Second Life Double Trouble | Jess X and Caroline Takeda

Second Life Double Trouble | Jess X and Caroline Takeda

Last Updated on: 7th September 2023, 12:33 am

Embarking on my journey into Second Life’s world of sex work, I had a checklist filled with wants. Working at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel was an early achievement. Another aspiration: a threesome, which at this point I’ve enjoyed hundreds of. But back then, it stayed a newcomer’s dream. Finally, that dream came true, burning an unforgettable experience into my memory. And now, that same dynamic duo reunites to introduce “Double-Trouble.”

Second Life Double Trouble

Second Life Double Trouble | Memory Lane

I remember vividly writing this post over on ‘Second Life Adventures’. I had just had my first threesome and it took place in the hotel I always wanted to work at. It also took place with my boss, someone that I looked up to and the sole reason for me even being in Second Life. Caroline Takeda. 

My emotions swirled, a heady mix of excitement and nerves. It wasn’t about the act itself, but rather the thought of performing in front of Caroline, my mentor and inspiration. Back then, I was still finding my footing, a newcomer navigating the labyrinth of Second Life sex work.

There were a few things that I left out of that post, back then I was too focused on making things read like everything went perfectly. Again, I was still learning. Even then I was still finding my way with blogging and how to structure posts. One thing that I left out was when I had control of the menu, I had no idea what the poses were for in the threesome2 menu. I ended up changing the pose and writing a good emote to go with it. 

Seconds later I got a message from Caroline who asked “Are you fucking me with a strapon?”. I hadn’t even paid attention to what was going on I was too busy writing my emote. When she asked that, I was laughing so hard. It was and still is one of the most memorable times of my Second Life career. 

Second Life Double Trouble | Recurring Requests

Caroline has stopped by the bar a few times, usually the conversation circles around something we’ve done in the past or something that we’re working on. This time we spoke about that first threesome and how fun it was. Of course, we’ve done a few threesomes together since then. 

Reconnecting with an old mentor is like opening a time capsule of personal growth. It unveils not only the evolution within yourself but also the changes in them too. Today, with a successful blog and business, everything that I worked hard for is evident. 

I can’t say more about that without acknowledging the pivotal role Caroline played. Her guidance and wisdom were like a compass that steered me through uncharted waters. The time she invested in me, and shaping my path is immeasurable.

So as the conversation continued we spoke more about the threesomes. I mentioned how a few readers of both blogs had asked me before if they could arrange a threesome with both me and Caroline, it was however something we never did.

Then an idea formed.

Snapshot 368

The Where and When

Caroline and I have ventured onto separate paths, taking care of our own businesses. Nevertheless, those repeated requests are something that we’re both aware of. So we decided to do something about it.

Introducing “Double Trouble,” an experience that brings both Caroline Takeda and myself together. For 6000L, you unlock the adventure of a lifetime, with the added bonus of choosing the setting. Whether it’s the X-Sisters Sex Bar or the Lovense Community hub, the choice is yours.

Booking is a breeze – reach out to me at the X-Sisters Sex Bar or Caroline at Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel.

It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. 

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