Hotel Night Out

Jess and her Gentlemen

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What does a waitress who works in a bar at a hotel do in her down time? Go to another whore bar of course.

What a Morning

Some day’s at Candy’s be so busy that I often look at all the guys to count them, then I’ll count how many holes I have and sigh. If I could fit them all at once then I would. This was one of those days. As I arrived at the hotel Caroline hadn’t even made it out of reception before she was bouncing on top of one of our guests.

I made my way through to the bar and made sure that we were fully stocked for the day ahead. I sent out a quick memo to our guests letting them know that all drinks were in stock and I was ready for a wild weekend. While I waited, I quickly read the new Hotel announcement. Non guests can now buy a massage voucher for 150$L and redeem it with any of our waitresses. I love it. The spa is such a fun place, and getting to introduce potential new guests with a trip there sounds really exciting.

A few moments later Duke arrived and I poured him a drink, taking a seat next to him. As I sat with my wine he told that it was too early for me to drink and handed me a cup of tea.
I’ve never found being given tea such a turn on, but this time it was given with such authority that I couldn’t help part my legs a little as I could feel the heat growing.

Hotel Sex

The Growing Hotel Crowd

I looked out of the window and could see a growing crowd of guests and potential new members. One of our current guests asked me to give him a tour of the penthouse. Ok.. I know what you’re thinking.. “Of course you’re not going to say no that Jess, it’s your favourite place.”

You’re not wrong. Duke was about to take his leave and so I jumped at the opportunity for a visit to the penthouse. As I showed our guest around we made our way into the bedroom. Taking a look around he turned and asked me..

“I get to play with you?”

I simply nodded and smiled at him as I kicked off my mules.

“Wow” Was his very short but excited response. We made our way onto the bed where he stripped me down. For an entire hour we fucked on that bed, every position imaginable as he screamed out “you are best girl ever”. I could already sense that today was going to be a good day.

Hotel Sex

The Unorthodox Interview

As I returned to bar after a shower I could hear muffled screams from the top floor. Caroline had been interviewing a potential new trainee when the bar had became really busy. Nothing like testing someones experience than throwing them straight into the job. Halfway through her interview, Vanessa ended up fucking one of our guests. After their muffled noises quietened down they joined me at the bar.

I couldn’t help but giggle as I realised that Vanessa had been halfway through an interview before she was bouncing on fat cock. There really is nowhere like Candy’s.

Soon after our guest left and Caroline re-joined us at the bar before another guest arrived. This was one I had recently signed up and he only wants to fuck me so of course I sensed another trip to the penthouse.

Hotel Sex

After a hot quick session in the penthouse I made my way downstairs and grabbed a quick shower before settling back into the bar.

Work Night Out

As we sat talking Caroline suggested that we close up shop for the day and head to Bar No. 5. I jumped at the idea. I love the hotel but it’s nice to take some relaxing time every once in a while. Myself, Caroline and Vanessa all took a taxi over to Bar No. 5 and settled down with a few drinks.

One of our hotel guests swung by the bar and bought a good number of beers and so as the ever obliging whore that I am I drank as many as I could. Eventually Vanessa left to head to the hotel for a meeting with Uwe. I’ve been to one of Uwes meetings and I’ll be very surprised if she didn’t end up naked in his office and then legs up in the air afterwards.

Caroline eventually headed home and I stayed, drinking another few beers and talking to some of the bar girls. Of course I explained how good Candy’s was and why they should come and work with us. I guess we’ll see over time if I was successful.

Hotel Night Out

Heading “Home”

I could feel the alcohol starting to take effect. The red lights of the room making everything look like a very dizzy movie scene. I said my goodbyes and called a taxi home. I don’t know if the alcohol was that strong and I told the driver the wrong place or if I just subconsciously knew where I really wanted to go. Whatever went through my brain I found myself staggering through the hotel reception. I somehow managed to make my across the plaza and into the hotel bar. Grabbing myself another drink and sitting down at the bar.

As I tried to balance myself on the bar stool that was now struggling to prop me up I heard the familiar sound of the door opening. I slurred a “hello” across my uncontrollable drunken tongue and the next moment I was pulled to my feet with my shorts ripped off before being taken upstairs to the suite and thrown onto the bed. I would say that fucking drunk makes me lose my inhibitions but I don’t have those anyway.


I guess today I’ll go to work and try and shake off this hangover. There’s no substitute for intense fucking to help recover from a wild night. I’ll send you a taxi, get over here and help me recover.

I’m sure you must have some good hangover cures too right? What are they?

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