we’re stuck with these names for another week.

The bar is safe now! The weird, Second Life Military only lasted a day. Things are normal again!

Come and join us! Take these taxis to The X-Sisters Sex Bar and/or our bar at Street Whores! See you there!

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