4th of July Weekend in Second Life | Quiet Day Without Sex Work

4th of July Weekend in Second Life | Quiet Day Without Sex Work

Last Updated on: 6th June 2024, 05:28 pm

The 4th of July weekend in Second Life is a strange one. If you remember last year (why is that a year already??) I was so bored and so I ended up picking up a story that was previously unfinished. The story of the Phantom Tipper. The guy who randomly sent me gifts and money then came to my house, got a lap dance and then revealed himself to me. It was an interesting story. Strangely I haven’t really heard from him since, other than one time when he fake rented my house out to someone else. She felt very awkward when I got home one day. But regardless, this weekend was shaping up to be similar. Not much going around, so I had to find something to do. 

4th of July Weekend in Second Life
My attempt at a good angle

4th of July Weekend in Second Life | No Sex Work

In all honesty, I forgot that it was the 4th of July weekend until someone mentioned fireworks. That’s when it all clicked in my head why everywhere was so quiet. 

For the first time in, I don’t know how long. I went a full day without sex. 

I know right?

So that’s it, my blogging career is over. No more sex for me. Thank you for coming on my journey with me. Byeeee!!!!

Of course, I’m joking. Everywhere was quiet, any other business or street whore I spoke to said the same thing. There just weren’t many customers around. I tried to pass some time and ended up going to the Kinky Event with Brooke. Which is always a risky move. 

Not only do I have a spending problem, but Brooke is probably the person I shouldn’t go with when I want to not spend money. 

I got a few cute and hot outfits, ones that I think the guys will go crazy for but I was struggling to adapt to a day of no sex work

4th of July Weekend in Second Life

4th of July Weekend in Second Life | Picture This

To be perfectly honest, after being punched in the mouth the day before I wasn’t sure I was really in the mood for anything. So maybe it was a good idea that I didn’t get much work. I think my evil streak would have come out and the guys would have ended up in our new FemDom room at the bar. 

I’m sure that some of them would like that though. 

Anyway, I was just lazing around at the bar looking at rezzers to build a photo studio above us. The rezzer would let us utilize switching out backdrops. I had a rezzer but it wasn’t the best, then while I was looking I found there was an update so no need to buy one now. 

We still have around 4.5k prims left which is more than enough to utilize for a studio to do good marketing shots and have something in-house. 

As luck would have it, Caleb arrived. Caleb is a photographer in real life and his work is amazing. He actually sent me some of his work with cosplayers and he captures things so amazingly. 

I’ve been trying to learn photography for around a year and while I have definitely improved, I’m nowhere near the level of someone like Caleb. So I asked him for some advice. 

Then we got talking about studios and he said that he had never used Sunny’s studio. Well, that had to change. 

4th of July Weekend in Second Life

The Shoot

We both headed out to Sunny’s and when I rezzed one of the backgrounds he got so excited. “We need to do something on this!”

He was right, we did. 

We spent the next five hours with me in different poses on three separate backdrops. For it being five hours, the time passed so quickly. He is the definition of a professional. 

He gave me directions, on what to do with my eyes and my mouth. He kept me talking and we had so much fun. I kept stroking his chest with his X-Sisters Chest Stroke that he owns. 

I was amazed. Every time he would send me one of the images I would do a small bounce on my chair in excitement. 

Caleb shoots art, I take pictures. It took me until about twenty minutes into our session before I realized that. That’s what makes his shots so good. 

Usually, I end these posts with a “Come and see me” or “Come fuck me” but this time I’m going to finish it with this;

If you need promotional shots taken or even just ones for your own use. Then reach out to Caleb, his SL in-world name is “rexistance43” and he is worth every Linden that you would spend on it. He made me look amazing. 

You can see more of this shoot over on my Flickr as I gradually upload them

See you soon!!

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  1. Chandra Kusari


    Theese pics are totes HAWT.

    Makes mine look even more like childs play.

    Looove them.

    I might need to bribe him to shoot sum pics with me.

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