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Day two, second place. I have learned a very valuable lesson with this story contest – ask for some pictures to go along with it. The pictures may not make much sense, but the story is amazing. It’s always fun to read something from Bob.

Second Place: Santa Is Coming To Candy’s Hotel by Bob Morane.

Snapshot 999

Santa is coming to Candy‘s Hotel

“Ho Ho Ho!” he yelled, as he cheered the reindeer on. “We have still a lot of presents to hand out.” Looking at the map the trusty elves had drawn him up, he found the next address, a lone mansion in the mountains, a bit outside of town.

He circled once in the air above the house. Seeing no lights on, he landed the sleigh on the roof. It was a flat roof, so the reindeer could easily rest for a bit. He prepared some cinnamon-flavoured cotton candy for them, before opening the trunk of his sleigh.

Browsing through the register of presents, he found the bag labelled Candy’s All Inclusive Hotel Sounded like a proper upscale place. Hefting the sack over his shoulder, he approached the chimney. There was some smoke coming out of it. Nothing a Deflamer could not handle long enough for him to climb down the chimney.

Stretching after he got out of the chimney, he noticed he wasn’t alone in the room and immediately froze. Not moving is an excellent stealth tactic, they teach at Santa Academy. The figure in the room didn’t move.

“Apparently, he was in some kind of bar”

Apparently, he was in some kind of bar. To his left was a huge Aquarium, and next to it a doorway lead to some kind of office. To his right was the bar. In between the bar and the aquarium were tables with comfy armchairs. In one of these armchairs rested a sleeping person.

It was a young woman with pale skin and white hair. She wore a red sweater with reindeer on it, which had slipped off her left shoulder and revealed a bit of her pale full breast and a Santa hat. Her long legs were wrapped in a green blanket. She was very beautiful. Then he noticed, that surrounding the chair were several plates with food. He saw popcorn, candy apples, muffins, cocoa and a box of chicken wings. She must have had quite the appetite.

He was lucky he didn’t wake her up. That would look bad in his performance review at Santa Inc. He took some of the cookies, from the traditional offering under the tree and washed them down with some milk left for him.

Slowly he grabbed his bag and got out the presents, he was supposed to deliver. There were a lot of stockings with girls’ names hanging at the chimney, in fact, they were all girls’ names. Well, a female ran the establishment, very progressive.

Snapshot 1217


He began stuffing the stockings with the gifts from his sack, looking over his shoulder from time to time to make sure the girl was still asleep.

As he grabbed the last package it opened and the content dropped to the floor with an audible sound. ”Shit!” He muttered under his breath. Looking at the armchair he noticed the girl was stirring, but still asleep. He let out a sigh of relief because he hadn’t been noticed.

Bending down, he grabbed the object that had fallen out of the package. It was made out of bright pink plastic and had a curious shape. A button was at one end of the object. Turning it around in his hand he pushed the button. With a hum, the object began to vibrate in his hand. Surprised he let go of the object and it clattered over the floor, rolling under an armchair. Letting out a curse he went down to his knees and began fishing for the object. Finally, he found it and went back to put it into the package. While doing so he found a leaflet, which also seemed to belong in the package.

Curious about what he was handing out, he took a look at the list and blushed. Apparently, it was some kind of sex toy.

“Santa!” He heard a voice behind him.

“I have been looking all over for you”

Whirling around he saw the girl, her bright blue eyes wide open staring at him. “It’s you Santa.” She cried out, “I have been waiting for you.”

He tried to calm her down. “Yes, but could you please be quiet? We don’t want to wake up the house.”
She giggled and grinned at him. “No worries Santa, none of the others are around. I volunteered for the graveyard shift” Before he could reply, she got up and slapped him across the face hard and her hands began hammering his chest. “Where were you Santa I have been looking all over for you. I even went to the north pole but you weren’t around anywhere?”

He grabbed her wrists to stop her from slapping him. “Could you please stop that? Of course, I was not around. I have been delivering gifts, bringing them to the local Santa Centers, so it’s easier to distribute them on Christmas Eve.“

She looked up at him, confusion in her eyes. From his point of view, he had a good look down at her cleavage. Apart from the too-large sweater, she was only wearing green over-knee socks and panties. “What are you talking about Santa?” She inquired.

Second Place story contest

“Some of them live in the same house”

“Oh boy.” Confused he ran his hand through his beard. “I am not supposed to talk about it.” Unable to resist the sad look in her big blue eyes he continued. “ Let’s say I would bring gifts to even half the people on this planet. If I wanted to do that in one night, even considering, that some of them live in the same house, my sleigh would have to go so fast that I went up in flames.”

She looked at him her mouth wide open.

“So the original Santa went into retirement a while ago and his kids made some changes. I am not Santa but A Santa. I was trained at Santa Academy. We have local Santa Centers all around the world so the Santas have a shorter way of delivering your presents.”

“Oooookaaay,” She said while her brain ran through what I had just said. “So there are lots of Santas, so all of us good girls get their prezzies in time.”

He nodded. “That about sums it up.”

Her face lit up. “Prezzies! Did you bring me something Santa?” Her gaze fell upon the strange object still in my hand. “Ohh the UnicHorny 4K I wanted that one for ages.” Quickly she grabbed the object out of his hand.

“You should, shouldn’t you”

“Hey!” he protested “You can’t do that.”

She giggled. “Of course I can. There is my name on the pink sock and there is my name on the prezzy, so it’s mine.” Her finger indicated the objects she had mentioned.

“But you are supposed to open it on Christmas Morning.” He protested.

She fell back in the armchair. “But I already know what it is.” He shook his head and replied. “Then you know more than me.”

“Wuuuut it’s one of the best sex toys evaaa.” She laughed. “You hand out prezzies and don’t know what you bring?”

“I can’t know anything can I?” He replied defensively.

“But you should, shouldn’t you? Let me show you.” She flipped one of her legs over the armrest, exposing her lacy panties. Sliding one hand down between her legs she started rubbing her pussy while pushing the UnicHorny 4k between her lush lips.

“That doesn’t look like a good girl.”

Second Place story contest

“She rubbed her hand over his crotch”

Shush” She raised a finger. “We are just getting started. The good parts are coming next.” Pulling her panties aside, exposing her pink lips she slid the tip of the object inside her. She pressed the button and started moaning. He stared at her, as she pleasured herself. He didn’t notice at first, but his red pants were beginning to tent out.

She looked at him, and a playful smile danced around her lips. “Of course, sex toys are nevaaa as good as the real stuff.” Leaning forward she rubbed her hand over his crotch. He moaned as her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

“Oh your North Pole is quite big Santa.“ She cooed. Before he could react, did he want to react, she had pulled down his pants and wrapped her lips around his cock. She bobbed her head up and down slurping on his cock. Unable to resist her he slid a hand under her sweater and began fondling her full breasts. With one hand she kept sliding the toy in and out of her pussy, while cupping and massaging his balls with the other.

He could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth. They both moaned hers muffled by his cock in her mouth. His hands grabbed and squeezed her breasts harder. Letting his cock slide out of her mouth, she pulled the sweater over her head. “Squeeze ‘em Santa daddy.”

“She started bouncing on his cock”

He sat down and pulled her in his lap. Bending down he covered her breasts in wet greedy kisses. Her hand grabbed his shaft and stroked him. Taking the toy from her he continued to slide it in and out of her.

“I always wanted to sit in Santa’s lap.” She said in a husky voice as she climbed into his lap. Rubbing the tip of his cock against her wet lips before impaling herself on his hard shaft. Running her hands through his hair, she pulled his face between her breasts, Slowly she started bouncing on his cock.
Digging his fingers into her ass, he left a wet trail on her bouncing breasts, as he kissed licked and nibbled them.

“Lick my tiddies Santa bite them.” She moaned riding him fast and hard. His kisses and bites grew more passionate. His hands grabbed and smacked her ass. They both moaned out loud, as she rode him at a frantic pace. He could feel he was getting close, as she arched her back screaming “Santa BABY … cum for me!!”

Her body shook in ecstasy as she climaxed. Sliding off his lap she grabbed his cock with both hands stroking him. He could not hold back any longer and exploded all over her face and breasts. She giggled in delight “It’s snowing.”

Second Place story contest

“We are all whores”

Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms before the fireplace. “I am not from accounting, but such behaviour should land you on the Naughty List.”

She pouted and batted her eyes at me. “I am a perfectly good lil slut. We all are very good at being bad.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean by that?”

She giggles and her breasts bounced with her laughter. “Yusss we are all whores. Our guests get VERY good room service. Maybe you come by after the Holidays.”

He chuckled. “I might just take you up on that, but I will be travelling incognito then.” Taking the toy out of her hand, ignoring her pout, he put it back in the package and stuffed it in the sock labelled Sasha. “You open that tomorrow and pretend to not know what it is!”

“Yuss Santa Baby.” She smiled and kissed him one last time. “See you soon.”

Up on the roof he readied his sleigh. “We have some time to catch up and you have rested long enough. Hoe Hoe Hoe!”

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I knew Santa is a PERV”

    Great story 😀

  2. Greg

    Fantastic story Bob! I think you captured Sasha very well. Yuss!

      • BobMorane

        Do you know another girl looking for Santa at the North Pole?

        You story was what ignited my inspiration.

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