Shopping, you love it too right? If so, you know how addictive it can be, especially in Second Life. I hit some of the sales and picked up some new outfits and furniture, and my mood was high. Soon after, I stopped by the X-Sisters Sex Bar and ran into Sam, Yas, Mr Chin, and our newest staff member, Xandra. I should always be prepared for a wild night at the bar but this time I was not prepared for a night of shopping and shenanigans.

We started chatting about LaLou furniture and how great it was. After Sam left, I decided to head to LaLou to pick up the new sofa that I had been eyeing for weeks. Well, when I say ‘eyeing’ I mean I was trying to convince myself not to buy it. Actually, I was doing a terrible job of that too. Once I got the sofa all set up in the lounge at the bar, that’s when the night took a wild turn.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans | The New Sofa

LaLou is a pretty popular brand in Second Life, known for its high-quality and stylish furniture. The thing with LaLou is that their furniture is not only visually appealing but also amazing for sex.

I have known Sam for a while now but we’ve never had sex at any point. He was elusive to me but that had to change. For the past few weeks I’ve been teasing him about how the world is going to end if us fucking doesn’t get etched into the history books soon.

It has been a fun back and forth and while neither of us has purposely been avoiding each other for sex, our times just haven’t matched up. That however needed to change.

He returned to the bar just after I set up the new piece of furniture. As we all sat on the sofa, he lay down on one side and I sat on top of him.

Playing with his chest I leaned in and whispered “You’ve avoided me for too long Mr Sam… let’s save the world.”

He must have either already cammed through to the bar in anticipation or he is the fastest cammer in the world. Not even two seconds after whispering to him, my tip jar rang out with the 1000L payment. We were about to have some real fun.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans
“You’ve avoided me for too long Mr Sam… let’s save the world.”

I slid onto the floor, resting my knees on the wood. My fingers were already wrapped around his cock and so I ran my tongue along it, grinning up at him.

If we were going to save the world, then we would do it properly.

Or we were at the very least going to have fun trying.

As I placed my lips around the crown of his hard member I could hear a soft grunt escape his mouth. I wasted no time in taking him along my tongue while my spit washed against his cock.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans | A Busy Room

After Mr Chin left, it left some free space on the sofa. Yas and Edward were already horny and starting to have fun in the bar but seeing the free space they came back through and sat at the other side.

I sloppily sucked on Sam’s cock while I could hear the sounds of Yas behind me doing the same to Edward.

The room was heating up and the grunts of both men were growing louder.

The new sofa was getting used fairly quickly

The taste of his pre-cum combined with the sounds in the room meant that I couldn’t wait any longer. I was so ready for this.

I pulled myself up and pressed my fingers against Sam’s chest before leading him to the middle of the sofa.

Climbing over him I lowered down and started to grind my wet pussy against his length, before guiding him inside of me.

There’s a strange thing about owning a business, maybe I’m the only one that has this though and I should probably ask Lumi if she’s the same, I always want to be the first to use anything new.

My wish was granted with the LaLou sofa.

I bounced, I rode, I ground, I bucked and I rolled. Taking every inch of his cock between the wet ridges of my pussy walls.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans
“I bounced, I rode, I ground, I bucked and I rolled.”

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans | Just The Four Of Us

As I bounced on Sam, Yas bounced on Edward. The entire room was filled with moans, gasps, hitched breaths and the sounds of cocks slamming into our pussies.

Digging my nails into his chest I could feel my body start to build towards orgasm.

He looked up at me and moaned out “Fuck yes, cum with me, cum all over my cock”.

So I did, throwing my head back as I watched Yas continue to ride Edward. I came all over Sam’s cock while he shot his thick jets of cum all over my walls.

It was the perfect way to break in the new sofa.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans

A Spending Habit

I’ve always said that I have a spending habit and that’s because I do. I get overly excited about buying things and then I talk myself out of it. After I talk myself out of it, I buy lower-priced things to cheer myself up then buy the original thing.

It’s a vicious cycle but it is so much fun.

Testing out the new sofa was amazing and above all else, Sam and I saved the world! The history books are now filled with the knowledge that is needed.

Don’t be a cause for history to get damaged. I need to have sex with everyone for the record-keeping of the world! So get in this taxi and come and prevent a catastrophe and fuck me.

A Night of Shopping and Shenanigans | My Second Life LaLou Crux


Welcome to the virtual world of Second Life! I'm Jess, the proud owner of Jess And Her Gentlemen and the co-owner of the renowned X-Sisters Sex Bar. Join me on my adventures as I delve into the wonders of this digital realm. Discover more about my exciting escapades and stay updated by following my journey right here!

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  • February 26, 2023 at 2:16 pm

    You don’t have a spending habit Jess. You are a regular at Shopper’s Anonymous.

    • February 26, 2023 at 4:28 pm

      Ahaha I can’t even deny that

  • February 26, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    Oh looks like you had a fun party. Glad you finally saved the world by fucking Sam. Damn, I want to save the worls too. Any cock I can ride to make that happen?


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