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There are two very good reasons to become an escort in Second Life. One of those is that you never know what type of sex you’re going to have, it might be something sensual or it might be something wild. The second is that you get to experience being part of a very unique group of people. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of reasons to become an escort, of course, the money helps too. I never know what type of day I’m going into at the bar but what I do know is that I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it. When you first experience the unique world of Second Life escorting, you never want it to stop.

A Good Start To The Day

Most days don’t start the way they’re going to end but I got to be a very lucky whore. There’s a simple routine that I like to follow in the mornings and that is wake up, shower, eat breakfast, make a coffee and head to the bar. It’s become such a well-treaded routine that I’m usually on auto-pilot.

While the bar can be fairly busy in the mornings, usually I have at least enough time to finish my coffee before I have to do anything. Some days that isn’t always how it plays out, not that I’m going to complain about it.

When I got to the bar this morning, Ebony and Bena were at the bar with Deci. Truthfully, I still hadn’t recovered from the previous night with Deci but I joined them at the bar. As I sat down he looked at me and spoke “Why don’t you come and sit with me?”. That’s an offer that I couldn’t refuse, so I sat on his lap and started stroking his chest.

We started talking, and the surroundings of the bar started to fade into the background. That’s the thing with me, while the group environment is definitely something that I love and it’s what makes the bar amazing, I also like to give attention. Whatever I was saying worked because a few minutes later he wanted to take me home.

When we got to his place he instantly stripped naked, exposing his cock. Oh, this was going to be fun I could sense it. We sat on the chair and he started teasing his hand over my pussy. Before I could even register what was happening, he pulled me up and thrust his cock into me. Fucking me hard and fast before filling my pussy. It was a great start to the day.

Experience the Unique World of Second Life Escorting | Burlesque

Ebony says that I have twitchy builder fingers because I’m always moving, changing or adding something to the bar. At first, I disagreed with her and thought maybe she was over exaggerating but now I’m not so sure.

We built a ring above the bar to sit on, no sex animations but it was something a little bit different. Talking to Rach about it we both decided that it reminded us of Moulin Rouge. Which, is a really good thing. While I’ve never seen the real Moulin Rouge I do love the movie.

After we spent some time on the ring perfecting our skills Rach threw a box at me and, in the way that Rach does, she just yelled “Gift for you”. When I opened it I pulled out a swing. Not just any swing though, this was a trapeze swing. Now we were getting acrobatic and I was loving this idea.

We managed to get it hung from the ceiling, Rach holding me on her shoulders so I could attach it. We tried the other way around with her on my shoulders, that’s not something I’m never going to try again.

The swing was up and so the last thing to do was get ourselves in burlesque outfits and put on a show. Which is exactly what we did.

Experience the Unique World of Second Life Escorting | Star Whores

We are hosting our Star Whores event on Saturday, May 6th. We wanted to do it on May 4th because that’s the day for all Star Wars-related things. However, Saturday seemed like a better option.

Melisa has been in a debate with herself on whether to be a sexy droid or a Sith, Jess is Darth Vader and I’m a stormtrooper. Or I guess a sluttrooper? Either way, it’s going to be such a fun day of sex, space things, DJs and dancing. We have two DJs lined up, Rach and Zath. So we know for sure that it’s going to be an amazing time.

If our St Patricks Day party is anything to go by then I don’t imagine there will be any shortage of sex around the bar, on the bar and all over the parcel.

Wild events are seemingly what we do best.

Experience the Unique World of Second Life Escorting | De Ja Vu

While it can happen, it’s rare that you both start and end your day with the same customer. While I was sitting at the bar with Bena, Deci walked in. He mentioned how I had given him a great start to the day and we spoke for a little. A few minutes later he beckoned me to sit on his lap.

It was like de ja vu.

Then the de ja vu got stronger when he whispered into my ear that he wanted to take me back to his place again. He made his payments to the jar and off we went.

This time we weren’t going to sit on a chair, this time he was going to fuck me against his jukebox. He pulled my hair as he bent me against it, thrusting his cock into me. I was frantically trying to catch my breath, my entire body was on a cloud of ecstasy as he used my pussy.

His hand started drawing against my ass and I could feel the mixture of pleasure and pain soar through me. Crying out I begged for more, his cock stretching me out while he slammed harder and deeper inside me. Our skins collided before he picked me up and lowered me back onto his member.

Leaning against the jukebox he propped me up while I bounced and rode. Eventually, I couldn’t hold much longer “Fuck, I’m going to cum on your cock Daddy” I screamed out before climaxing. That was enough to make him fuck me even harder, slamming me back against the jukebox as he ravaged me before filling my pussy and leaving me a dripping mess.

What a way to end the day.

Unlimited Fun and Entertainment

It has been a really fun week at the bar and this weekend looks sure to be even better. Star Whores will be our fun Star Wars event on Saturday, May 6th at 11 am SLT.

Just because we’re having an event doesn’t mean that the fun and entertainment are limited to that time slot. We are always open, always active and always ready to make the day a unique experience.

If you follow our Flickr account then you can see that for yourself.

You can’t get a better experience than visiting in person though. So, take this taxi and I’ll see you there.

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