Second Life Tuesday Restart Madness | A Tale of Darts and Whores


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Despite what you may read on these pages, I am not the only person at the X-Sisters Sex Bar who gets to have sex with our customers. Though, proudly, I do get to have a lot of it every day. Depending on where you are in the building too, it can almost be a performance sport. You see, not only is the bar staffed by cum guzzling whores, but we also like to see our other colleagues get fucked hard. “Watch them get dicked down” is the phrase that I’ve heard a few times. Second Life has many amazing places, the bar is definitely one of the best. When it comes to the Second Life Tuesday restart, then, as you’re about to find out, it’s the best place to hide.

Second Life Tuesday Restart Madness | Maintenance Time

I often say that being a sex bar manager isn’t just about the sex. And, while it makes up about 99% of the job and is definitely the most fun part about it. There are other aspects too, keeping personnel files up to date in the filing cabinet is one. Inspecting the building is another.

I had done a walk-through of the bar early in the morning and noticed that one of the sinks in the bar toilets had been ripped off of the wall. My best guess was that someone just got fucked too hard on it and it fell off. It did mean however that I needed to get it fixed.

I waited for an opportunity to get someone to help me move it, it is rather heavy so I thought I would wait for a customer. Then Dan walked in. I know that he goes to the gym a lot because he always tells me, knowing that I have a thing for after gym sweat on a guy.

So, I saw my opportunity to get some help. “Can you help me in the toilets Dan?” I smiled at him. “I need something moved and I’m too weak” I joked. He sort of raised his eyebrow at me and smirked “I’ve only known you to be too weak once” he grinned as he put a very generous payment into my tip jar. He was of course referring to the other night when both him and Stills completely broke me in our threesome.

Dirty Slut in the Dirty Toilets

At that point, he followed me through to the toilets and I completely forgot about the sink. There’s something strangely hot about getting fucked in the toilets of a sex bar, and I had yet to have any fun in there. So this was my chance. I pushed him against the urinal and dropped to my knees. My fingers pulled down his zipper and let his cock fall free before I started sucking on it.

After a few minutes he was moaning out and his cock was swelling. Fuck. I didn’t want to make him cum so soon, I wanted him to take me right there in the toilets. As that thought ran through my head he hit his climax. Force-feeding me his thick jets of cum before pulling out and covering my face and tits. Oh well, I guess I have to find someone else to fuck me in the toilets.

Second Life Tuesday Restart Madness | The Refugee

Region restarts are like mini apocalypses. You can run, but you can’t hide. Well, unless it’s a Tuesday restart then you can hide at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. Our region doesn’t restart until a Wednesday. By the time I had finished with Dan in the toilets and made my way back through to the main bar, Zath was there.

He was running from the rolling restarts and had found himself in our safe haven. No better place to end up right?

Anyway, there was a suggestion for a game of darts which is always fun. Our darts challenge is really a win-win situation no matter who wins. The rules are simple. If the customer wins then all X-Girls have to get naked and if we win then the customer has to buy a round of beer. So realistically, the end result is either we get drunk or we get naked. That’s not a bad outcome no matter what the result is.

Anyway, as the reigning defending darts champion of the bar it is my duty to uphold the values that were established in the great darts proclamation of 2023. At this time the governing body declared that all X-Girls must participate in the darts challenge when requested by a customer. It also had some strange talk of landmines and tanks but I skipped that part.

The important part is that we should win because whores are thirsty and we need a lot of alcohol.

Zath was ready to play, and so were we. It was a three-on-one game. Me, Gem and Chandra against Zath, the winner would be everyone because that’s just what we do. I cleared my points first, securing the victory for us X-Girls and Zath honoured the challenge and started to get us drunk.

Second Life Tuesday Restart

Second Life Tuesday Restart Madness | Gem Is A Gem

Our recently upscaled marketing campaign has been working amazingly. New faces consistently coming to the bar, new group members, new staff members and even just visitors. One such visitor stopped by after seeing our campaign and decided to come and check out the bar.

Ever the showman, Zath decided it was the perfect time to demonstrate just how much fun the bar was. The atmosphere got a little hotter and he pulled Gem onto the bar. A few seconds later and he was lapping up her pussy while she moaned intently. Our new visitor was getting a little turned on and was starting to get closer to Chandra.

Any performance in the bar gets me hot. I’m a whore with a big appetite, I guess all those years of being a virgin really built it up in me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Gems’ tip jar was full and after a few more minutes so was her pussy as Zath started slamming into her.

The Spectator

That was enough for me, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines doing nothing. Chandra was on the sofa with our new visitor and Gem and Zath were going at it hard on the bar. There really was only one thing that I could do so, ever the horny slut, I sat on the stool directly in front of them. As I watched them, I spread my legs and started playing with my pussy.

Their moans drove a wild lustful animal desire through me. Eventually, Chandras’ visitor left but Gem and Zath were still fucking on the bar. Then I heard them both cum, Zath telling me to join them and cum too.

I could feel myself start to chase climax and scream for Chandra to hold me, she just laughed and said that she could do better than that. She walked up behind me and dug her nails into my tits at the exact moment that I started cumming. We had not only provided a sanctuary for our wandering restart refugee but we had also had a very fun Tuesday afternoon.

Second Life Tuesday Restart Madness | Dee and Deci

It had been a really good and busy day at the bar, I was tired out so much that I fell asleep on the sofa but I knew that there was still more work to be done. I could sense it. So, I headed back over to the bar and once some other visitors and girls had left I was alone. Then, just as I was thinking about going and checking out this month’s Fameshed event, Deci arrived.

Deci is one of the best customers to come around, he knows what he wants, who he wants and he likes to keep us happy. He was there a few minutes before he started to fill up my tip jar. I realized just how close I was standing to the fireplace and so I had to be cautious, I slipped out of my top and he definitely didn’t have any complaints.

When he sat on the stool I jumped on it with him, and he removed his shirt. I made the comment that sitting on his lap was safer than being next to the fire. Then I mentioned the other risks that there might be. Slowly I started playing with his chest before moving down to his cock.

Then I felt his hand press against my mound before he eased a finger inside and curled it. Fuck this was hot. Leaning in he whispered into my ear “let’s go upstairs”.

You don’t need to tell me twice Mr.

A New Experience

Dear readers, as you will have read on these pages I have been fucked in many ways. I have had MMFs and FFMs. At times I have been fucked against a bookcase, thrown around the room. There has been slow sex, sensual sex and hard sex.

I have never…

…been fucked as hard as Deci fucked me in that room.

He used me, slammed into me, choked me with my tie. His cock thrust into me so hard that I thought I was about to end up in the BDSM skybox from the velocity. By the time we had both cum, there was nothing left of me. He held me in his arms on the bed before saying his thank yous and then left.

It was a very eventful, hot and messy Tuesday.


What we do at the bar is more than fun. It’s a small community of like-minded people who truly have some amazing times. I think that’s evident from the stories that some of us post on this blog.

We do try and keep the ‘action’ up to date on the Flickr, so you can see exactly what’s going on even when you’re not there.

I love my job, it is by far the best place to work on the entire grid. So why are you still sitting here?

Come and visit us! Take this taxi. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be your safe haven next time for the Second Life Tuesday restart.

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  1. Zathras

    Funny thing is that when I logged on Tuesday, I had plans to go to Fantasy Faire. Having finished this year’s Quest the night before, I was going to take a little time for some more relaxed sight-seeing. But the restart hit before I’d even had the chance to open my inventory and change into something Faire-themed, and my Tuesday ended up going in another direction instead.

    I certainly am glad that it did.

    I swear, in the moment, it almost felt as if Gem and I were remotely fucking you with your own fingers, Dee. That was *so* *damn* *hot*.

  2. Chandra Kusari

    I created a sex crazed zombie slut. Mahahaha

    Good work Dead Girl!

  3. BobMorane

    I could help you with your toilet. It’s still on my to do list in the bar.

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