Hey there! Hi! Welcome! It’s me, Meghan! My passion for crafting stories and living out scenarios dates back to my early teens, and I am psyched to share this exciting new adventure with you all. In between the daily strife and toils of life, I happened upon this blog and was instantly hooked. The tales of Jess and Dee were so enticing that I knew – I just had to get in on the action! So, with newfound excitement, I decided to venture into Second Life and give it my all, ending up with a job application at their bar. Though I wasn’t hired instantly, it brought about an intriguing conversation with Dee and then Jess, ultimately leading me here. I stand before you, ready and raring to spill every juicy detail of Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life. 

Meghan's Exciting New Journey in Second Life

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life | A Sultry Writer’s Challenge

Whew! Navigating Second Life can be challenging, to say the least. There’s so much to learn – from BOM and controls to etiquette and understanding how bodies function – not to mention the all-too-common pitfall of purchasing ill-fitting clothes. Thankfully, I soon discovered there are no “stupid” questions, and although some may view you as a newcomer with disdain, plenty of friendly souls are ready to assist.

My ultimate goal? To become a sultry eroticist in Second Life, chronicling my journey through an online diary. Fortuitously, my path has led me right here, but – traversing this new terrain can be downright confusing!

On my very first day, I logged in, eager to explore the bar I’d been reading about. But it was nowhere in sight! As confusion set in, I stumbled upon a solution through some quick Google research. Turns out, I had to tweak my preferences to enable access to adult regions in search – a setting I’d later need to adjust for the marketplace, too.

For those who claim that “freely available” sex experiences abound in Second Life, well, there’s a bit more to it than that. You’ll need to navigate a few obstacles at first, such as preference settings and peculiar age limits. I’m not talking about 18+ restrictions but rather age milestones specific to your in-game account. Yes, the gateway to the “good stuff” in Second Life has its protectors, but once you’ve mastered these initial barriers, Second Life becomes considerably smoother and more enticing. 

Meghan's virtual adventures in Second Life

Mastering the Art of Style in Second Life | Customizing an Avatar

Oh, the joys of designing your personal look – from body and head to hair and style – in Second Life! Believe me, it’s an intricate web to untangle. I started with the default body, which was far from flattering. Soon enough, it became apparent that I’d have to invest a little to achieve the pretty avatar I’d envisioned, so I uploaded some Linden Dollars and set a strict budget for myself. After all, getting carried away with spending would be all too easy.

Setting off on my quest for the perfect body, I initially grabbed the Erika free body discovered on a webpage listing free items. Though it seemed to be a solid financial choice, I soon faced the harsh reality that most available clothing options didn’t cater to this particular body. Having blown 3,000 Lindens on outfits that didn’t fit, it was time for a change.

Seeking others’ advice, I found three recommended bodies: Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn. With a mature Kawaii style in mind, I opted for the Reborn body. Yes, it put a dent in my budget, but at least my newly acquired clothes would fit!

This proved to be my first major lesson in Second Life, and luckily, I managed to turn the situation to my advantage. Successfully securing a great body, I refocused my attention on another crucial aspect: the head. Faced with two popular options – Catwa and Lelutka – my fashion journey was far from over. 

Meghan's Exciting New Journey in Second Life

Discovering the Wild Side of Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life

Demo, demo, demo – that’s the golden rule I’ve been taught. But when it comes to experimenting with heads and bodies, it’s not that simple. The inherent issue, however, lies in the fact that without experimenting with the good shapes (which don’t come with demos), it’s practically guesswork. Thankfully, my style inspiration led me to the Gaia head from Lelutka, complete with adorable cat or fox options, oh my god! picture me as a  Miqo’te (Yes I am an avid FFXIV player in my downtime).

Now, let’s paws (pun intended) my feline transformation excitement for a moment. With my avatar complete, I set off to explore the world of Second Life. Beautiful beaches, busy and not-so-busy clubs, stores – and yes, countless… ahem… exhibitionist men in every location.

The endless possibilities for sensual and erotic encounters make Second Life a treasure trove of inspiration for someone like me. However, I must admit that the sheer volume of messages from strangers can be a bit jarring. In real life, I consider myself decently pretty, but Second Life bombards newcomers with a torrent of attention, unlike real life. 

As a social platform, Second Life certainly delivers on its promise of interaction, but sometimes the sheer volume of attention was overwhelming. And yet, at other times, the excitement of these spontaneous moments fit perfectly, feeding my appetite for sultry adventures.

Meghan's Exciting New Journey in Second Life

Confronting the Dark Side in Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life | A Disturbing Experience

During my various excursions in Second Life, I encountered a singularly disturbing experience that still remains vivid in my memory. As I arrived at a beach, the usual flurry of messages greeted me, but one particular message stood out. The sender seemed attractive and articulate, so we struck up a conversation, chatting and laughing together as we sat side by side.

As we continued interacting, things progressed, and we found ourselves indulging in some public passion – I couldn’t believe my naughty side was revealing itself! Unfortunately, what started as risqué fun took an unsettling turn. Initially, I assumed that this partner merely had a Daddy kink, but as the encounter unfolded, it became evident that he wanted to engage in age play. Not only is this against Linden Labs’ terms of service, but it is also illegal, repugnant, and morally reprehensible.

The moment I realized the extent of his intentions, I quickly excused myself and left the scene. Shaken, I struggled to figure out how to report him using Second Life’s system. Though eventually successful, the incident left me deeply unnerved.

Was it my doing?

In retrospect, my chosen Kawaii style – complete with the iconic big eyes – might have contributed to the situation. Was I partially responsible? While I try to reassure myself that I wasn’t, this experience compelled me to search for a new head shape in Second Life, despite being content with my body. However, I soon learned that it wasn’t possible to change just the head or body; purchasing a new shape would affect my entire appearance. The complex world of Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life never ceases to surprise and challenge me. 

Yet again, I turned to my trusty ally, Google, which came to the rescue and taught me how to copy my body proportions and transfer them to my new shape. Thanks to this workaround, all was not lost in my ever-evolving saga.

Self-Expression and Style | Exploring Personal Choices

Eager to shake off the lingering disgust from that unsettling encounter, I decided to treat myself to some new hair. I quickly fell in love with Truth’s Candy packs – their pastel hues, like baby pink and baby blue, resonated with my personal style. With my new hair and the growing love for my shape, I felt truly fantastic again.

Despite my previous experience, I still found beaches to be among my favorite places to visit. Upon discovering a new one, I settled into a lounger overlooking the sea, taking in the breathtaking views while indulging in some writing. While lounging, I made an amusing observation: so many men at this beach seemed to lack originality in their appearance. Their typically sported combed-back, shoulder-length hair, neatly groomed beards, upper body tattoos, and flesh tunnel earrings – near carbon copies of each other.

Of course, everyone is entitled to express themselves as they wish in Second Life, and it’s interesting to see whether one chooses to create an avatar resembling their real-life looks or something completely different. For me, I want my avatar to be even more stunning than my real self, embracing the possibilities of the virtual world. Although some personal touches stay the same, like my multicolored hair.

So, this brings me to a question for you all: how do you create your Second Life avatars? Do they mirror your real-life looks, or are they crafted to represent the ideal appearance you dream of? Share your thoughts below.

Discovering Second Life with Meghan

Embracing Serenity and Compliments in Meghan’s Exciting New Journey in Second Life

This particular beach had something special about it that I adored – the peaceful vibe. Much like other beaches, it had groups of people enjoying themselves, couples lost in their passionate moments, and single guys and girls lounging around. The key difference, however, was the relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to wind down, write, research, and simply enjoy the relative quiet.

After unwinding for nearly 20 minutes, I received a message complimenting my appearance. Now, I might be an outlier for taking pleasure in these sorts of comments, but I really do appreciate them – after all, I put considerable time and resources into my look. Sure, Jess might argue that initiating a conversation with “nice avatar” can be lazy, but for me, I love being acknowledged for the effort I’ve put in.

As my newly-found friend approached me, he unexpectedly vanished in the middle of a step. Connection issues, perhaps? Then, surprisingly, I received four more messages in quick succession, each one complimenting my appearance. I felt elated, knowing that my hard work and creativity were admired by others. Sure, I’m not naive enough to overlook the ulterior motives of some, but hey, when in Rome right? Why not bask in the compliments and embrace them?

Discovering Second Life with Meghan

Embracing Adventure and Desire | A Beach Rendezvous to Remember

As I sat at the beach surrounded by a selection of male admirers. It became clear that I could only invite one of them to join me. While the thought of inviting all of them was a nice fantasy, I knew it was best saved for another day. Ultimately, I chose a guy named James, whose charm caught my attention. As we engaged in pleasant conversation, James unexpectedly proposed that we move from the beach to another location.

Initially hesitant, I shared my love for the sand, sea, and the refreshing ocean breeze, wondering what could possibly be better than my current surroundings. With a confident smirk, he promised to show me something amazing and dispatched a taxi to transport me.

A New Location

To my surprise, the taxi carried me to another beach. This time with a secluded, intimate beach hut featuring nothing more than a bed. The breathtaking view and atmosphere confirmed that I had made the right decision. Upon my arrival there, James invited me to join him on the bed, and it wasn’t long before our conversation evolved into something more.

As I leaned against him, our playful chatter continued, punctuated by gentle strokes and caresses across each other’s skin. As James grew increasingly enamored with my touch, he began to loosen my bikini. I knew that our seaside adventure was just beginning to unfold.

Meghan's Exciting New Journey in Second Life

Steamy Encounters and Intimate Moments

A shaky breath stuttered across my lips and my flesh was feeling hot and heavy. The weight of my own deep desires were like an electric current surging through my body. My lungs seized and all of my limbs quivered. I opened my eyes and watched him lowering himself down my body. I don’t know quite how I managed to maintain eye contact with him, but I did. The longing, the desperate sexual need that had been missing for the previous days was finally coming to an end. 

He licked his lips with his shoulders tensing. He pulled back with a smile and I felt his hand between my thighs as he lifted my leg and kissed it. His fingers slipped inside and he fondled my bud. Suddenly he started drinking from my pussy with the unquenchable craving of a man who had wandered the arid wasteland for three days devoid of a single sip. I had to slap both my hands firmly over my mouth in an effort to stifle my cries as I came, his tongue unrelenting… inside me, then lashing at my clit before licking the length of me. 

I became completely entranced as he reawakened my sense of passion. After he had sated his thirst with my sweet nectar, he drove into me with the intensity of a machine. It reached a point where I too needed to use his hands to cover my mouth, for fear that my uninhibited cries would attract the attention of nearby beachgoers.

Savage Desire

We fucked with what I can only describe as an almost savage desire for each other. “I’m going to cum,” he uttered in a rough tone. The heat of his cream burst inside me, and we pulsed into each other for a few lingering moments, struggling to catch the lost breath. He slowly pulled out, and it was a heart-racing excitement to see how much of his cum was dripping out of my swollen slit.

We spent some time lying in each other’s arms on the bed, both attempting to regain our composure after such an intense session. It had encompassed everything I had wanted – passion combined with a mix of rough yet gentle, slow yet fervent moments. It was truly a gratifying time.

Stepping Beyond Newbie Status

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I applied to work for the X-Sisters. Regrettably, my application was temporarily put on hold due to several missing essentials needed for the role. Still, I was determined to work on acquiring them and, with any luck, eventually secure a position as an X-Girl.

The complexity of Second Life never ceases to astonish me. With its businesses, prerequisites, functioning economy, beaches, venues, stores, and streets, it truly is a world within a world. As my journey progresses, I feel I’m starting to transition from a newcomer to a more seasoned inhabitant.

That being said, Second Life isn’t merely a bed of roses. It has its drawbacks, and even though the good times greatly outweigh the bad, some experiences can be rather offputting.

So, how often can you expect my contributions to this blog? Well, that’s the million-dollar question. 

I penned this post back in May but held off on publishing it until I felt prepared. Not long after, I gained a stalker in Second Life, and it significantly dampened my enthusiasm for logging in. Consequently, I gave my account to a friend for some business-related activities. So, unless there’s a significant shift in circumstances, this is likely to be both my inaugural and final post. 

I’d advise you that although Second Life can be enjoyable and a truly awe-inspiring world, it is not always a bed of roses. Exercise caution, prioritize safety, and remain vigilant, but above all else, remember to have fun.

Meghan's Exciting New Journey in Second Life
Meghan’s Journey in Second Life | A Sultry Writer’s Adventures

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  • September 6, 2023 at 8:19 pm

    Heeeeey Hue Sis,

    Lots to write about.
    1) Sum creepy dude being into age play is not your fault, because of how you style your avi.
    2) Methinks there is no wrong way to make your avi! I had an idea how I wanted to portray myself in SL and got the looks to match that idea. With a few detours. Trouble of learning how SL works.
    3) Stalkers and creeps reaaaaaally suck and drive the good peeps out of Pixelleand.
    4) Miss yaa Hue Sis hopes you find your way back sum time.


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