Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel | A Project Arousal Story

Hotel Room
Hotel Room

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Lumi and I had been planning to tie the knot for weeks on Valentine’s Day wedding. However, life and work kept getting in the way and so we had to postpone it. Every week we take a break from our daily routine at the X-Sisters Sex Bar and enjoy a day off together. This time we booked into the Ritz hotel for a relaxing day of food, sex, spa, sex and of course sex which eventually led to our spontaneous Second Life wedding at the Ritz Hotel. Now that Lumi believes she was the one who took my virginity, sex is always on the cards. Maybe one day I’ll tell her the truth but I don’t think that would be a good idea.

As we sat in the stunning garden restaurant at the Ritz Hotel, Lumi and I both realized that we couldn’t wait any longer to get married. So, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision and decided to have our wedding then and there. We called our friend Rach, who quickly made her way to the Ritz to preside over the ceremony.

It was a beautiful wedding, with the sun shining and birds singing in the background. Rach’s words were heartfelt and touching we never expected to get married that day, but we both knew it was the right decision. As a special treat, we both invested in Project Arousal too… now this is a story worth sharing.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel | The Ritz Garden Restaurant

We had been looking forward to our stay at the Ritz Hotel ever since we decided to stay there for the day, and as we arrived and checked in, I was blown away by its beauty. I never thought a hotel in Second Life could look as stunning as this.

As we settled into our room, we set up our new Project Arousal systems, ready to explore its possibilities. But after an hour of playing with them and making each other orgasm on the sofa, we both felt ourselves getting a bit drowsy. So, we made our way to bed and took a romantic afternoon nap.

When we woke up, we got dressed and headed to the Garden Restaurant for dinner. As we sipped on our wine and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, Lumi looked at me and said, “We should get married here.” At first, I thought she meant we should book the venue for our upcoming wedding, but then she clarified that she meant right now.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel | Post-Wedding Project Arousal

I started to think about it. We were both already dressed up, and the restaurant was the perfect setting for a wedding. So, we decided to go for it.

We quickly called our friend Rach, who arrived looking stunning in her dress. Standing in the middle of the restaurant, Rach performed the ceremony. It was an unexpected and spontaneous moment, but it was also beautiful and filled with love. When Rach pronounced us married, she used the words “You may now fuck the bride”.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel

I reached over and slid my under Lumi’s dress and started using her Project Arousal. Playing with her pussy and making her shake and collapse on the ground as she started squirting everywhere. As I stood watching she reached up and did the same to me. Both of us hit climax moments after getting married.

It was a wedding we will never forget, and it was made all the more special by the fact that it was unplanned and spontaneous. As we looked around the beautiful Garden Restaurant, we both knew that we had made the right decision to get married at that very moment.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel | The Wedding Night

After our spontaneous wedding at the Ritz Garden Restaurant and spending some time in the Spa, Lumi and I returned to our hotel room, feeling elated and overjoyed. We had just made the biggest commitment of our lives, and it was incredible to be able to share that moment with each other.

As we entered our room, we both knew what was about to happen.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel

Laying her on her back I started to massage her pussy, feeling her juices start to cascade along her lips. I could sense how much she wanted it and how much this moment had been lingering thought for the both of us. Our wedding night was supposed to be weeks away but here it was, happening right now after our spontaneous Second Life wedding at the Ritz Hotel.

I started pressing my fingers between her warm walls and rubbing my thumb against her clit, this was a moment of intimate bliss for us and made the day even more special. Using her Project Arousal as I fingered her dripping pussy I made her cum. Her thick pussy cream coated my fingers before I lay back on the sofa and let her worship my cunt with her mouth.

Finishing up the day we relaxed in the bath in the luxurious bathroom and spent a few moments soaking in the day. Now that Lumi knows I’m no longer a virgin I made a pledge to her and while that pledge might not be true I also lied to her about being a virgin in the first place.

Now I just work as a bar manager, to her I still only give book reading sessions but for me, I’m going to keep playing the risky and thrilling game of trying not to get caught having sex with our customers at the bar.

Our Spontaneous Second Life Wedding at the Ritz Hotel

Join Us in Celebrating Our Marriage at the X-Sisters Sex Bar

Lumi and I are overjoyed to have tied the knot, and we want to celebrate with all of you! You can find us most days of the week at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, where we’ll be toasting our new life together surrounded by a lot of cum and a lot of sex. If you’ve met the staff you will understand exactly what I mean.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be holding a bigger event so that everyone can witness our second wedding. We’d love for you to be a part of it, and help us celebrate in style. The story of our spontaneous Second Life wedding at the Ritz Hotel is amazing but maybe our second wedding can beat it.

And to make it even more special, why not buy us a round of X-Sisters Champagne? It’s the perfect way to toast our new life together.

So come and join us at the X-Sisters Sex Bar, and maybe possibly… fuck me where my wife can’t see us? We can’t wait to see you there so hop in this taxi and come!

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