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The more I read through some of these entries, the more I have started to realize that people have a very skewed view of my life as an X-Sister. It makes me wonder, am I really this evil? Next time, I am definitely doing a photoshoot before publishing these stories. Anyway, first place is now here, Santa Cums at Candy’s by Greg Bandy. – Jess

Santa Cums at Candy’s

It was the night before Christmas, and all through Candy’s Sex Hotel,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a trainee.

The stockings were hung by the fish tank with care,
In hopes that Santa would soon be there.

The Sex Waitresses and Trainees were all nestled in their beds,
While dreams of large cocks, danced through their heads…

Santa’s HQ, The North Pole, 2 Weeks Before Christmas

“Bernard, how is the ledger coming along?” the large man boomed across the conference room. The spectacled elf looked up from his notepad to answer, “Everything is coming along fine Santa. We should be able to give you the final Naughty or Nice list in a few days. Santa smiled back at the old elf who managed the annual assessment of all the boys and girls in the world, “Good good, and what about Candy’s?” The old elf smirked, he’d always been a bit contemptuous of Santa’s interest in this particular establishment, “You’ll be pleased to know there is a large group on the Naughty list at Candy’s this year” Santa smiled and let out a jolly belly laugh, “Oh that’s wonderful Bernard! Please send me the final list once it’s ready.”

As the meeting adjourned, Bernard pulled out his iPhone, and texting an unsaved number, “The adjustments you requested have been made. I’ll be expecting the agreed-upon deposit to my account within 24 hours. Please confirm receipt of the message.”

Snapshot 883

The Bar, Candy’s Sex Cafe and Hotel, 2 Weeks Before Christmas

The pretty girl with blonde braids stood behind the bar flirting with a hotel guest when her phone buzzed, she picked it up, and read the message, an evil smile crossing her face. She punched out a quick reply, deleted the message string and then pocketed her phone. One of the other girls noticed her quick movements and asked, “Everything ok Jess?” Jess smiled and didn’t answer directly just saying, “Hmmm”.

Candy’s Sex Cafe and Hotel, Christmas Eve

A man in a red suit entered the hotel, noticing the remnants of what must have a been large party earlier in the evening, empty bottles of No. 5 beer stacked on the bar. It was late at night on Christmas Eve as the man crept through the building with practiced ease. He’d been here many times over the years. This was always his favorite stop as the beautiful residents were always able to raise his Christmas cheer. He silently ascended the stairs stopping at the first room, before turning the handle and slipping inside, a naughty smile on his face. Inside the room, a gorgeous blonde woman lay sprawled on top of the sheets, her naked form catching the moonlight. The man in the red suit reached down brushing a hand across her chest, and as he pinched a nipple, the woman’s eyes opened, “Santa, is that you?”

“Merry Christmas Lumi, it looks like you’ve been a naughty girl this year,” he scolded and Lumi looked away with disappointment. “Don’t worry, though, I brought you something anyway.” He pulled out an impossibly large, gift-wrapped box from a small, red velvet bag and leaned it against the wall by her bed. Her eyes lit up, and she wrapped her arms around him, “Santa, did you bring me a gun?” He smiled, “Be careful with that, you might shoot your eye out!” Then he made a loud joyful belly laugh, as his hands roamed her naked body, a hand sliding in between her thighs, “Mmm, Lumi, you’re so wet for Santa…”, she pulled away, surprised by his touch, “What are you doing Santa?” He smirked at her, then started pulling down his red trousers, “This is what I do to all the naughty girls at Christmas…”

He pulled a small bag out from his large red robe, pulled out a pinch of what looked like sparkling snowflakes and blew it into her face. “Don’t worry Lumi, you won’t remember me being me here this year either.” An evil grin crossed his face as she fell into his arms, sleeping deeply. Several minutes later after finishing with her, he put back on his red suit and creeped out into the hall to continue his work.

Snapshot 994

“Next one is bound to be naughty”

Santa opened the next door and looked in on a petite blond girl, he pulled out of his red notebook checking his ledger, “Hmm, Anna is on the nice list this year..oh well, always plenty of naughty ones at Candy’s…” He grinned, closing the door and moving down to the next room. “Huh, Sternchen, also on the nice list this year…next one is bound to be naughty!!” He chuckled before opening the next door and immediately stepped inside when he recognized the pretty freckled face.

He sat on the bed waking up the sleeping blonde, “Uh..Santa, why are you in my bedroom?” she asked with sleepy eyes. He smiled at her warmly, “Well Brooke, you’ve been a very naughty trainee this year, so I’ve come to punish you.” A manic gleam entered his eyes as he ripped the sheets off her bed, revealing her very naked body. She tried to scramble away, but his hands were too fast. He grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs apart before she could get away. Then he knelt in between her legs, licking her pussy. She tried to resist, begging, “please Santa, I thought you were supposed to eat your cookies and then be on your way!” He laughed, “Oh, I’m going to eat my cookies alright, Santa, loves whoreos, Brooke!”

As he continued to devour her cunt, her need overtook her reluctance and she began thrusting her hips against his face, “Oh god…fuck me Santa!” He grinned, and shed his suit and trousers once again, before laying atop her, pressing his cock inside her tunnel. “My ledger is never wrong Brooke, you’re a very naughty girl!” He purred in her ear as his cock slammed into her sopping-wet tunnel.

“Looks like Santa’s favorite is up next”

Several minutes later, Santa again brought out the small bag, and blew a pinch of the magic snowflakes into her face, causing her to fall back asleep, a well fucked smile plastered across her face. He left her gift-wrapped package on her nightstand before kissing her cheek, “Sleep well and I’ll fuck you again next Christmas!” He whistled a cheerful Christmas tune as he pulled up his trousers, silently left the room, and slipped back into the hall.

After checking in on a few more rooms with girls on the nice list, Santa paused in the hallway pondering a curious thought, why had all the petite girls at Candy’s been assigned to the Nice list this year? He knew he would have to discuss the matter with Bernard when he returned to the North Pole, this was really starting to put a damper on his Christmas Spirit. He checked his watch, realizing he needed to keep moving, “Oh well, looks like Santa’s favorite is up next,” he chuckled before stepping into the next room.

The sound of the door closing woke up the attractive blonde, she sat up, alarmed, “Who’s there?!” Santa stepped closer to the bed and she was able to see the distinctive red suit more clearly. “Santa? Why are you in my bedroom?” Santa grinned, then pulled out his little red notebook, “Let’s see, Jess X…my what a naughty girl you’ve been this year, the naughtiest in fact!” She looked at him, still sleepy and confused, “Hmmm.” she said then shot him an annoyed look. “Okay, so leave my lump of coal under the tree and let me get back to sleep.” Santa gave her a wicked smile, “Oh I’ll be leaving something for you alright…” He smirked and then, began taking off his robe and unbuttoning his trousers. Jess looked at him in shock not sure if this was actually happening or a bad dream, “What are you doing Santa?”

Snapshot 897

“Let Santa give you some of his Christmas Cheer!”

“I’m giving you a Christmas gift, but don’t worry Jess, you won’t remember a thing in the morning. He grinned as he knelt on the bed near her face, grabbing her blonde braids and forcing her mouth on his cock.” The sudden move surprised her and she gasped around his shaft as it filled her mouth, the tip jabbing the back of her throat. A booming laugh filled the room, “That’s a good girl Jess, let Santa give you some of his Christmas Cheer!” Jess tried to scowl at the strange man who had just forced himself in her mouth, but hearing his cheerful laugh had a magical effect causing her to start getting wet, a stream of juice dripping down her leg.

“Oh Santa, your cock is so big!” she gasped around his thick rod. He laughed, “Perfect to fuck you with my dear. Now be a good girl and get on all fours,” he commanded. She didn’t know why, but suddenly she really wanted Santa to fill her pussy and fuck her. She slapped herself, muttering, “Snap out of it!” But it was no use, her slut brain had kicked into overdrive and she eagerly got on her hands and knees turning around to watch as Santa got behind her, his cock rubbing against her juicy slit. “Santa loves all the boys and girls Jess, but he loves naughty little girls like you the most!” He then rammed his unusually large member all the way inside her pussy in one stroke and started fucking her earnestly. She screamed, “Oh..fuck me Santa…fuck me harder!” Several minutes later, Santa left a hot gooey present inside her pussy.

“Do try to be careful with your gift”

He crawled off the bed, putting back on his suit while Jess lay in a tangled mess on top of the sheets. Santa, pulled a small gift-wrapped package out of his toy bag placing it on her nightstand. Then he pulled out the smaller bag of snowflakes, taking a pinch and sprinkling it over the comatose blonde’s glazed eyes. “Merry Christmas Jess, and do try to be careful with your gift.” He smiled and let out a jolly laugh before continuing out of the hall and onto the next room.

Santa opened the door and peeked in the room, he pulled out his red ledge checking for Merritt, “Dammit, nice list? How is that possible, I know for a fact she was Naughty several times this year! There have never been so many girls on the Nice list at Candy’s” He huffed in frustration closing the door. Santa muttered under his breath, “I know you’re up to something Bernard, you better hope I don’t figure it out…” Several more visits were made that night, rewarding the Naughty girls with an intimate encounter and a very luxurious gift. The Nice girls he left alone to enjoy their sweet dreams. After was finished with all of his deliveries, he boarded his sleigh, already looking forward to his annual visit to Candy’s the following year.

Snapshot 1099

Candy’s Sex Hotel, Christmas Morning

The blonde receptionist walked into the bar yawning, wearing her favorite hoodie featuring the X Sisters logo. The other girls were already standing behind the bar chatting. Jess looked up, “Hey sis, what did Santa bring you for Christmas?” Lumi grinned, remembering Santa’s gift in her room that morning, a prototype US Military sniper rifle. The three girls, Brooke, Lumi and Jess all giggled discussing the wonderful gifts they’d received. Jess was gifted the keys to a fully loaded M1-A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, and Brooke received a stunning diamond-encrusted choker.

Jess laughed, excited to take her new tank for a test drive, “That special cocoa blend worked, I remember everything from last night,” the other girls nodded, faraway looks in theirs thinking about their midnight visitor. Lumi turned to Jess, “Your plan worked sis, all the petites are upstairs with sad faces, Santa didn’t bring them anything.” Brooke shook her head in disbelief, “I still can’t believe you were able to get the head elf to provide the magic cocoa and move all the petite girls to the Nice list.” Jess smiled a sinister look crossing her face, “The Petites got what they deserved. We all know that at Candy’s, the Naughty girls get the best gifts.”

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Awesome story Greg!
    I loved the little poem in the beginning and whoreos are awesome. I think I might have a new fav cookie.
    Now why didn’t I think about seducing Santa … ah I am a decent girl. 😀

    And Jess you are totes evil(in a fun and keeping us on our toes way) and a whore. 😀
    Aaaaand you are also sweet, funny and caring. You would give you arm to help a sister in need, or a stranger you met a few hours before. Weeeell maybe not your arm, bun an arm. 😛
    Love you to pieces roomie xoxoxo

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