Some mornings if I wake up a little earlier I like to break my routine and swing by Hooker Hotel for a few minutes. It’s normally quiet at that time of day but I like just checking in and paying for my ad board.

It was quiet just as I expected, I arrived made my payment and stood outside the hotel for a few moments. There was one guy there but he was completely naked. I have a rule of thumb that if a guy is standing naked in a whore spot then he’s probably not worth my time.

Of course, I’m not always right.

Routine Morning Commute

After about ten minutes I hoped in my taxi to Candy’s and let our guests know that I was attending the bar. It was going to be a busy day for me so my shift would be a lot shorter than normal but hopefully I could see to some of our guests first.

As my message left my fingers I looked up from the bar and noticed someone standing in the reception area.

It was the naked guy from Hooker Hotel. Oh boy.

I made my way out to reception and welcomed him, jokingly asking if he had followed me. It turned out that my new naked friend was already a guest of the hotel. Admittedly I was a little bit embarrassed that I had judged him so prematurely.

Our guest was German and had asked me if I had a translator to make understanding me easier. I didn’t but always wanting to keep our guests happy, I promptly ordered one with expedited delivery from the market place and set it up.

He had arrived to check into the SPA. I accompanied him to the elevator and we made our way to the warm relaxing atmosphere in the room above the hotel bar.


He made himself comfortable on the massage table while I slipped out of my clothes to avoid getting them covered in oil. I always bring a towel to the hotel for massages so I wrapped that around me. I began massaging his shoulders and his soft moans let me know that he was beginning to feel relaxed.

Routine Breaking

“mmhh aahhhh feels good”

Sensing my guest being relaxed I asked him to turn over and gave his upper legs some attention. As I was releasing some of the tension from his thigh I felt my hand brush past his cock.

“i have to be careful, otherwise my cock will get hard”

I assured him that I wouldn’t tell anyone if it did. Of course I wanted him to. Unable to control myself I let my towel fall to the floor and climbed onto the table, taking him into my mouth. Before long he had me riding him like the whore I am. As we finished up his massage he provided a very generous tip and we headed back to the bar for a drink.

Routine Breaking

The Office

After my morning shift I head out shopping. Picking up a few things to decorate my office. My house doesn’t have much free space but I installed a beautiful Skybox above to decorate. This is my new hub, where I’ll take clients and relax while I write up my articles on here. It has the main office, a bedroom, photo studio, seating area and a pole dance room. A little addition to my daily routine.

Routine Writing
Routine Breaking


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