The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

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The XXXmas party is a Second Life story by Malmora Lance brought to life and reimagined on the page.

This time of year, she was always getting invited to Xmas parties with her co-workers. People that she barely knew, and could barely stand, people that didn’t know the real her. So, this year she decided to invite you to come along and suffer beside her. You were after all the closest to a friend outside the office and the invite did say to bring a plus one if you wanted to.

The ride over was filled with chain smoking and announcements that bathroom breaks were required. By the time you both arrived, your bladders had been refilled and you were ready to do anything that didn’t involve sitting. Malmora, dressed in her sweater dress, leggings, and faux fur boots, pranced her little butt up to the door of the house, pumpkin and pecan pies in tow. A bag slung over her arm held wine, whipped cream, and plastic/paper utensils and plates.

The moment the door swung open, you were hit with a wall of warmth and the scent of cinnamon and roasted turkey. Malmora’s co-workers, a sea of familiar strangers, greeted her with boisterous cheer. You stuck close to her side, feeling like a fish out of water in this sea of forced merriment.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Festive Tensions Rising

Malmora’s charm and wit worked like a shield, deflecting the probing questions about her personal life and career. She effortlessly navigated the conversations, all the while keeping a watchful eye on you, making sure you weren’t left to fend for yourself.

As the evening wore on, you found yourself gravitating towards the dessert table, seeking refuge in the sugary creations. Malmora, always attuned to your moods, joined you, offering a sympathetic smile.

You’re doing great,” she murmured, handing you a glass of wine. We’ll get through this together.

With Malmora by your side, the party became more bearable. The two of you shared secret glances and inside jokes, finding solace in each other’s company. As the night grew darker, you both decided it was time to make your exit for another smoke break.

The two of you headed out behind the house. It was a large suburb, fences all around. Behind the rows of fences, there was a road that went through where trash cans were placed for trash pick-up days. Behind this house, there was an old metal shed up against the fence. The sky above was cloudy and grey and dark with night, and the wind sometimes blew in with a heavy chill. The smell of burning wood hung heavy in the air like an ever-present guest; a few houses had chimneys bellowing out smoke.

The two of you made your way back behind the house where the dark alley was like a secret escape from the music and voices of the house party. The flick of a lighter brought some brief light to the darkness and then the all-familiar inhale and sound of sparking, burning bits of tobacco as the two of you let out clouds of smoke. It seemed to carry the tension away, leaving you both a little more at ease.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Confessions Over Eggnog

As you leaned against the rough texture of the shed, you took in the scenery. The silhouettes of neighboring houses stood like silent sentinels against the muted sky. Malmora’s exhales joined the chilly air, forming wisps that danced and disappeared.

“You know,” she said between drags, “this is my little slice of sanity during these parties. Thanks for joining me out here.”

You offered her a small smile, the shared understanding between you palpable. “Likewise, Mal. It’s like a breath of fresh air, literally.

She chuckled, the sound carrying a mix of relief and contentment. “You always know how to make even the most awkward situations a bit more bearable.”

The moments passed in comfortable silence, broken only by the occasional rustle of leaves and distant laughter from the party. It was a sanctuary, a brief respite from the social pressures inside.

Malmora tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and moved closer to you. Her hands reached out and thin cold fingers clung to you for warmth. “Maybe it’s the wine talking, but I’ve never noticed just how well you fill out this sweater and…these jeans.” Her hand went down sliding over your belt buckle. At first you nervously pulled back, but when she pulled you back, your resistance seemed to melt away. Maybe it was the wine, you thought to yourself as you found her ruby red lips.

You could taste the cigarettes with a hint of cinnamon from the pies. Her hand slid down beneath your sweater into your pants where your erection already declared what you wanted to do to her. She wrapped her cold little fingers around your cock and playfully tugged. After what seemed like an hour of hot and heavy kissing, she pulled away from you.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Jingle Bell Cock Dilemma

You watched eagerly as she slid her leggings down exposing her pale white backside beneath the moonlight. She breathed heavily and demanded, “Fuck me right here!” You moved close undoing your belt and unzipping, you unveiled your girthy rod. Guiding you to her secret door with a smile, you could get her warm, smell her sex wafting up, she was so wet already. She gasped as you slowly pierced the veil of her depths. Feeling a sudden creeping fullness pushing inside her, she moved a hand back to slow him down as he penetrated her. She felt secure enough that it was going in correctly that she moved her hand from you and pushed back taking you in.

Ooooh, she sighed as though a big heavy weight had been taken from her shoulders. She felt full and her vagina tingled as you filled her and brushed against her a-spot. She held you there for a moment enjoying the warmth and pulsing of your cock before she tugged on your jeans urging you to have at her.

You pumped hard and fast, rattling the fence slightly. A dog somewhere alerted to your activity began barking its displeasure. “Mmm fuck” she gasps as her hand moves down, her fingers circling her clit it didn’t take her long and she was about to explode when suddenly a voice in the darkness said, “What are you doing over there?!”

One of the neighbors, most likely the dog owner, had come out to investigate its barking. They fumbled with a flashlight giving you both just enough time to move from the alley back to the open fence. You both redressed and headed inside where the party was still going on.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Whispers by the Winter Window

After the little risqué encounter behind the fence, both you and Malmora rush back inside away from the cold dreary chill outside. The waves of heat, smells of food, and chorus of sounds assault you as both open the back door and cross the threshold. Malmora continued to look at you a bit embarrassed, but also a bit hungry for more. She couldn’t get the feeling of you inside her out of her head; it was like an itch that so desperately needed to be scratched.

The two of you went into what they considered the den and sat on the couch together, being forced to play board games with the rest of your co-workers. Malmora stared into the fireplace, half wanting to get up and grab the board game and throw it into the fireplace and reveal herself to be the anti-christ of Christmas parties before floating up and erupting through the roof.

The XXXmas party | Sensations Served Hot

When they brought out a deck of cards with hilarious answers that you had to match to scenario cards, she was relieved. At least it was something fun. She went into the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine when she felt something brush up against her. She turned around to find that you had followed her into the kitchen.

The air seemed charged with a strange energy, a mix of anticipation and lingering desire. Malmora’s eyes met yours, the unspoken connection between you both simmering just below the surface.

Your lips met hers and it seemed like you were both suddenly charged with energy. As if taken by uncontrollable desires your hands moved down beneath the back of her leggings gripping her smooth thick ass in your hands. She moaned into your mouth as you squeezed her tush and lifted her up. You pushed your bulging pants against her dry humping her against the kitchen island. Her hand moved down to grip your ass.

It felt like the two of you would melt from the heat between you and then a noise caused you to spring apart. Your faces were flushed and hot, the shared moment leaving a lingering heat in the air. Malmora could feel the warmth on her cheeks, a telltale sign of the intensity of the stolen kiss.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Unwrapping Hidden Desires

Just as you both regained your composure, Kiera entered the kitchen, breaking the charged atmosphere. She inquired about the wine that Malmora had agreed to go get. Malmora smiled, a touch of mischief in her eyes, and brushed some hair from her face. She turned to retrieve the bottle, her fingers momentarily grazing against yours as she handed it over.

“Here you go,” Malmora said, her voice steady despite the fluttering in her chest.

Kiera took the bottle with a grateful smile, seemingly unaware of the charged moment that had just transpired in the kitchen. She turned to leave, leaving the two of you alone once more.

Malmora leaned against the counter, letting out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. She glanced at you, a mixture of embarrassment and exhilaration dancing in her eyes.

“That was… something,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

You nodded, a small smile playing at the corners of your lips. Yeah, it definitely was.”

The moment hung between you, the air thick with unspoken words and the promise of something more.

The XXXmas party | Sparks Amongst the Spice Rack

Malmora’s eyes flickered with a mix of uncertainty and curiosity as she stole glances at you.

Malmora: You know, I can’t believe we just did that…

You: (smirking) Yeah, it was quite the unexpected turn of events.

Malmora: (nervous laughter) Unexpected is an understatement. I mean, who would’ve thought?

You: Sometimes, the best moments are the ones you never see coming.

Malmora: (softly) True. It’s just… It’s been a while since I’ve felt something like that.

You: (gentle) I know what you mean. It was… intense.

Malmora: (looking down) Yeah, it was. (pauses) I don’t regret it, though.

You: (smiling) Neither do I.

The room seemed to hold its breath, the weight of the shared moment settling around you. The unspoken understanding between you both spoke volumes.

Malmora: (meeting your gaze) What now?

You: (thoughtful) I guess we have a choice. We can pretend it didn’t happen, or… we can see where it goes.

Malmora: (nods) I don’t want to pretend. Not after that.

You: (softly) Me neither.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | When the Clock Strikes Midnight

The two of you rejoined the party to say your goodbyes. Malmora watched as Kiera whispered something to her husband while the two of you made an excuse for why you had to leave. Malmora and another female coworker went into the kitchen and began gathering up the items she had brought. She made sure they kept the food because she didn’t want to bring it back with her. She grabbed a few water bottles for the ride and gave everyone a hug and said her goodbyes while you shook a few hands.

The two of you managed to peel away finally, back out into the cold night. The house was illuminated by a streetlamp and various outside lights on the house itself. The dry brown grass was barely hanging on to the lawn, and the dreary road in front was flanked by some woods that were made up of pine trees and others that had lost their leaves to the cold. The forest floor was covered in brownish-orange pine needles.

As you went to get the car from where you parked it beside the house, Malmora stood in the cold, her breath a long trail of mist disappearing into the night sky. Her eyes followed the path you took, a mixture of gratitude and something more lingering in their depths.

The XXXmas party | Seatbelts and Soft Pleas

When you returned, the car’s engine humming to life, Malmora slid into the passenger seat. The warmth of the car was a welcome contrast to the chilly night air.

Malmora turned to you, her gaze soft and sincere. “Thanks for being my partner-in-crime tonight. I don’t think I could’ve made it through without you.”

You smiled, a warmth spreading through you at her words. “Anytime”

As you drove down the unfamiliar suburban streets looking at the various houses all hiding beneath the night sky, it began to snow.

Malmora didn’t waste any time as you passed the maze of fences and houses into the open countryside. She leaned over and began unzipping your pants.

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

The XXXmas party | Mistletoe and Trouble

“Woah! What the?!” you said in protest, but before you could do anything further, her warm breath fell against your exposed cock. Her chilly fingers took it up and guided it to her warm wet mouth. Malmora could taste herself on his cock, herself and some precum. In her mouth the flesh cock began to grow in size before long it was pulsing in her mouth. It was so hard and soft, so thick and delicate, she moved her head away from the steering wheel as best she could. You could feel her wet mouth sucking and slurping around your cock, her perfume filling the air as her head bobbed slowly up and down. She took her time wanting to enjoy the feeling of him, she could feel his pulse beating through the veins of his cock.

The milky smell of his balls and his cologne. The car turned and she felt herself shift in the seat being pulled away from his hard shaft. She was so intently focused on his cock that she barely realized he was trying to pull her up off his cock. She leaned up and wiped some saliva from her chin and was about to question why he stopped her when she noticed the flashing lights ahead of them. You buckled up your pants feeling your wet cock flop against your thigh just as unsatisfied and disgruntled as you were.

License and Registration

You: They’re checking everyone, I think it’s a sobriety check point

Malmora: (nervously) Oh no, of all the times…

You: (calmly) It’s alright, Malmora. Just take it easy. We haven’t had much to drink.

The car in front of you pulled up to the officer, and you watched as they rolled down their window, exchanging words with the stern-faced cop.

You pulled up next, rolling down you window as well. The officer shone a flashlight into the car, illuminating both of your faces.

Officer: Evening, folks. Just a routine sobriety checkpoint. Have you had anything to drink tonight?

Malmora: (steadily) Just a glass of wine earlier. I’m not driving though.

You nodded in agreement, a supportive presence by her side.

The Roadside Test

You: “I didn’t drink because I’m the designated driver.” Though you did have a glass of wine or two hours ago.

Officer: Alright. I’m going to need to see your license and registration, please.

Malmora reached for her purse and handed over the necessary documents. You reached into your pocket and pulled out your wallet retrieving your own and handing it to him. The officer scrutinized them for a moment before returning them.

Officer: Alright, everything seems in order. You’re free to go. Drive safely.

Malmora let out a relieved breath, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her lips.

Malmora: Thank you, officer. We will.

As the two of you pulled away from the checkpoint, the tension in the car began to dissipate.

You: See, that wasn’t so bad

The car continued on as the night sky dropped down snowflakes in a thick curtain of white. The lights of the town passed by behind your car as you entered a long stretch of lonely road surrounded by forest. Malmora spotted a lonely dirt drive going into the woods ahead and told you to take it because she had to go pee. You did so, driving up into the woods to a dead end in a clearing. The snow-covered trees loomed around you, their branches heavy with the weight of winter.


Jingle Bells and Heartbeats

Malmora said she would be right back as she hopped out and ran up in front of the car headlights. The glow cast an ethereal halo around her as she disappeared into the curtain of falling snow.

The forest seemed to hold its breath, the only sound the soft patter of flakes against the car’s roof. You watched the trees, their dark silhouettes standing sentinel in the wintry night.

After what felt like an eternity, Malmora returned, her cheeks rosy from the cold, and her breath visible in the frigid air. She climbed back into the car, a grateful smile on her face.

Malmora: Thanks for stopping. I couldn’t wait any longer.

You: (smiling) No problem. Nature calls, right?

Malmora: (chuckling) Exactly. Get in the back seat?

You: Now?

Malmora: Should we wait an hour?

You laughed and nervously climbed out of the car and got into the back seat. Malmora slid into the seat next to you and pulled you into the center of the seat. She pulled down her leggings, peeling herself out of her boots as well. Her panties were rolled up in her leggings in the floorboard. You could smell her perfume, her sex, it made your heart begin to race in anticipation of what was to come. She unlatched your belt and unzipped you, sliding your pants down to join Her’s in the floorboard. She straddled you, and you could feel her wet lips brush against your leg.

Frosty Evenings

You had little time before her hand guided your semi-hard cock up and she pushed herself down on your lap. You felt yourself slide between her lips into her warm well lubricated love tunnel. She gasped and rocked her hips, her heart fluttering in her chest just as fast as his. She could feel him growing inside her, filling her up, brushing against her inside he felt so good. Wiggling her arms out of her dress she pulled it down below her bra. She reached back and unhooked freeing her tits.

The radio was playing some goth techno music that seemed appropriate for the moment. You cupped her soft breasts in your hands and brought them up to your mouth. Your tongue circled her nipple and you sucked and squeezed her breast. She rocked her hips holding on to you while you kissed her breasts. It felt so good, but it wasn’t enough, she rocked more before you urged her to stop, or you would explode. She climbed off and pushed you over to the seat again. She knelt down and pushed her naked ass up in the air.

Malmora: Fuck me

The wantonness of her voice made you want to do as she commanded. You knelt down against the roof of the car in a awkward angle. You pushed your cock up against her and felt it begin to go into a hole.

Malmora Wrong hole!

The XXXmas party | A Malmora Lance Erotic Story

Yuletide Aftermath

You pulled back and Malmora’s hand found your cock guiding it back to the warm depths of her honey hole. The feeling of her pussy was enjoyable, it was so warm, wet, and your cock just slid in it so effortlessly. You could hear your cock as it pushed into her, the wet sound of your cock filling her tight hole. Gripping her hips you began to pump harder and faster. She moved her hand down to her clit and began to rub her fingers around it as she bit her lower lip. She was so close now, it felt so much better like this. Whatever his cock was rubbing up against now was sending her into a sort of haze of delight. Her legs began to shake as she moaned, she pressed her thighs together feeling herself climax. Her juices dripped down her thighs onto his back seat.

Malmora: Don’t stop!

She urged him to keep going as she tightened her muscles around his throbbing member. You pumped harder and faster, your cock beating against a wall inside her until you felt yourself cross the edge of restraint. It moved down through you and your cock spasmed before you felt it release.

You: I’m cumming!

Another Party?

She felt him even as he made the declaration, his cock thumped inside her and filled her with his warm seed. She knelt there for a while feeling him inside her. Eventually he began to shrink and pulled away. She turned around and laid her head down on his lap. Her hand guiding his wet sticky cock to her mouth, she could taste both of them on his cock. She sucked and bobbed her head cleaning his cock. before reaching up to the front seat for her cigarettes. Lighting one for him and then one for herself. She took up a soda can from their earlier drive to use for a ash tray. She lay on his lap, and they just say there in silence for moment smoking their cigarettes.

You: So, are they having a New Year’s party?

Malmora: (chuckled) I’m not sure, but if they do, you are definitely invited.

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