Celebrating the Life of My Dearest Friend, Rachael Ezvalt

Celebrating the Life of My Dearest Friend, Rachael Ezvalt

Last Updated on: 21st July 2024, 02:29 am

Rachael Ezvalt burst into my world at a time when everything seemed a little off-kilter. It was at the bar of Candy’s Hotel where I first met her. Rachael wasn’t just another avatar; she was a presence, one that you couldn’t help but notice. And it wasn’t about her avatar’s size—it was her spirit, that unmistakable spark that made her unforgettable.

Our first conversation is seared into my memory and we spoke about our rates for sex work outside of the hotel. After telling her what mine were, Rachael, with her characteristic straightforwardness, hit me with, “I think I’m charging the wrong rates Jess”. Such a simple exchange, yet in retrospect, it’s these snippets that I remember the most. With anyone else, this might have been a forgettable moment, but not with Rach.

Rachael logged into Second Life for the last time on November 16th, a date now imprinted in my heart. Little did I know that it would be the final time her digital persona would grace my screen. On December 3rd, the news reached me through a message from Droid, her partner. Rachael, my dear friend Rach, had passed away over a week prior.

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Rachael was a part of my blogging journey for over a year now, whether she was sending me a photo with a message saying ‘for the blog’ or pinging me at ungodly hours with some weird story that she insisted I write about. She had this way of making everything seem important, blog-worthy, and it was amazing how she always wanted to chip in. Unfortunately, Rach would always send me images that were 256×256 in pixels so I could never really use them.

She was that sort of person. Selflessly amazing. I loved her for that. The picture posted above this is us, chilling in her meadow, way past midnight. I was so tired, ready to crash after hanging out at the bar all day. But then, Rach sends me am IM to “get high and listen to the stream.” Classic Rach, always on her own schedule, usually when I’m about to hit the pillow or already in bed. But that night, I went.

We just sat there for ages. Rach, flicked through her music streams, we just talked about the most random of things. It’s funny, isn’t it? How such a simple memory sticks with you. But that was Rach. Always making the little moments count.

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Rachael didn’t really care about the tedious politics of business or the usual drama that comes with Second Life. Sure, to some, she came across as little bit brash and loud, and yeah, maybe a few folks didn’t quite get her. But she was all about one thing: fun.

Imagine if you could bottle up fun, box it, and sell it – Rach would be the brains behind that operation, no question. I have so many stories and memories of her, each one now more important than they have ever been. Rach wasn’t just a part of my Second Life; she was a massive part of so many people’s virtual lives. She always had faith in me, even on those days when I doubted myself. The amount of wisdom she dropped on me… I can’t even begin to count, but I cherished every single word.

She might have had a different surname, but she was an X-Sister and she knew it.

Second Life is nothing but pixels and scripting language. But the people behind the avatars and the feelings, the bonds, the friendships. Those are real.

Here’s to you, Prolapse – my sister, my partner in crime with the dancing box head, my incredibly amazing and beautiful friend. I’ll always love you. From your forever mate, Flaps.

[2023/08/23 07:36] Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): We need homing missiles
[2023/08/23 07:36] Rachael Ezvalt: I know
[2023/08/23 07:36] Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): Oh. Yay no push back. This is why you’re my best friend
[2023/08/23 07:37] Rachael Ezvalt: I fink they’re illegal in sl
[2023/08/23 07:37] Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): That just makes it hotter
[2023/08/23 07:49] Rachael Ezvalt: I fink thats the point acording to my men in white coats
[2023/08/23 07:50] Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): Do they have big wallets your men in white coats?
[2023/08/23 07:50] Rachael Ezvalt: yeth
[2023/08/23 07:50] Jess X (itsjess.skydancer): We should kidnap them
[2023/08/23 07:51] Rachael Ezvalt: what an inconvient idea

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    I am usually not at a loss for words….
    Not sures how long I stared at the screen, before I could write.
    Rach was a force of nature … I could always sense when she was present. She had this presence that made her ubercool and made you like her.
    The thing I always associate with Rach is her breezing into the bar saying her helloes, dropping sum quirky remarks before poofing all of a sudden because she found sumthing she wanted to buy or had to take care of.
    Rach was fun and friendly an always willing to help. (She taught nooby me how to adjust my shape on the first day we met at Candys)
    The idea that she won’t be here anymore … has still not gotten through to me.
    Which shows me that the connections we forge in SL can be as meaningful and deep as those we forge in RL.
    Miss ya Rach

    • Fox Harker

      I’m going to miss her a lot.
      She and I kind of butted heads when we first started working together, but as I got to know her better, I realized how good hearted she was and I loved her sense if humor. She cared about us, and about the bar and that always showed.
      Just a few weeks ago she and I were sitting on the bar, and she was cheering me up about a slump I was having.
      I’m going to miss her a lot.

  2. Bob Morane

    I did not know Rach as good as you, but she was always fun to be around and SL was never boring when she was there. I loved her dry sense of humor and she did have an interesting taste in music.

  3. Biggie Photographer

    This news really hits me hard. I have many fond memories of conversations with Rach at the bar, to echo your point Jess, they are indelible. For example of the time we envisioned David Attenborough doing a SL mockumentry. She will be missed.

  4. Zathras

    Today I’m remembering the last time I heard Rach DJ. It was at the Halloween party. She’d originally been scheduled to take the first two-hour slot, but wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel. But at the last minute, she was feeling good enough to at least make it in-world, and was inspired to whip up an impromptu one-hour set to get us started in very fine fashion. And, of course, it was wonderful.

    Because that was Rach. Her sets always got your attention and made you listen. As I sit here putting together a set for tonight that includes a fair few Pogues tunes in the wake of the news of Shane MacGowan’s passing, I know that if she were still with us, I would probably already had at least a conversation or two with her about it. And that if she were with us tonight for that set, the craic would of course be quite lively.

    Always was, if Rach was there.

    To Rach.

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