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Oh wow, I really haven’t written here in a while have I? Two months since my last post, where has the time gone? It’s weird, when Lumi thought I was a virgin I had so much to write about but as soon as that mask came off I got so focused on the sex that I forgot about the writing. I guess that’s just what happens but I’m back! It is me, your favourite virgin bar manager turned franchising and marketing manager Dee! Yay, time to write write write. Or at the very least write this post and try not disappear for another two months.

From Virgin to Vixen

From Virgin to Vixen | Changing Strategies

So marketing has been fun but the problem with outlets is that while they get some attention, most of that attention was from potential staff members. Not so much bringing in new customers, which of course was the target with them.

We opened 5 outlets in total, all at different sims across the grid. Our Hooker Hotel one seemed to have a really good success rate for bringing in some new staff members. From that, we got Benafsha, Jan and a few others.

Difficult decisions have to be made though, and so with the expenditure on the outlets and the success rate of bringing in customers, we decided to let the leases expire.

AdBoards have a much higher success rate for bringing in customers and so that is what we will stick to.

Jess and Lumi also took part in the Sci-Fi convention, which from a marketing perspective was a great move. Not only was the convention an official Linden Labs event but it was also raising funds to help fight cancer.

They set up a booth, sold some clothing and even made some exclusive Sci-Fi posters to fit in with the theme. From what I hear they sold a few but the most important part of that was the unpacking.

When a customer unpacked they got the Landmark to the bar and a notecard with details. The booth also had information points and garnered some interest.

Oh and they got a cool plaque too for giving their support.

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From Virgin to Vixen | Always Fun

Of course, my life isn’t all just marketing and franchising. I do still get to have a lot of sex.

Which is fun.

Outside of that we also like to make sure that the entertainment is always on point. One day Chandra and Zath were upstairs in one of the rooms so Lumi and I decided to dance in celebration.

If anything it was hot watching Zath fuck Chandra, but the dancing was fun too.

That’s what I love about the X-Sisters Sex Bar, it’s not just about selling sex. It’s about fun, having a community of like-minded perverts and just enjoying yourself.

Although, the sex is definitely the best part.

From Virgin to Vixen

From Virgin to Vixen | The Return

I did have to take a couple of weeks off but I couldn’t wait to get back to work when I could.

I was at the bar myself when Deci showed up. He’s always fun to see and as we were sitting on the sofa he told me that I had been missed. Well me and Jess had been missed specifically is what he said but who cares about her.

As we both stripped naked I started to tease his cock a little.

I could feel him grow against my hand, the soft moans coming from him letting me know that he was enjoying it.

“Let me relax you Daddy” I grinned at him before sliding down in front of him and starting to stroke his cock. He was twitching in my hand, his head thrown back while he enjoyed the sensation of my palm working his meat.

“I want to be inside you,” he told me.

I wasn’t going to say no to that, at all. So I pulled myself up and started bouncing and riding on his cock. Feeling him stretch me out made me feel alive and made me remember why I love this job so much.

It was just me, Deci and the sofa. My pussy gripped around his cock and flooded him with my juices, it was hot.

After he filled me up with his hot cum we both slumped onto the sofa. When I looked around, we weren’t alone in the bar anymore. Apparently, Mel, Rach and Pam had all come to work and enjoyed the show.

Fuck that made it hotter. I love being watched.


At the X-Sisters Sex Bar, it’s always playtime. Always something fun happening and our staff are just wild and fuck frenzied.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I could point you to all of the posts on this blog with all of the stories from me, Jess and little Sushi a.k.a Sasha.

However, seeing is believing right?

So come and join us, bring your best horny mindset and have the best time with us. All you need to do is take this VIP Limo!

See you soon!

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