Black Friday is a long-standing tradition in retail. Originating in the USA, this shopping phenomenon falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving and marks the start of the holiday shopping season. But what about sex work? Do they do Black Friday? I can’t imagine that a red-light district is going to have big sales on what you can buy. Luckily at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, we have that fully covered this year. So what better way than to spend Black Friday in Second Life than at the X-Sisters Sex Bar surrounded by X-Girls.

Black Friday in Second Life | A Day of Sex and Drink Surprises

An Pleasurable Return | Black Friday Preparations and Lovense Encounters

Getting back to work after two weeks was a lot of fun. Not only did I get to sink my teeth into setting up our Black Friday event but of course I got to have some fun play time with our customers. My first day back was filled with champagne, dancing and some crazy wild sex.

When Tim got to the bar he let me know that he was happy to see me back, it’s always a nice feeling being told that by the barflies. As we chatted back and forth for a while he said he couldn’t wait much longer and he booked out the Lovense room. This was enough to get me super excited, I love my Lovense Lush and I don’t think I’ve been very shy about making that known on these pages.

After he paid the rate and we headed up I got the QR code all scanned and we made our way to the bed. What followed next was 30 minutes of absolute mind-melting pleasure.

Black Friday in Second Life | VIP Suite Special

Black Friday in Second Life is about to get more exciting with the latest offer at the bar. Remember the massive revamp we did? It’s been a hit, especially the VIP suite. It’s easy to see why: the best furniture, a great ambiance, a private bar, and the chance to spend time with your chosen X-Girl or even multiple X-Girls – yes, more than one!

The VIP experience usually comes with a premium price. For Black Friday, we’re shaking things up. You’re probably thinking, ‘A Black Friday deal for the VIP suite, Jess?’ Absolutely!

We’re introducing a special Black Friday offer: the VIP Suite is available for 30-minute sessions, a break from our standard one-hour booking. And here’s the best part – it’s only 1400L per X-Girl for every half hour. A bargain like this on Black Friday in Second Life is something you won’t want to miss!

Black Friday in Second Life: Special VIP Suite deal at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Celebrate Black Friday in Second Life with Exclusive Beer Discounts

Our Black Friday extravaganza at the bar goes beyond just the VIP Suite deal. Beer. An X-Girl favourite, is getting its own special treatment for the occasion. Typically priced at 50L per bottle, we’re slashing the price of X-Sisters Beer. Imagine sipping on your favourite beer, socializing, and having some crazy sex with the X-Girls – they’re all in for a fun time.

This Black Friday, we’re not just celebrating the shopping frenzy; we’re also embracing the evolving culture of alcohol sales. While Black Friday’s roots are tied to a financial crisis back in 1869, it’s transformed dramatically. In the 1980s, retailers gave it a positive spin, marking the day they turned profits – moving from “in the red” to “in the black.” This day has now become synonymous with unbeatable deals and massive savings.

The tradition of alcohol sales on Black Friday is a bit more modern and less defined, but it’s growing rapidly. Retailers and online platforms have been increasingly offering deals on various alcoholic beverages, catering to the festive mood of consumers.

Jumping on this trend, we’re offering an incredible deal on beer: just 35L per bottle for the entire day. This means you can grab 10 bottles for only 350L – a deal that’s never been seen before anywhere! So, when planning your Black Friday, remember there’s only one place that combines great sex deals with unforgettable experiences. Make sure you’re here to enjoy every moment of it!

Black Friday in Second Life promotion: Discounted beer offers at the X-Sisters Sex Bar.

Exclusive Offers

Of course, there’s a whole grid of deals out there, and being the caring friend that I am I said I would point some out. Daria is hosting an amazing sale of 50% off all week until Monday, 27th November. This is your chance to grab some of PleasureScapes’ top-quality, Lovense-enabled, animated furniture at half price. For those interested in Second Life sex furniture, this is a deal not to be missed.

Over at Peckerwoods, Kane is also running a 50% off sale for the entire week, ending on the 27th of November. You can find more details on his site – definitely worth checking out. And let’s not forget the hundreds of stores across the grid marking down their products for Black Friday. It’s a wild time in Second Life. I remember last year’s Black Friday week, spending days navigating a spreadsheet and hopping from sim to sim to catch all the sales – it was crazy.

But as you dive into these amazing deals, don’t forget to reserve some of your budget for a special treat at the bar. Remember, we have the X-Sisters Beer at that unbeatable price and the chance to indulge in a VIP Suite experience with the X-Girls. So click here for your taxi to the X-Sisters Sex Bar and join in the Black Friday fun with us!

Black Friday in Second Life | A Day of Sex and Drink Surprises


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