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Last Updated on: 18th July 2024, 07:08 pm

It can be a struggle to get your business noticed in Second Life. I know that because Lumi and I are always looking for ways to expand our brand’s reach and attract new customers. Expanding a business in Second Life is no different but thankfully we found a way to expand ours that benefits a lot of people in the same situation. While sometimes overused and ineffective in some places, ad boards are a good tool to help you grow your business in the virtual world. That’s why we decided to do something helpful with our old parcel.

Expanding A Business in Second Life
My Ad Board: I have this in all of our locations along with being placed at various other points across the grid.

Expanding A Business in Second Life | Our New ‘Old’ Location

When we recently moved to our new parcel it left our old location abandoned and with a lot of time left on the rental we wanted to do something useful with it. We know how challenging it can be to get your business noticed in Second Life, it was the Everest that we climbed for a while.

So taking the resources that we already had, we converted the old location into an Ad Board hub. Offering both a mix of paid and free ad boards with no group joining requirement, the goal is to help new businesses get off the ground and find their feet in Second Life.

Ad boards are a popular advertising tool in Second Life and they can be used to display ads for businesses of all kinds from stores and clubs to escorts and, yes, sex bars.

Increased Visibility

By using an ad board, you increase your business’s visibility in Second Life and potential customers are more likely to see it and use your services or visit your store. Finding a place with equal-sized ad boards for rent is also crucial to minimizing competition in Second Life.

Choosing the right board size is important to make sure that your ad stands out and grabs attention from potential customers. If you find a place with equal-sized ad boards for rent then all businesses have an equal opportunity to promote their products and services without any unfair advantage given to those who can afford the larger boards. By minimizing competition, all businesses can focus on their marketing goals and attract the attention of potential customers without being overshadowed by larger or more prominent ads.

Expanding A Business in Second Life

Expanding A Business in Second Life | Free Ad Boards for New Businesses

At our new ‘old’ location, we offer some free ad boards for escorts, clubs, bars, stores and any other types of businesses. With the right tools and resources, it helps in making your business succeed.

We know how difficult it can be to get your business noticed, so we want to help by offering a smaller version of our ad boards free of charge. You don’t even have to be a member of a group to use them, just click and go.

These boards have no group joining requirement and are placed on a wall with other boards of the same size to increase visibility. This is a great opportunity for new businesses to get off the ground and attract their first customers.

As a business ourselves, we know the importance of advertising and increasing our visibility. That’s why we converted this location to help other businesses do the same. We believe in supporting each other in the Second Life community and helping each other succeed.

Expanding A Business in Second Life

Expanding A Business in Second Life | How To Create Eye-Catching Ads

Creating eye-catching ads is crucial for getting your business noticed. People are much more likely to be drawn to something that is visually appealing than a basic profile picture or just a few words. Here are some tips to help you create effective ads:

  • Use bold colours: Bold colours like red, orange, and yellow can grab people’s attention and make your ad stand out. Use some contrasting colours too to make your text pop.
  • Keep it simple: Avoid cluttering your ad with too much information. Keep it simple and focus on your most important message. Use clear and concise language to convey your message effectively.
  • Use high-quality graphics: Using high-quality graphics to make your ad visually appealing is so important. Low-quality graphics can cause your ad to look unprofessional and decrease its effectiveness.
Expanding A Business in Second Life
An example of an eye-catching ad


We know that advertising can be costly, especially for new businesses. After meeting Joe the other day and giving him some free advertising, the thought really hit home about making a place that offered the best of both paid and free advertising. That’s why we converted the old spot and offer a mix of paid and free boards, our paid boards are priced reasonably at 150L per week and all boards are highly visible.

At The X-Sisters Sex Bar, we are passionate and we do care about supporting other new businesses. That’s why we did this. We want to see our community thrive and grow along with other communities, and we believe that by working together, we can achieve that.

So, if you’re a new business looking for a platform to promote your services or products or you’re an escort looking to increase your client base then come and check us out. We are fairly confident that you’ll find it a valuable resource.

Of course, we even give you a free taxi to get there by clicking here.

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Enjoying a coffee at the X-Sisters Sex Bar after setting up the new location

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