A Second Life Christmas | Unwrapping New Aria Adventures

A Second Life Christmas | Unwrapping New Aria Adventures

Last Updated on: 26th December 2023, 05:58 am

The X-Sisters Sex Bar has been the end goal of my journey in Exploring Second Life, a venture that’s been consistently evolving. Running parallel is my Red Paperclip Challenge, which has been filled with equally unpredictable experiences. As shared in my previous updates, I’m just one INM system short of reaching my goal. But then, an unexpected opportunity arose during this year’s Second Life Christmas.

During a regular adboard update for the week at Gutter Trash Alley, Jess received an interesting message. The owner of the sim had a proposal for her: an invitation to open a branch of the X-Sisters Sex Bar right there in Gutter Trash Alley. Given the nature of Gutter Trash as a core roleplay sim, the potential for expansion and growth were too tempting to ignore.

Of course, this needed someone capable of managing it. Would you care to hazard a guess who was handpicked for the job?

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A Second Life Christmas | A New Job Opportunity

Of course, the truth was slightly different. It wasn’t that I was specially chosen for the job. Most people know I’m Jess’s alt. However, it made sense for me, as Aria, to take the position at the bar in my own storyline. Jess furnished and decorated the bar, stock was in place, the champagne on chill – it was time for a soft opening to familiarize ourselves with the local community.

Gutter Trash Alley, true to its name, has an appealing rustic charm. Despite the gritty, worn-down look, the place is beautiful. The sim has a functioning police force, emergency services, even a mayor, and a city council, all adding depth to its character. The brothel building had been empty for a while and it was perfect for another X-sisters expansion.

The city council voted for us as a formality. The official minutes confirmed the X-Sisters’ ownership: “voted to be given into ownership to Jess X (itsjess.skydancer) who will bring the infamous strip house brand X-Sisters to our city.” On the very first night, we received our first job application from a sim regular named Livia. She was an immediate fit for the X-Girl persona.

However, there was a hurdle to cross – my Red Paperclip Challenge. Thankfully, given the separate staff and management for this location and the idea that I would operate it outside of the flagship bar, it seemed manageable to continue my challenge while working at the new X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Second Life Christmas

A Second Life Christmas | X-Girl Livia Spices up the Holiday

It happened to be Christmas Day when I woke up, nursing a food coma from the holiday feast. I was aimless, craving some action but unsure of my next move. The main bar was handled, staffed up with Fox, Mel, and Bunny, which led me to swing by Gutter Trash Alley.

Livia was already there when I arrived. She said that the day had been surprisingly decent, with people dropping in intermittently. Taking that as a good sign I hopped on the bar to dance alongside her while we talked.

Then, in came a familiar face: Wilco. My previous interactions with him gave me the small inkling that he would appreciate Livia. She is so beautiful but in particular, I knew he would be drawn to her breasts, she was the exact type to turn Wilco’s head. Predictably, their interaction quickly escalated. Money flying, a lap occupied, actions turning fervent – a sight that brought an unexpectedly exciting rush for me. Watching them fuck on the barstool was getting me really worked up and I nearly caved to indulgence myself and rode the beer bottle I was drinking from.

A Fair Trade | The Ass Is Not Safe

Later in the evening, Wilco reappeared at the bar, he had rented himself the apartment across the street. The appeal of the X-Girls proved too much for him to resist being in proximity. In truth, the decision made perfect sense. As I had only half-jokingly told him before he moved in, “you could wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, walk across the road and get your dick sucked by an X-Girl to be ready for the day.”

With the new experience of owning a new body comes the fun of certain untouched territories. My success in this challenge and Jess’s constant business expansion credit back to two things, marketing skills and sales skills. Forever the businesswoman, I made the resolution not to let the day end until someone had taken my anal virginity.

Wilco, being the only one around, became my target. Charming and considerate as always, he was understanding of my challenge and generous as ever. After hearing about my problem of only owning one pair of shoes because I can’t buy anymore, he gifted me not one but two fatpacks of new shoes. Naturally, I had to provide his services in return.

After Bunny had stopped by for a bit and left, we headed over to his new apartment across the street. It was actually exciting because we were also exchanging firsts. He was going to be the first in my ass, and I would be the first in his new apartment. That’s quite the deal. What followed was beyond fiery, pure pleasure as he fucked my ass hard while I was grasping the sheets in ecstasy. It was the perfect, wild conclusion to a great Christmas Day.

A Second Life Christmas Tale | X-Sisters’ Empire Expansion

And thus ends another memorable Christmas in Second Life. In the midst of all the excitement, X-Sisters Sex Bar has opened its third bar location that’s looking for new staff members. Our unstoppable Bunny has also stepped up recruitment efforts in the flagship bar. As expected, the X-Sisters brand continues its growth.

The portfolio now boasts:

  • X-Sisters Sex Bar (The Main Bar)
  • X-Sisters @ Street Whores
  • X-Sisters @ Gutter Trash Alley
  • X-Sisters Head Office
  • X-Girl Monthly
  • X-Sisters Whore Academy
  • The Bar At The End Of The Lane: (a franchised outlet set to open in 2024)
  • X-Sisters Marketplace

Plus, our presence extends to some small scattered outlets across the grid, including the popular Hooker Hotel.

Looking back on this journey of the past year, the growth of the X-Sisters brand was something no one expected. Although the holiday season was quieter than other months, nobody was really surprised. With incoming outlets and exciting new ventures, 2024 promises to be an amazing year. And as a mark of personal victory, I ceremoniously shed my ‘virginal’ anal status to Santa Claus.

Come and explore the new bar and see for yourself. Just grab this taxi by clicking right here!

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