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Last Updated on: 20th March 2023, 03:15 am

Recovering from the St. Patricks Day party was tough, I had drunk so much alcohol and the thought of going to the bar to clean up the empty bottles and cum stains was not pleasant. Nursing a hangover in Second Life is always an unusual experience. What I really needed was some therapeutic shopping, more alcohol and good sex. Turns out that I’m a very lucky whore and the day would give me just what I needed.

Stopping by Candy’s All-Inclusive Sex Hotel to catch up with Candy.

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | A Quick Trip Home

I needed to do a mini bar crawl and drink as much beer as I could to get myself feeling better. The night before, at the party, I had consumed so much champagne and Irish Ale and had been fucked in every possible position, I was in need of a revival.

So I stopped off at Candy’s, when I got there I could hear the bed above the bar creaking. A few minutes later Candy walked down and we spoke for a while. We did also come up with something fun together but that will be revealed in a few weeks.

After I had managed to regain some composure from a few bottles of Bar No. 5 beer it was time to go shopping with Lumi.

We got some new shirts and made ourselves look both dangerous and adorable before heading back to our bar. That’s when things got interesting.

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | Sex Is Always The Answer
How adorably vicious do we look?

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | X-Sisters Do X-Sisters Things

I posted on Second Life Adventures a few days ago and in that post, I said “Two weapon-wielding, chaos-causing, car-vandalising, tank-owning, explosive-loving, sex-crazed whores. Believe me, it’s just as wild for us as it is for you.” I stand by that statement.

The champagne and ale taps were almost full when we got back to the bar…

They did not stay that way for long. Eventually, when neither I nor my sis could stand properly, we decided that it was time to bring out the Howitzer, the tank and of course, the land mines.

Poor Zathras hid behind the bar to try and save himself, at one point we believed that he might actually be dead.

Thankfully he wasn’t and after Lumi went to bed early to “keep her skin glowing” he suggested some Jess and Zath time. If you’ve read any posts on here that involve Zathras then you know just how much fun I have with him.

We were long overdue for some fun.

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | Jess and Zath Time

Far away corner room, that’s the room he chose. Which coincidentally is probably my favourite room in the building. This was already off to a great start.

As we stood there we both began to undress, teasing each other. Him kissing and touching my breasts while I helped him unzip his pants while I played with his balls. Both of us getting very excited and horny.

When we made our way to the bed I wrapped my lips around his cock and started to gently suck on the tip before taking him fully into my mouth. The familiar taste of his pre-cum sent ripples across my tastebuds.

Sucking and licking around his meat, I felt his head move a little towards me before he asked where I wanted him to cum… the first time. I grinned and looked up at him, telling him to cum in my mouth and over my face. Not long after that, he did. His cock erupted and the warm taste of cum trickled down my throat.

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | Sex Is Always The Answer

It was my turn next apparently and with his cum dripping down my chin he pushed me back onto the bed and dove his tongue inside my pussy.

When you have sex with someone enough times, they know exactly what you like. Zathras is one of those. It did not take long at all before he had me screaming in orgasm.

He didn’t even let me finish cumming before he turned me over and thrust his cock into me. I was writhing in pleasure, still pushing through while he fucked me from behind.

He thrust into me, my pussy drenched as it tightened around him. I was in ecstasy and a few moments later I felt his cock twitch and swell as he emptied himself into me. It had been a while but it was a fun time worth the wait.

Nursing A Hangover In Second Life | Sex Is Always The Answer

Finally Cured

I don’t know if it was the combination of the shopping, alcohol and the good fuck that Zathras gave me but finally my hangover was gone.

We both made our way back to the bar after a quick shower and drank some X-Sisters Irish Ale before he left for his DJ set. It had been a long time since Zathras and I had fun. He better not leave me waiting that long again.

There is one thing however that we haven’t had the fun of together, an X-Sister threesome with us and Zathras. That day will come soon I hope, we have been bragging about how great we are in threesomes so it’s time that he found out.

You know how these posts end, the same way that they always do. Come and visit me, fuck me in the bar or take me to a room. Let me make you cum, you won’t regret it. Take this taxi.

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  1. BobMorane

    As the old saying goes “Begin the day with what you ended the previous day.”

    Guess you nailed that perfectly.

    Looking forward to your secret plan with Caroline.

  2. Zathras

    I *definitely* need to not wait that long with you again, Jess. I had a wonderful time, too. That threesome needs to be soon too though…. 😉

    • Jess

      It’s always a great time Zathras, my little dance for joy when you suggested it was genuine aha. I look forward to the next time XD

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