Blogging Evolution | A Fresh Spin on My Second Life

Blogging Evolution | A Fresh Spin on My Second Life

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2024, 02:35 pm

For the last couple of years, I’ve been all over this blog, writing fun posts – entertainment posts. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what I’m on about, look into my blog writing guides to get in the loop. But, here’s the thing – there are only so many ways to write about Second Life sex. That’s why, after some serious contemplating, I’ve decided it’s time to try a fresh approach. So, what’s the plan, you ask? Why the sudden change of heart? Stick around and I’ll fill you in.

A Second Life Love Story

I’ve written 254 posts in my own voice. Only 37 of them are written as guides. When you do the math, that’s a sizable chunk of posts dedicated to my sex life. This count elevates when you throw Dee, Sasha and Aria into the mix. Now we’re potentially looking at nearly 300 posts, each describing intimate moments of pure carnal sex.

Notably, writing about these experiences is something I truly love. But the thought does creep in: when does it start sounding monotonous? When does a post transform into “oh, another Jess sex post”? I ask myself these questions every day.

Every time I sit down to write a fresh tale of sex fun, it seems like an exciting story. But sometimes, as I write it down, it feels like a repetitive journey. This realization could one day harm my love for this blog, something I never want to let happen.

Living Under the Limelight | The Backstage Pressure

I’ve found a new sense of satisfaction from writing about more complex topics. Exploring people’s fascination with AFK sex, or even creating a basic introduction to Second Life. Writing about one steamy sex encounter after another started to feel like a repeat telecast. And it’s pretty intense.

Almost every time I’m carried away in some exciting sex, someone pipes up: “Is this going on the blog?”. I get photos, notecards and loads of potential blog material sent my way—and don’t misunderstand me, I love it. I appreciate it. But it piles on the pressure because I feel like I need to use it.

I started this site as a simple diary of my Second Life adventures. Over time it’s grown into something bigger, and I see it every day. As I’m writing this at 2pm on a Wednesday, I’ve already clocked in over 1000 views today. At some stage, this site gradually took its own shape, steering away from what I initially wanted to write, and started catering to readers’ expectations.

And it’s true, because when something happens I hear it all the time “I can’t wait to read about this on the blog”.

The Not-So-Simple Side of Blogging

Think writing is plain sailing? Spoiler alert! It isn’t. I’ve put together a few guides on how to blog and there’s a solid reason. It’s to show that there’s more to it than just typing away.

Before any word hits the page, things need planning. I sit and study my traffic numbers and do my homework on which keywords are hot right now. I have to then pick out the best key phrases (note the difference in keywords and key phrase) – the right buzz words to get people to my blog. If I’m writing a guide or an informative post, then I need to research and make sure what I’m writing about is accurate. At the same time, I also have to figure out where to market my affiliate partnerships.

Even after one post is out, the work’s not over. I’m constantly updating old posts to keep them fresh and favourable for Google. The post you read a year or two ago? Chances are, it has had a mini makeover about five times since.

Meanwhile, I also write for other platforms as a guest. Even though it’s been a while since I last wrote for SLA, you’ll find me on a few other sites very soon. Plus, some sites I’m working with don’t even revolve around Second Life. Like the piece I’m writing on Lovense in Second Life I’m doing for a popular Lovense site that has never touched on Second Life – till now.

The Guilt and Pressure of New Ventures

Then there’s this invisible companion called guilt. Like when I went into 3DXChat and Lovense Audio Books, this nagging thought would pop up: “What if my readers don’t connect because it’s not Second Life?”.

Which in itself is strange for me, there’s a reason that the words “Second Life” don’t appear in the URL or blog name despite Carolines advice. I never wanted this site to be only about Second Life.

Add to this my ongoing health battles and it becomes quite a handful. You reach a point when you go from “Wow, that was great sex” to “Fuck, I forgot to take a picture for the blog”. This was never the goal.

The fun of blogging and virtual sex is equally intoxicating for me. Merging these two passions has been, and will continue to be a fantastic ride. But, I feel an urge to reclaim my blog, for myself. Entitled as it may sound, I believe some of you might have sensed a change in my posts’ tone.

For instance, this post as Aria. Halfway through, it probably felt as if I was forcing myself. If it wasn’t for Mel, this post could have easily boiled down to a lackluster “We had sex and then I left”.

Personal Evolution

I want to set the record straight here. This post isn’t meant to get the violins playing. The hard truth is, fewer than 1% of readers actually leave a comment on blog posts – a global statistic that drops even lower when we’re in the terrain of virtual sex.

The real interaction happens in the form of notecards, instant messages, booking requests, and affiliate sales. So this post isn’t meant for a sympathy wave in the comments section. I chose to be where I am, worked hard to get here, and I don’t regret a single moment. The only downside is, the original goals I set for myself are losing their shimmer.

The past couple of years have been a journey of self-discovery. Surprises unfolded and many suspicions got confirmed. I intend to continue on this path of revelation. But, it calls for a change in how I operate — a directional shift for me, for this site, and for the content I churn out.

The Added Load

Remember the early days when I used to write down my thoughts almost daily? Fueled by a sheer love for writing and a push to better my craft. Sure, those posts were small, a bit all-over-the-place, not fine-tuned SEO-wise, and certainly a bit chaotic.

Time rolled on and I began to slow my pace. Some weeks I could do 4-5 posts in a span of days. Then there would be times when I’d only manage a single post in two weeks. This unpredictable rhythm probably drives Google up the wall. But that’s also because I’m constantly doing some housekeeping—fixing old posts, tuning SEO elements, enhancing readability, and improving site navigation.

Running a business inside the world of Second Life piles on the workload too. Plus, the economic scenario inside the grid is far from robust. Reddit posts from creators talking shrinking profits from a significant RL income to just 5k add to the worries. Handling stress becomes an added task.

Then there are those who have expressed interest in contributing to the site, lifting a bit of load off my shoulders. The thought of incoming content, without needing me to write it down, is a relief—for a while. Until their contributions don’t materialize and the stress bands tighten a bit more. And I can’t hold it against them, it’s my site not theirs.

So here I am, adopting a fresh approach to creating content.

The Evolution of My Posts

The spicy tales about my sex life will continue to make their appearances. However, they won’t be the mainstay anymore. They’ll pop up only when a truly unique experience catches me off-guard. Not your run-of-the-mill frolics or marathon sessions.

The spotlight now shifts more towards informative content. Guides, introductions, discussions, and especially, research posts that pique my curiosity. Topics that pull me in and make me want to share them with others. And, naturally, a fair share of these will revolve around my all-time favourite topic – virtual sex.

There will be looks into newer activities. Lovense Audio Books intrigued me enough to revisit. My experience with 3DXChat also left a positive mark, making me want to return for more. While I’m at it, I might check out other sex-based games on my list.

Content, whether informative or entertaining, will come out at a steadier pace – once a week. So, whether it’s a groundbreaking discovery or a jaw-dropping encounter, you’ll hear from me on the same day each week. This means no impulsive, extra posts, regardless of how much I’m itching to get it out there.

Unexpected Stardom and Overflowing IMs

I’ve surpassed initial expectations with this blog. It’s given me an odd sort of celebrity aura in Second Life, and my inbox is constantly full with IMs constantly—it’s hectic keeping up. Despite the chaos, I can confidently say I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Do a google search for “3DXChat Review” and chances are you’ll see me as number one in the search. That’s above even the official 3DXChat website. At the time of writing this anyway – it also depends on country too but still.

And that’s just one of the hundreds of keywords that I have ranked, and so many in the top ten, top three and number one. And it’s that, which makes me confident that I can continue to grow this blog without always focusing on Second Life

Image for clarification…

You might guess running an in-world business takes up most of my Second Life hours. But, in reality, this site demands more attention. This new once-a-week posting schedule might help me find a better pace and lets me enjoy other parts of my life too.

I’ve been through a health rut recently. During my downtime, I’ve been unwinding with the only video game I’ve ever tried—Final Fantasy 14. It’s even become a cool hangout with Chandra and Greg in the mix.

This new content plan begins now, and this post is starting it off. Hoping you enjoy the shift as much as I plan to, and I’ll be back with more next week.


  1. Bob Morane

    It’s always fun to read your posts. And it should be fun for you to. So keep on typing.

  2. Casey

    Do whats best for you cause we will still be here reading no matter what.

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