Second Life Sex War | X-Sister vs. X-Sister


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Sibling rivalry is a story as old as time itself. It’s a tale of two sisters vying for the same thing – attention, affection, and in some cases, the cock of a cute boy. A Second Life sex war was brewing in the X-Sisters Sex Bar, it was just never thought that it would be between me and my sister…

Snapshot 2327
“Oh hello”

Second Life Sex War | A Day Of Interviews

The X-Sisters Sex Bar has been getting much busier lately, with more and more customers coming in every day. That also means that there’s been a surge in job applications too.

Me and Lumi decided to hold a few interviews during the quiet afternoon period that we get, it was a good opportunity to find some new girls to join the team. Everyone interviewed very well, and we were really impressed with their experiences and their enthusiasm for fun.

I gifted one of them some new hair because I’m picky about it and it’s super important for everyone to always look their best at the X-Sisters Sex Bar. It’s what our customers come for, they know that we only hire the most beautiful girls on the grid.

It was a productive afternoon, and it was good to welcome some fresh faces to the team.

As we were finishing up our interview with Claire, Deci arrived…

Second Life Sex War
Interviewing Claire – Our newest member of staff

Second Life Sex War | Civil War

The atmosphere at the bar was growing when Deci took a seat. Almost as soon as he sat down, the temperature in the room seemed to soar, and beads of sweat began to form on our foreheads.

As he dropped tip after tip into our jars, I couldn’t stand the heat any longer. I had to remove my top and Lumi was the same. In fact, everyone was.

As soon as both me and Lumi laid eyes on Deci, we both knew we wanted fun with him. It was like a switch had flipped, and we were both ready to fight each other for it. The heat in the bar was intense, but the tension between us was even hotter.

The battle for Deci’s attention was about to begin.

Snapshot 2324
“Who’s coming to sit with me?”

“Who’s coming to sit with me?” he asked looking around him.

Christina, Claire and Lumi all agreed that he should choose. No no no… no no… no no no. That’s not how this was going to happen.

I jumped off of my stool and onto his lap, I had claimed him and Lumi had lost.

“No sis! You can’t! He’s mine!” I could hear the anger building in her voice. There are many things and people that the X-Sisters will fight, actually, we’ll fight, shoot, burn and explode anyone, but fighting each other…

That’s something nobody really wants to see, the fallout would be unpredictable.

She jumped onto the stool between us and slapped my face. “Back off bitch” I hissed at her.

Second Life Sex War
“Back off bitch”

Second Life Sex War | Civil War

As the day moved on, the tension was getting stronger. We were both calling each other “bitch” and slapping each other. Deci looked at us and said that he would say not to fight but he wasn’t going to, but I think he was enjoying it.

The temperature in the bar kept rising, and eventually, we realized that Deci was the source of the heat. It didn’t help that my sister had decided to try and sit between us.


The champagne bucket was overflowing, the tip jars were full and everyone was having a good time. Well almost everyone, I was still having to fight with my sister about who was going to get to have fun with Deci.

I leaned in a little closer to him, pressing my breasts against his chest with Lumi sandwiched in between us. Then she slapped me again “Bitch! Leave him alone” she screamed in my face.

“Bitch, I claimed him go find your own”

“Bitch you stole him” she was getting mad.

“Stole or claimed. It’s all the same thing in the end” I couldn’t resist grinning as I watched her really start to tense up.

Deci must have been able to sense that things were almost reaching a tipping point too. “How about we three head off and you can smoke My peace pipe together?”

Hmmm, I guess we could share.

Second Life Sex War
“Are you two going to be friends?

United By Cum

“Are you two going to be friends?

That’s what he asked us as we all lay down on the bed. I would try, I love my sister and this was our first fight and I can’t say it didn’t upset me but I wanted him.

We agreed that we would share, and then he pulled out his cock… Our eyes widened. There was definitely enough to share. Oh boy.

Me and my sis looked at each before moving our bodies downwards. Lumi started to run her tongue across his balls while I spat and sucked on the tip.

Second Life Sex War
The true X-Sisters experience

He grabbed my sister while I lay back on the bed, his eye meeting mine as he fucked her hard and deep from behind. I grinned up at him before telling him “Fuck her like you own her”.

Lumi started to run her tongue along my pussy lips, circling around my clit.

“You are so sweet sis, I’m sorry for slapping you” I could hear her mumble into my pussy.

A few seconds later he lay down and pulled me on top of him, I could feel his thick cock stretch my pussy around it. I started to ride, my moans and his grunts echoing off of the walls. Lumis tongue ran up his length and against my little bead.

It was so hot.

He came, I came and Lumi cleaned us with her mouth. The X-Sisters had been reunited over the thick ropes of cum from a cute boy.

Second Life Sex War

Sibling Rivalry

Despite how intense things got in the bar between me and Lumi over Deci, I don’t think that we could ever truly fall out. Yes, we might have been slapping each other and arguing over his attention, but that X-Sisters bond is unbreakable.

It was all in good fun, and we both knew that… I hope No matter what, I still love my sister just as much as I did before she tried to steal him from me.

The bar is alive and it is so much fun, there is a lot of sex and a lot of alcohol. And now there was a Second Life sex war. What else do you need?

I guess this is where I usually write “Take this taxi” but maybe I should try and write something different for once.


No, I can’t. Take this taxi!


Before I go, I have some very sad news to share. If you’ve ever been to the bar then you’ll know that Rach counts the fish every day and she loves them. So you can imagine how heartbroken she was to find that one of them had died.

We made a little grave outside for her to visit him whenever she wants.

R.I.P Nathan the Fish 2023-2023

Snapshot 2340

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  1. Chandra Kusari

    Poor Nate he was a really nice guy. I will miss him.

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