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It's Not So Tough Being An Escort

Last Updated on: 21st October 2023, 01:41 am

The Truth Is That It’s Not So Tough Being An Escort

Sometimes it’s tough being an escort, even one in a virtual world like Second Life. Not because it’s a hard job but because there’s always that risk of men falling for you. Or, there’s also the rare occasion where you come across someone who is abusive and doesn’t understand limits.


Sometimes it’s not so tough being an escort, especially when you get to have a threesome in the bar.

Oh… I’m Recognizable

When I first met Candy, I was a little bit awe-struck. To me, she was this larger-than-life figure whose adventures I had followed for so long.

I never thought I would be on the receiving end of something like that.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Drusilla arrived at the hotel and as we started chatting she suddenly opened her eyes wide and exclaimed…

“You’re the Jess with the blog!”

She was shocked to see me in person.

Sometimes it’s not so tough being an escort who blogs. You get that little bit of recognition and meet some fantastic people.

A Not So Tough Escort Adventure
Of course, I was dancing on the bar with a beer in hand.

Another Awkward Conversation

I think I found out the reason why Dax hasn’t fucked any of us at the hotel yet.

He has a crush on me.

It’s not one of those.. “wow I really want to fuck you” crushes. It’s a “be mine” crush.

I found out when he asked me to join him on a camping trip with his friends..

That was a slightly awkward conversation to have.

Him wanting to take me as “his girl” and me having to let him down gently.

Of course, I would have done it for the right price but he didn’t want to pay.

It’s a shame really, he’s a nice guy but I’m a whore.

Sometimes it’s not so tough being an escort but when you have moments like this, you feel like a terrible person.

It's Not So Tough Being An Escort

It’s Not So Tough Being An Escort | Threesome At The Bar

Tim’s a regular guest at the hotel. It always seems that I’m busy whenever he’s there, so I’ve never had the chance to provide him with some service.

When I saw him walk into the bar while I was there alone, I knew that would change.

I wanted to test out the bar for more than just dancing and he had no complaints about helping me.

Just as we got ourselves comfortable the door opened and in walked Christina.


I guess it was time to check out how the bar works in a threesome.

I keep saying it but really it’s not so tough being an escort.

A Not So Tough Escort Adventure

Update On The Shades


I am determined to keep wearing them.

They hide my drunken eyes thanks to the Bar No.5 beers at Candy’s.

A Not So Tough Escort Adventure

Holiday Home?

I was reading Juicy Bomb earlier and I think I want a houseboat as a holiday retreat.

So many fun adventures to be had on a houseboat.

Maybe I could use it for home deliveries or maybe I could just use it as somewhere to relax.

What are your thoughts on houseboats?

More importantly, what is your honest thoughts on the shades?

A Not So Tough New Escort Adventure

Ok, this one was exciting.

It was something different too.

Soon you’ll find out why!

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  1. BobMorane

    Two blondes on a bar or double the blondes is double the fun. 😀

    Houseboats are cool. I nearly selected one for my Linden Home.

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